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Conducting From The Grave’s Mikey Powell’s 5 Scariest Horror Games!

Did you know Conducting from the Grave’s Mikey Powell is a fellow gamer? Not only does he enjoy himself some sweet, sweet video games — if this list is anything to go by, he has a damn fine taste in them, too.

After the jump you can find Powell’s five favorite horror games, as well as a aural taste of his group’s latest self-titled album, which released earlier this month after a successful Kickstarter campaign.

Everything below is written by Powell himself — enjoy!

Top 5 scariest games I ever played eh? That’s a tough one since my gaming experience is pretty diverse. I’ve been playing video games pretty religiously since the NES so my list might not make sense to some, but I’ll give it the ole college try…but try to remember…these are pretty much from my childhood, so some are probably not as scary now as they were then for me.

5. Earthbound (Super Nintendo)

It’s not really that scary of a game. The whole thing is a very kiddish looking game that takes a very interesting approach to the gaming style of the typical JRPG. While the gameplay itself wasn’t anything to really get freaked out about, there was something about the ending that really freaked me out…


Towards the end of the game, you come to find out that the only way to destroy the evil in the world of earthbound is to travel back in time by replacing your body with a mechanical body so it can act like a vessel, thus making it possible for you to survive time travel. When you do go back in time, you go through an area that looks like someone’s intestines and make your way up to a device called “The Devils Machine” to face off with the being “Giygas” who has turned into an inconceivable corrupted force of evil.

Here is the kicker though…the area (if looked at by a map loading software which can rip the map image from the game) is actually a woman’s reproductive organs (or represents one…). The whole fight has very VERY creepy music, and the music alone is what made this scary to me, and as soon as the dialog between Giygas and your party starts happening it begins to sound like something out of a rape scene (which is what the creator based the dialog off of a bad experience walking into an R rated movie as a child).

During The fight, you actually see that the artwork of Giygas turns into a human fetus at one point…the whole fight is a metaphor for abortion…and this was a game that was rated “E” when it came out but later changed to “T” when it was re-released on the Wii. Just listen to the boss theme and tell me you don’t get goosebumps thinking about what is really happening! Pretty fuckin freaky for a kid…or at least very disturbing…

4. Resident Evil

This one’s pretty self-explanatory … zombie horror game? CAN’T GO WRONG! I pretty much ALWAYS played this game late at night, with the lights turned off completely and had my volume up high. Zombie dogs bursting through windows, giant snake popping out in the attic (I think? I havn’t played for a long time.) Scared the SHIT out of me back in the day!

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