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[Indie Horror Spotlight] A Look At The Next Game From The Makers Of ‘F.E.A.R.’ And ‘Condemned’

The lovely folks at Blackpowder Games, a new studio formed from ex-Monolith developers (F.E.A.R., Condemned) let me preview their next project, the freaky open-world game Betrayer. It’s one part Skyrim, two parts Roanoke-esque mystery, and I am absolutely in love with it. The high contrast, black and white with a dab of red art style, and a mysterious world that’s brimming with unusual characters and unsettling creatures.

It’s really unlike any game I’ve played before. See it in action after the break.

You can subscribe to BDTV for more videos like this, and you totally should, by the way. If you’d prefer to play Betrayer for yourself, you can get it here.

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  • horrorgasm

    Unfortunately it’s also an “early access game”. So it’s in alpha phase with only a few areas are actually available to play right now. They’re still building the game as all the customers bug test it for them basically. Think I’ll just wait for it to be fully playable.

  • calm_sea

    You can’t see anything. The black and white seems like a stylistic choice, but I’m not sure how this game is supposed to be playable.

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