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‘Scream 5’ Will End the Franchise, If Harvey Weinstein Has His Way…

Harvey Weinstein took part in a Masterclass at the still underway Zurich Film Festival in Switzerland, where his company is screening a plethora of films. Indiewire writes from the festival with quotes from Weinstein, who reportedly is still pushing to get Scream 5 made. What’s holding it up? Brother Bob, that’s who…

Weinstein said that he’s urging his brother Bob, who heads Dimension Films, to make Scream 5 a reality. “Everyone lived in Scream 4,” he said, explaining that all the characters could return for another run-in with Ghostface.

But the big news is that Harvey hopes to wrap things up with a fifth Scream. “I’m begging him to do the movie and just end it,” he reveals. “We’ve milked that cow.

Speaking of milking the cow, right now Wes Craven is developing a “Scream” television series for MTV. Jay Beattie and Dan Dworkin are currently penning the pilot presentation.

What I don’t think the Weinstein brothers understand – or maybe they do – is that fans truly are clamoring for another Scream. Bloody Disgusting receives inquiries for updates on a weekly basis from fans desperate for any nugget of news. Well, here it is, Harvey is ready to end the franchise once and for all.

With a reported budget of $40M, the fourth film in the franchise took in close to $100M worldwide at the box office.



  • SonOfVoorhees

    It ended at the end of Scream. Two onwards are cash cows that got steadily worse. 4 was a piece of shit so why why i want to watch 5?

    • WolfQueen

      I’m with you on this one. Just no more.

  • djblack1313

    i’m all up for a 5th and FINAL movie! it would be pushing it a tad but they could say that Kirby survived (it really looked like she did) and have her in it.

    • doomas10

      Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees! KIRBY, such an awesome character!

  • doomas10

    I want to see Scream 5! It has been my favourite series ever and Scream 4 was awesome despite some roblems. The new cast was likable and Kirby needs to come back. if they conclude the series, that would be perfect! As for the lack of income in the States, well the promoted it realy bad and put it against the summer blockbusters – just a week I think before Thor, etc.

  • mav07

    Making a 4th Scream was the biggest mistake in the first place. It directly ruins the whole “Trilogy” theme that was the basis for the first 3. Yeah they weren’t as good as the first, but 2 and 3 had an actual reason for being made other than money.
    The 4th was made for nothing more than money, period. It also didn’t make sense for these same 3 characters to be targeted AGAIN and still not fucking die. They could have just had the younger kids in the same town. But even that would be stupid because they would just be “copycat” killers which they already tapped on in the 2nd.

  • DarrelDreadful

    The Scream franchise is near and dear to my heart, the original being one of my all-time favorites and Sidney Prescott being my favorite final girl (who is still living). I thought the 4th was a nice love letter to the fans but it was obvious the problems the 3rd face were present in that as well. I would have loved to see the new trilogy that Kevin had in mind, or I would have been fine with the 4th ending it all but the ending just wasn’t as satisfying as the other 3. I dont care if its the tv show or Scream 5, but one of them needs to bring Kirby back because omg! That would be best way to go lol

    • djblack1313

      Kirby rules!

  • HalloweenVic

    Umm FUCK YESS I WANT A SCREAM 5!!! I love all 4 films despite what you all may say scream is that cliche of slasher films! And me being the horror fanatic that I am I’m all up for seeing ghostface on the big screen again!!! 2014/2015 release please!!!

  • ThunderDragoon

    I think it’s a really good idea to just end it. There are only so many Scream movies you can make because the killer has to be a different person each time. I loved Scream 4. It definitely redeemed the franchise after the terrible 3rd one. I’m in for a fifth and final movie.

  • Evan3

    Gotta end the franchise so it can be rebooted, right?

  • Keegsta

    I don’t care what anyone says, I loved Scream 4 and want Scream 5!

  • horrorking95

    Loved Scream 4. I don’t know why everyone hates it so much. I think giving it a final end is a good idea before it descends into madness like all the other tragic horror franchises.

  • Tomie Kawakami

    I loved Scream 4. It was amazing. I’d die if this happened (in a good way).

  • anthonyd1

    The original Scream is one of my favorite horror movies of all time! And Scream is my favorite horror franchise. I would love love love to see an amazing end to this amazing saga. Please make this movie. Us fans need closure to the series and it needs to have a fitting ending. Sidney is my favorite final girl right up there with Laurie Strode and I adore Gale Weathers. Bob please Scream still has so many fans that will flock to the theater to see this. If your worried about the box office of Scream 4, just cut the production budget in half to 20 million and you will no doubt make a profit. There is still so much you can do with a 20 million budget

  • GhostsOfRoute23

    I see it like this. Scream 4 was the perfect “reunion” type movie. Even though it was supposed to be the start of a new trilogy I kinda like the “one for the road” type of feeling it had so if we never got any more sequels I could live with that because for the most part things were closed up pretty damn tightly. But the greedy part in me does want another LOL. Hey if they could waste money on Scary Movie 5 why not use it on something that people are begging for? Only thing is I wish they’d just film Scream 5 and Scream 6 back to back that way we can have the old trilogy and the new trilogy. It would feel a bit weird having only half a new trilogy.

  • Ozena

    I would love to see AT LEAST one more. I’m still not convinced one bit about the TV series. Weather Wes is on board or not I don’t see that being good in any way. Ton’s did not enjoy 4 but I found it to be better than most 4th installments. Plus that “Ghostface” (fuck i hate that name) was much more brutal than the others.

  • Ruby Leprechaun

    I recently re-watched the series and I have to say I still enjoyed them. I liked 4 more than 3, mostly because I liked the cast better in 4. I would watch another one……not sure how I feel about a TV show.

  • Krug09

    3 was the worst. 4 was ok. i enjoyed it in theaters when i watched it again, i was bored. i am disappointed it flopped. how would they end it? how stupid. you could kill everyone it wouldnt matter. theres new killers each time. even i sidney and the rest die.

  • TwoNinetyNine

    Well, yay. First because the series needs to die already. We’re running out of legitimate people to try and kill Sidney Prescott. Like she’s important enough that multiple people just want to kill her. And, secondly because the Scream movies have always been entertaining. I don’t care what anyone says about Scream, they have always been fun to watch. Either because they were good pop culture horror or because they were just stupid enough to become comical.

    It’s just that, while the story line was good, it’s worn out. Like I said, there aren’t enough legitimate people who could plausibly want someone dead. It’s done. Stick a fork in it.

  • TheTownThatLovedHorror101

    I am a huge SCREAM fan, and I really do want a SCREAM 5 to be made, but that’s only if they actually take the time to create a great script, are able to get the main trio back and have Wes back to direct. Even thought SCREAM 4 was meant to be the start of a new trilogy, I wouldn’t mind having SCREAM 5 be the last. Making SCREAM into a tv show and having it be supernatural is not going to help get SCREAM 5 get made any faster. Honestly, it will possibly ruin the chances because if the shows rating are terrible, then the companies won’t think that we want any more SCREAM…which I think is unfair. Maybe one of the trio should die in this film. They have lived through so much that maybe it would really hit home to have David or Courtney die in the beginning and leave Sidney for the end. I think that giving the fans and characters closure on this franchise is the best thing. If not, then SCREAM will become one of those franchises that live in limbo for the rest of time because it was never ended properly. I think that they are trying to make SCREAM something bigger than what it is by turning it into a tv show and that it really doesn’t need to happen. I also believe that some of the people that work at the company don’t really care for the movie or the script and just want the money, which makes it living hell for the fans who actually care and want to spend their money on seeing a good movie. If they are really worried about the money though…then why the hell would they do Scary Movie 5? That was just terrible and SCREAM 5 definitely would have been a better release than that. I’m sure most of you agree with me. Bottom line, don’t just make SCREAM 5 to make it. Don’t milk it anymore than you already have and are going to. Keep the fans in mind. Make a good ending to the saga. Not everyone will love it, but it’s the risk that the movie business has to take. Not every fan will be pleased, but don’t just end it to end it. If you want to end it with SCREAM 5, then do so, but make sure that it. does. end. Don’t leave room for a sequel because we all know that sometime in the future, something will rise from the grave because of unfinished business. Do what is best, not just what will please all of you at the Weinstein Company.

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