Review: 'Lazarus' #4 - Bloody Disgusting!

Review: ‘Lazarus’ #4


After all the major players have set up the pieces, “Lazarus” #4 lets loose on the action and holds no prisoners. The bad guys are about to learn what happens when they cross with Forever Carlyle. Readers have a plenty to enjoy with the “Lazarus” series as the pages become littered with guns, bullets, and dead bodies.

Written By: Greg Rucka
Art By: Michael Lark
Publisher: Image Comics
Price: $3.99
Release: Oct.2, 2013

Trained to be the perfect soldier, Forever Carlyle has been genetically engineered to obey and protect the Carlyle Family. But after a heist gone horribly wrong, Forever starts to see the cracks in the political system where power rests solely in the hands of wealthy families. Following orders from the Carlyle patriarch, Forever journeys into Mexico to prevent war with the Morray Family. The Carlyle twins, Johanna and Jonah, have a different agenda as they secretly betray their father’s wishes.

Johanna and Jonah are plotting against the Morray family, hoping to get rid of Forever in the process.
Writer Greg Rucka lets his characters reveal their true intentions while delivering the pulpy action. Though they have been in the background in previous installments, Dr. James Mann and Dr. Bethany Carlyle have a lot more to do in this issue. Readers finally get to see just whose side these characters are on. After being played around like a pawn, Forever will discover the true mastermind, the person who is really pulling the strings behind the operation.

During the intense action sequences, Rucka jumps back and forth between the surprise attack on Forever and the research facility. As Dr. James Mann and Dr. Bethany Carlyle bicker back and forth, Forever’s vital signs unexpectedly skyrocket. While Forever is fighting back against a rogue team of assassins, Dr. Bethany Carlyle is learning just how unkillable her perfect soldier really is. We also learn the hidden secret as to what makes Joacquim, the protector of the Morray family, so different from Forever.

When artist Michael Lark illustrates action sequences, you feel like you need a bucket of popcorn right beside you. Lark keeps the action running at full speed, especially when he transitions between locations. Notice how Lark keeps the violence roll out in one shot. Surrounded by a four-man team of assassins, Forever takes them all down with a round swing of her sword, slicing their throats.

Your jaw will drop as soon as you see how Lark splashes blood on the panels. After being wounded from the missile attack, Forever has a metal spike sticking out of her leg. She has to pull out that same spike from her leg, in order to use it in the fight. Lark doesn’t hold back, letting readers see what happens when a sword is plunged through the chest.

When readers reach the last page of “Lazarus” #4, they will be so geared up for the next story arc. If you love action movies, you’re definitely going to enjoy how Forever Carlyle kicks butt in the “Lazarus” series.

4/5 Skulls

Reviewed by – Jorge Solis