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‘Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs’ Review: Hoofing It

Thanks to some technical difficulties, my Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs review is a little late in getting up. I blame it on the pigs.

After the break you can watch me review one of the most anticipated survival horror games of the year. How does it stack up against its predecessor, The Dark Descent, which also happens to be one of the scariest games of all time? You’ll have to click that Read More link to find out. Come on, do it for the pigs.

Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs is the collaborative effort of Frictional Games and The Chinese Room; if you think you’re brave enough to take it on, you can buy it here.

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  • Pav

    I’d add to bad things lenght of a game: is a little bit too short. And another thing: did you noticed differences in garaphics design of a game? All the machinery parts looking perfectly but things like trees, bushes, wall clippings are… hmmm, unfinished. And now for something different: Adam, finally you have good microphone 😀

    • Adam Dodd

      I KNOW! The quiet, tinny Adam is NO MORE! And yes, it was a little on the short side, but with the cheap price and meaty campaign, I can forgive it for not being longer.

  • doomas10

    So outlast it is then the … winner between these two in terms of scares?

    • Pav

      For me decisively Outlast wins.

  • Chelsea

    This game has restored my faith in the video game narrative.

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