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‘State Of Decay’ Shambles Onto Steam Early Access Today

If you haven’t played Undead Labs’ zombie-infested sandbox game State of Decay I hope you have a solid reason for not getting on that, otherwise we need to have a chat. If it’s because you don’t own an Xbox 360, today, the game has been made available on PC through Steam Early Access. For now, it only has controller support — mouse and keyboard controls will be implemented with the full release later this year. If that doesn’t bother you, you can grab the game here for $19.99.

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  • godless

    That’s awesome that more are able to play this amazing game now. I’ve been playing it since it came out in June on the 360.

    All I’m waiting for now is for the class 4 sandbox version to come out, its been a long wait. But I know it will be worth it.

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