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Review: ‘The X-Files Season 10’ # 4

‘The X-Files Season 10’ begins with a bang and doesn’t let up. “Believers” builds to its natural climax this month. The Acolytes deepen the series’ mythology and push characters in new directions. Another fantastic issue of Joe Harris’ revival with stellar work done by Michael Walsh cements this series as a must buy for new and old fans alike.

WRITTEN BY: Joe Harris
ART BY: Michael Walsh
PRICE: $3.99
RELEASE: September 18, 2013

At it’s best “The X-Files” was a scary look at paranoia with a hint of comedy wrapped within an educated science fiction backdrop. Issue four takes these elements and blends them into one smooth mixture of fast paced storytelling. The cold open of the script manages to tease something monumental, capped off by a wild shot from a gun.

The story takes a step back to let us know how we got to this moment. Mulder is hot on the trail of Scully, and he’s not willing to let up. The Lone Gunmen have figured out the relationship between The Acolytes and the pipeline, and Scully seems to have one in agreeable custody.

It should serve as no surprise that everything goes wrong. Harris spends extra time with The Acolytes and their abilities this month. He does a lot to humanize the antagonist, and then undermines everything. It’s brilliant, and in keeping with the series’ best efforts.

Walsh’s art is moody and urgent this month, giving the story a sense of momentum. The focus on small details leads the reader through the story. Especially with the scenes inside and outside the mom and pop convenience store. Walsh does all the work to tell the story without a word.

So many highlights this month. The Acolyte transformation in the vehicle is so well paneled that the fluid sense of motion inspired by the art completes the moment for you. The vehicle launching off the road is visceral and forces the gravity of the moment onto the reader.

The entire story builds from misdirection. Some of the bold choices this team has taken with their storytelling make me hopeful for permanent change. Harris and Walsh weave a story that dances around you in the final moments. Just as you think you’ve caught their trick they subvert you one last time. The issue ends on a fantastic note that pushes the story in an interesting new direction. Scully’s desperation pours through the page in the final moments, lending to the sense of urgency. It also shows Scully at her most vulnerable, and something tells me things are only going to get worse.

If Season 10 continues to push the series in bold new directions there is no telling where this book will end up. Harris and Walsh seem to have grand plans for The X-Files, and we’re all going to have to hang on for the wild ride.

Rating: 4/5 Skulls.



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