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‘Silent Hill’ Showdown! Which Game Is Your Favorite?

Back in April I ranked every game in Konami’s legendary survival horror franchise, Silent Hill, in a list my mom described as “confusing and… is this video games? I don’t know video games.”

But enough from me, I’d much rather hear what your favorite game in the series is. Are you an old school fan who stays true to the originals or do you prefer one of the more recent entries? After the break I have the first episode in our new SHOWDOWN series — birthed from the creative womb that was Trailer vs. Trailer — where you can get to know each game before deciding on which you like the most. Feel free to tell us why you chose the game you did in the comments!

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  • horrorgasm

    C’mon. Everyone knows it’s 2.

  • Blood-Sicles

    I went with the original Silent Hill. As much as I loved 2, it can’t beat experiencing Silent Hill for the first time. Downpour’s a close 3rd. Flawed, but I enjoyed it a tad more than 3.

    • Riseuplights

      I went with the original because, technology aside, it was made for horror fans and contains the right quantity and quality of emotion. It also has the biggest “what’s going on?” storyline of all the games. That sense of being left in the…dark about what was happening in the game is something I think the games after The Room are seriously missing.

      • Melissa

        I went with the original also. I remember first playing it and was blown away. It was creepy, unknown, the music was fantastic, I think it has some of the best characters of the game, and a brilliant story line. Then I would go with 2 and then Down Pour. I never played the Room, Shattered Memories, or Origins. I wasn’t a huge fan of 3 but it was still fun. I enjoyed the continuing of the story line from the first one. Homecoming was a pain in the butt. I remember running out of ammo in the sewer so I had to start over! I couldn’t get anywhere! HAHA..

  • Pav

    I very like SH 2 & 3, but i am loving SH Shattered Memories and that’s my vote.

  • sabrinag

    My first silent hill was the original, and its scared me to dead but maybe because i was 9 years old XD. I really like the original, silent hill 2 and 3. Because of the originality of the story, sound music, and they preserve the original idea of this fogy town.

  • REmake

    It’s absolutely disgusting that Homecoming is doing better than Shattered Memories (or any other game on this list). I really don’t think enough people played Shattered Memories, which is a huge shame, because it was the best Silent Hill game since Silent Hill 4.

    • AfterTheAsylum

      I think Shattered Memories is absolutely the worst SH title made. It surprises me that anyone liked that garbage.

      • Pav

        Well, that’s only your opinion.

    • Pav

      Agreed 🙂

      • creepozoid

        Agreed also

  • HalloweenVic

    In my opinion I really like Silent Hill Homecoming I understand why most don’t like it but in its own for what it is I really enjoyed it myself, I thought the bosses were pretty cool and hello the nurses we’re back lol!! SH3 is 2nd, then SH2 being third and downpour being a fourth!!!

  • creepozoid

    I thought Shattered Memories had the best plot, the ending blew me away

  • NIB

    I picked SH 1 but in reality for me it is too close to call between 1, 2, and 3. I think most people pick SH 2 because that was their first experience with SH. For me the least favorite SH game is Downpour. It didn’t feel like a SH game and it was annoyingly buggy and glitchy. The game play stuttered a lot and I remember dropping the UV light to pick up something and the light bounced through a solid wall and disappeared right when I needed it. It did have awesome scenery and graphics.

  • Rick-Taylor

    Silent Hill 1

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