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Frictional Sheds Light On Their Next Horror Game With Teaser Site Update, Video

Frictional Games’ teaser site for their next project — a horror game that’s coming to PC and consoles — has seen an update that brings with it a slew of new information including a strange new video that features a woman messing with a big CRT monitor attached to a bundle of cables. I’m getting a System Shock meets SCP: Containment Breach vibe from it now. Definitely creepy, but we still don’t know enough to really make any sense of it.

There’s an image that flashes briefly on the right-hand side of the page with a distorted face and more jumbled text, only it’s significantly easier to make out than that first bit. It’s a quote from Philip K. Dick that reads “It is sometimes an appropriate response to reality to go insane.” That’s mildly unsettling. More after the jump!

From a newly “deciphered” document called Item 2656 “Vivarium” we have the following:

The machine has the appearance of a heavily modified monitor fixed to a massive nest of cables and controls. Machinist Peter Strasky found the contraption during a salvage mission CORRUPT DATA the screen rolled and flickered, but it shut down as it was pulled out from the container.

None of the crew stepped forward to take credit, but the construction suggests CORRUPT DATA since Thabo is unavailable for questioning, the machine’s origin remains a mystery.

Considering the lack of information and the general unease it has started to cause, the machine will be disassembled.

CORRUPT DATA screen lit up and showed distorted schematics. After trying different switches and keys, the oblique levers were found to be torsion attenuation controls which could stabilize the pict CORRUPT DATA revealing a complex set of instructions. The machine is now under quarantine.

AM Engineer Imogen Reed has asked for an exception CORRUPT DATA Special permission granted.

Not sure what all that means, but it doesn’t get really interesting until you see this:

What. The. Fuck?

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