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Review: ‘Bedlam’ #9

Already well known for its incredible writing and insane amount of death, blood, and random acts of unfathomable violence, “Bedlam” establishes much of the same in this issue. Just as it seemed the horrific killings and “accidents” couldn’t get more brutal, a drink-the-Kool-Aid style mass suicide occurs, leaving Fillmore and company way out matched. Even though Nick Spencer is able to continue building momentum, the art doesn’t quite capture the story.

WRITTEN BY BY: Nick Spencer
ART BY: Ryan Browne
PUBLISHER: Image Comics
RELEASE DATE: October 2nd, 2013
PRICE: 3.50

“Bedlam” has always been home to violence, especially during the times of Madder Red’s dominion of the city. Now, however, it seems that the direness of the situation is once again reaching those heights. In the past the law was able to pin the blame on one villain, but with the guilty parties emerging, seemingly unaware of their transgressions, the situation has become far wrose. The First, Bedlam’s heroic mask vigilante by night and Councilman by day, has a major role throughout this issue. Fillmore continues to work with the police, creating an extremely odd effect that are reawakening some lost thoughts that he worked very hard to lose.

Nick Spencer has been on point throughout his tenure on “Bedlam” from the start. With #9 the story continues to be interesting, creative, and downright disgusting when it comes to killing… And I’m loving it. This story is no different from the rest, Spencer is able to continue his slow build through Fillmore’s Madder Red days, but has now been able to evolve the story by giving us a deeper look at The First. Spencer keeps a nice steady pace throughout, and leaves off with a cliff-hanger that makes me crave the next issue.

My original attraction to “Bedlam” wasn’t solely the writing but the art as well. We all know Riley Rossmo left the book. Ryan Browne, talented as he is, doesn’t give me the same satisfaction as the first story arc. Stylistically, the Rossmo and Browne are actually fairly similar. However, Browne offers more sketchy motion lines, and something about them throws me off in this issue.

When it comes to the story, chaos and blood are just a few of the inherent qualities that saturate “Bedlam”. Every issue brings new intense twists and a new crazy way for people to die. This issue especially has an ending that will have you reeling.

3/5 Skulls

Reviewed by – GreenBastard



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