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Fede Alvarez Says Sam Raimi “Determined” To Get ‘Army of Darkness 2’ Going, Next?!

Now that the Sam Raimi-produced remake of his The Evil Dead was an R-rated hit, what comes next? The sequel, presumably, and then maybe that long-gestured fourth Evil Dead, tentatively titled Army of Darkness 2.

But what happens when Raimi has laser focus? Remember when he wanted to make Drag Me To Hell? A preposterous movie pitch that somehow got made – and it was awesome. Now, we’re hearing that Raimi is “determined” to get Army of Darkness 2 off the ground… and maybe even before that Evil Dead sequel.

Tonight Universal Studios Hollywood and Orlando celebrate the opening of their annual Halloween Horror Nights. While we have stringers at both events, Evan Dickson is standing on the red carpet hoping to land some juicy horror nuggets. This one is a whopper.

Before we get to the scoop, Bruce Campbell, who starred as Ash in Army of Darkness and produced the remake, says they still have to figure out what direction to go: “We have to figure out what we want to do,” he said, “because this wasn’t a huge long term 18 movie plan, you know what I mean? These sequels – remakes, sequels, whatever you want to call them – come out of nowhere.

As for what actually comes next, here’s the skinny – Fede Alvarez, who directed the remake, seems to imply that Raimi is more focused on Army of Darkness 2 than Evil Dead 2. In fact, Raimi is already writing it! “The pressure is on them now. Because as far as I know, and heard, Sam is really determined to get Army Of Darkness 2 happening,” he revealed exclusively to Bloody. “He is actually writing [it now].

This should be huge news for fans of the original trilogy as the implication is that Army of Darkness 2 may actually come next. Maybe we’re reading way into it, but that’s definitely how it sounded to me…

What do you want to see first? AD2 or ED2?



  • malajuzted

    Neither, just stop…please.

  • ThunderDragoon

    Damn it, no! He had his chance to make Army of Darkness 2 for all these years. Why now? Don’t ruin the atmosphere of the new Evil Dead by making this right after. At least wait until they’re officially done making the films in the new Evil Dead franchise. Either that, or just let Fede do his thing with Evil Dead 2 while Sam does his own thing with Army of Darkness 2. Don’t understand why they have to make this so complicated.

    • Voorhees83

      Sam Raimi isn’t ruining the atmosphere of the new Evil Dead, the new Evil Dead ruined the atmosphere of the original series. Their both in there own worlds as far as I’m concerned.

      Fede wouldn’t be involved with the Army of Darkness 2 I don’t believe, so it shouldn’t be that complicated. Sam Raimi focuses on AOD2, Sam Raimi makes AOD2. I’m all for Army of Darkness 2.

  • undertaker78

    How in the bloody Hell did the new Evil Dead ruin the tone and atmosphere of the original series? Have you seen the original Evil Dead?

    As much as I would like an Army of Darkness, simply for nostalgia reasons, Raimi left too much time pass and let so many perfect opportunities to tie up the series pass by. An Evil Dead 2 follow up is quite frankly the only way to go at this point. Now which direction they take it (more comedic? hopefully not) is another story.

    Get Evil Dead 2 done first and THEN if you want to tie in both stories okay.

    • Voorhees83

      Of course I’ve seen the original Evil Dead. Have you? It’s one of my favorites.

      First and foremost, the remake is a remake. The whole movie is an over the top gorefest with no comedy, weaker deadites then the original, has a glazed over look and takes itself way too seriously. The remake lacks soul and fun of the original period.

      Let’s all keep this in mind, most people are sick of remakes as well of sequels to remakes. If they want to tie in the stories, they’ll find a way. Bruce Campbell is not getting any younger fellows.

      • weresmurf

        “The whole movie is an over the top gorefest with no comedy”

        You realise the original had zero comedy too right…

        • swallowthis08

          Are you sure you’ve seen the original Evil Dead? It was done as a black comedy for some of it to be intentionally funny. And before you go into an argument for that, google it and you’ll see that Sam Raimi himself has said that multiple times.

          • Voorhees83

            Oh stop whining. I tend to call cheesiness comedy and that’s exactly what the original had. The next 2 sequels clearly had comedy and I really meant to compare the remake with the original series. Not just the first one. For not making that clear, my bad.

            You get my point though.

          • swallowthis08

            that was too weresmurf

          • Voorhees83

            Oops, I meant to click on reply to weresmurf.

            Whether the original is considered a comedy or not, I laughed.

          • weresmurf

            Not much of a comedy but a great horror none-the-less. The comedy was ramped up in the sequel by all means as we know, but I would still hold the original is most definitely a horror first and foremost despite best intentions of it being a black comedy.

            Voorhees83 its possible to reply without being an asshole you know.

          • Voorhees83

            Oh, but I like being an asshole….sometimes.

  • DarrelDreadful

    Sam can do whatever he wants if the passion is there, but I would MUCH rather get an Evil Dead 2 than AOD2. Hope he knows what he’s doing.

  • Samhain2010

    It’s damned if they do or damned if they don’t. We have all been screaming for over a decade for another sequel to the originals. Now that we finally hear some legit news people are begging for sequel’s to remakes instead???? Evil Dead remake was just okay. It was all over the place, but it was serviceable enough. We want AOD2!!!!!!!

  • VampireJack

    Well I’m down for AOD2 (hell, it would be cool if it were to be the start of a new trilogy, with Ash travelling backwards and forwards in time much like the comics) and wouldn’t be too surprised to see a Xena/Hercules style tv show.

    It would be nice to see sequels to the “nu” Evil Dead, which go on a completely different path to the originals, keeping the straight on horror angle – but there is no reason at all that both franchises cannot co-exist

    It’s kinda like the whole RZ Halloween mess – will Halloween 3 continue with his fucked up universe? I’d rather have a fresh reboot and get it back into the Carpenter universe where the shape didn’t have to be intimidating just due to size alone.

  • Raphael

    I really don’t get all the hate for the evil dead remake, it was one of the most badass horror films Ive seen in years, and the makeup fx were amazing, with no cheezy cgi. And as far as remakes go if its good do it, hollywoods been doing remakes since the beginning, its nothing new. And as far as Raimi goes I love him, his original evil dead is a classic movie but his sequels are way too silly, entertaining but stupid. I don’t think there needs to be another film of Bruce Campbell being an obnoxious man-boy. So my vote is for Evil dead 2.

  • Voorhees83

    I still find it hard to believe fans want remakes and sequels to remakes over a continuing of the “original” story. It’s not too late.

  • Satana_cu_Cioc

    As some said upstairs :)! Bruce is old, I loved the post credit scene, and i love his in Ash role… and in the same time I want more of the new Evil Dead! I enjoy the movie, and the old ones as well. I want this to happen: “Campbell and Alvarez stated that their ultimate plan was for Alvarez’s Evil Dead 2 and Raimi’s Army of Darkness 2 to be followed by an Evil Dead 7 which would merge the narratives of Ash and Mia”

  • ProudtobeUndead

    I want both. I don’t care which one comes first. I’m super excited to see more Ash, though.

  • Dr. Detfink

    Both. Bruce Campbell gets my money out of principle. I miss Ash. Evil Dead has the freedom to go in whatever direction, it wants. I say go for it. So long as it is bold!

  • mcgillj

    the problem with the remake it whatever was NOT the fx.. fx were top notch over the top and gory as hell .. points for that.

    having said that.. the silly “cure” thing? cringe inducing… the characters so completely devoid of personality you never really cared they died. I liked ash and Linda.. it was cheesy and goofy.. he was LIKEABLE. that’s one of the biggest problems is making someone you want to see live.. they seem to be having a REALLY hard time of it lately.. the NOES and Friday reboots.. there’s no one to cheer on to kick the bad guys ass..

    • djblack1313

      mcgillj, i agree 100% that too many (most even) horror movies don’t have likable, sympathetic characters in them but regarding the F13 reboot, i thought Danielle Panabaker’s Jenna was very much a sweet, likable character. just sayin’. 🙂

    • Workshed86

      The cure: Dying by being buried alive and then being revived by a defibrillator? That cure? I don’t think that’s anymore far-fetched or cringe-worthy than Ash being cured in Evil Dead 2 by looking at a cheap necklace or being in sunlight (when in Army of Darkness there are plenty of deadites in broad daylight)… Furthermore, let’s be real here… Nothing in the original made any sense. Are we now faulting this film for that despite that it makes more sense than any and all of the original films?

      Though I will agree with the likability factor. Ash was way more likable than 99% of horror heroes these days, including Mia.

    • Incinerated

      Ash and Linda were super boring and stale in The Evil Dead. It seems people have trouble forgetting ED2 is a weird recap/sequel and blend the movies together, which is not fair to the Alvarez entry.

      For myself, the only character that is truly worthless in the new film is Natalie, because she’s given almost no dialog. Olivia was great, so it’s unfortunate she meets her doom so early (2013 horror film? really?). Mia was excellent. Eric was good, even if he’s essentially the Jar Jar Binks of the film. David wasn’t bad, but I have some worthless bias there… and maybe that’s why most people have a hard time finding likeable characters in horror movies today. If characters are that unlikable across the board, maybe its time for introspection; not criticism.

  • strike_77

    Why not make both at the same time? Personally, I’d love to see both in a Double Feature.

    • Workshed86

      Now THERE’s an idea. Make each flick about 80 minutes and get a double feature! Nice.

  • djblack1313

    i’ve never liked AOD so i don’t care if this part 2 happens or not but i hope it doesn’t derail or delay the proposed Fede directed ED2 (w/ Jane Levy returning of course!).

  • ReiZero

    It is Sam Raimi’s to do what he pleases with – get over it.

    I too enjoy most the Evil dead as one of my all time favorite movies, but things change and evolve. The artists has all final say just save your energy and negativity that is his right.

  • ReiZero

    As well Army of Darkness <3

  • oneofthosedeadfckers

    I thought I was going to hate the remake but it was quite enjoyable. It’d be cool if this Army of Darkness sequel is good, but I don’t have terribly high hopes for it.

  • c-s-a78

    I have to agree with “Voorhees83”.you really cant match or beat an original.there was something not right about the new evil dead.i grew up on these films,but it didn’t feel right at the end of the movie.i think a lot of people thought that when the end credits came up!?!as for the “army of darkness 2”,they will have to have ash’s son??Bruce is getting a bit old now but if he had a son and a new age ash was made,then it will work!any thoughts everyone???

    • Workshed86

      That “something not right” is called nostalgia. That movie was fine, if we put it on paper.

      Review the facts:
      -Superior acting
      -Superior script (better writing and a creative reason for being at the cabin, better characters and characterization, etc.)
      -Superior practical effects (and the budget to match)

      The only thing that the original ED has going for it in comparison is the more creative and adventurous camera work, and the nostalgia factor compounded with the fact that movies like Evil Dead were very hard to find back in the day. It was fresher then. Furthermore, there’s something about classic low budget films that inspires loyalty. There’s a charm to them.

      That said, we shouldn’t be penalizing the remake just for being objectively good BECAUSE of its resources, rather than in spite of them. That’s the difference. Both films are good, but the original was successful even though it was low-budget and handled by amateurs. The reboot is good because it had a budget and is run by pros. The indie charm is gone, true, but it’s still a great flick.

  • Evil_Flip

    Wow. all that remake love is kinda bizarre. Anyways, eventhough I’d love to see a sequel, sometimes it’s better to want something then to get it (Indy 4 anyone?). Instead of any remake or sequel I’d rather see the gang tackle something new and original. No sequel or prequel, but an equal.

  • mfcmk1

    I CAN”T WAIT!! I HOPE THIS HAPPENS!!!! I can’t believe people are against seeing Ash return… WTF.

  • Workshed86

    I thought I’d be here saying “Give me AOD2 first!” but the truth is that the new Evil Dead probably deserves it more. Although it had the Evil Dead name to pull itself up, the film, in my opinion, succeeded on its own merits and paid enough tribute to the original to scratch that itch for me.

    I think I’m content to let the Army of Darkness series just run its course in the comic books and perhaps continue (God willing) in the video game market. Sam and Bruce had their chance to make it. Now Bruce is old, Sam is jaded, and I just am not that enthusiastic about it anymore.

    Let the reboot continue. Let it bring its own glory to the franchise’s name. Yes, some people didn’t like it, but I think enough of us did to justify letting it go on for another movie or two. After making $100 million at the box office worldwide, I think it deserves that much. If we’re being honest, that’s more than the original and both sequels made combined.

  • Darkness69

    Both! I want horror, I want Ash, therefore, let them do it and do it good!

  • Remember-Slithis

    I Want both and don’t care what order they come out.Even though I love Army Of Darkness to death.They don’t have to follow the same storylines or intersect.EVIL DEAD 2 can be the serious film with little humor and Jane Levy back.Army Of Darkness 2 just needs Bruce with smartly written one liners and great plot.

  • Horrorgal1

    The remake was good, but I prefer the original movie. I just still find the original more creepy than the new one was.

    As far as them making another Army of Darkness, I’m up for that too, but I hope Raimi puts more of the creepy and scare back in and takes out a lot of the goofball slapstick. Either way I will watch it and still enjoy it just to watch Bruce in another ED movie.

  • hilljack

    I am all 4 AOD 2 if done the right way.As for the new Evil dead i liked it but i wish i diden’t see the trailer that showed all the good parts.By the time i saw the film those parts had no effect on me.

  • MidnightMayhem

    The order of the movie releases don’t matter. They are still two completely DIFFERENT movies. Having one made before the other isn’t going to affect anything. The two realms are still going to meet up in Evil Dead 7. Everyone was complaining that Ash didn’t make an appearance in the remake, and now everyone is mad that they are bringing him back? That doesn’t make sense. I don’t see a reason to complain here. Everyone is getting what they want in good time. I would just let Raimi release his creativity as it’s flowing and make AOD2 now instead of forcing him to work on a piece that he isn’t interested in continuing at the moment first.

  • barbaraanne

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  • Put me in the camp for not really giving a shit about an Army Of Darkness 2.

    I LIKE Army Of Darkness, but I don’t love it as much as I love Evil Dead & Evil Dead 2, not by a long shot. Bruce Campbell provides the best parts of the movie for being a more manly and cocky hero as Ash, but everything else is a little bit too hokey and over the top for my taste.

    So while I wouldn’t mind an Army Of Darkness 2, I’m not going to throw a fit, or care too much IF they decide to make an Army Of Darkness 2.

  • Evan3

    Can’t wait. So glad that Raimi still loves his horror despite being A-List.

  • Kevin

    Army of Darkness 2 is a great idea. can’t wait. don’t know why so many people wouldn’t want it.

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