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Frictional Has Started Teasing Their Next Horror Game!

Back in October, Frictional said we’d have to wait until after A Machine for Pigs released before they’d divulge any details regarding their next game — which they also confirmed is of the horror persuasion. That time is now, and true to their word, the developer has started teasing their next game via a viral website.

The site is and it’s currently covered in glitchy images and text, with a progress bar in the center that, at the time of this writing, just hit 11%. I’m not sure how quickly it’s filling, but I am sure that by the time it reaches 100%, we’ll know what we’re in for.

Now, as a horror fan, when I see glitchy text that reads “SYSTEM FAILURE” and I know it’s related to a horror game, my mind immediately goes to System Shock. Thanks to a particularly observative fan, we also know the broken text that’s been scattered about the page reads “Cogito ergo sum,” which is Latin for “I think, therefore I am.” (see below) That sounds like A.I. talk to me, but then again, like an impatient Half-Life fan, I’m afraid I’ve lost all perspective.

The idea of a Frictional developed System Shock 3 is far too exciting for me to consider anything else at the moment, so I’ll leave it to you — what do you think this is?

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  • Pav

    This could be some space or cyber horror game. Like non combat System Shock mixed with Dead Space. That could be interesting, huh?

    • Adam Dodd

      I am all for that, so long as it stars a rogue AI named SHODAN who calls me an insect and a pathetic sack of meat and bone. BRING IT, FRICTIONAL.

      • Pav

        Speaking about next Half Life…Valve has “better” things to do: their living room PC with a ridiculous starting pre-order price of $999.

  • Skull-And-Crossbones

    im pretty sure a long time ago i heard this game is supposed to be a console game. let’s hope so.

  • Just got through playing system shock 2 for the first time… and for once I’m glad I hadn’t played it back in 1999 due to an already overwhelming desire to see a direct sequel or a complete next gen remake. If Frictional is behind it, then where do I start throwing money?

  • Pav

    For now it’s on 32% so we’ll see more very soon i hope 🙂

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