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Awesome ‘Final Destination 6’ Concept Trailer — Hey, New Line, We Like This!

If you’re going to make a sequel, at least try something new – try and further the genre. I liked the conceit of a found-footage Final Destination, even though that never came into fruition. The 3-D in FD5 was extraordinary, and really took audience inside Death’s game of cat and mouse. So, what now? New Line Cinema clearly forgot they have huge horror franchises, and even gave away the rights to Jason Voorhees so Paramount Pictures could make their own Friday the 13th movie. While they’re in the business to make money, you can also garner rewards by keeping your fans happy. The fans, well, we want more Elm Streets, a new Freddy vs. Jason, and even would enjoy a new Final Destination.

Apparently, Final Destination producer Craig Perry is still pushing New Line to get a sixth film off the ground – and one of his concept trailers has been shared online by its creator.

Alexander McNeill shared his concept trailer for Final Destination 6: The Dark Age, which takes the fun concept of cheating death back to the 12th century! “Here’s something fun. Final Destination producer Craig Perry and I discussed a possible direction the franchise could take,It inspired this edit of a concept trailer for a sixth Final Destination movie. The trailer is a mix of over 20 different films and TV shows. The idea is to draft behind ‘Game of Thrones’ and set it in the 12th century.

Here’s a look at what a next Final Destination might look like…

Thoughts? This opens the door to so many possibilities like taking death to space (Gravity should get people thinking).




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