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The 6 Chucky Movies Ranked From Worst To Best!!!

Last week Universal Home Entertainment unleashed the excellent Curse of Chucky, directed by series creator Don Mancini, on Blu-ray and DVD! The film is also included on Universal’s Chucky: The Complete Collection which collects ALL of the Chucky movies on Blu-ray. To celebrate I underwent a marathon screening of all the sequels in the franchise.

This, plus the fact that I watched the original Child’s Play again last month, puts me in a prime position to rank the films in order of my personal preference. So I figured I’d do so while they were still hot on my mind.

Head below for the 6 Chucky Movies Ranked From Worst To Best!!!


It was surprising for me to learn that I didn’t outright dislike any of the movies, even though I could have resented them after 8 hours straight of viewing them. Child’s Play 3 is a decent film, just a little rushed. I love the idea of Chucky loading real bullets into the military school rifles before the war games. And Perry Reeves makes a strong debut as De Silva. One of the issues could be that the formula just wasn’t as fresh and some of the ideas are half baked (this installment hit theaters a mere 9 months after Child’s Play 2 was released). But the main problem with the film is that Tyler (pictured above) is without a doubt the dumbest and most irritating character in the Chucky-verse.


I know a lot of you guys hate this one, but I sort of dig its batsh*t crazy shenanigans. Billy Boyd (helped immensely by his accompanying puppet) is strangely compelling as Sh*tface/Glen/Glenda. That being said, the inside Hollywood jokes don’t really play and the narrative is somewhat lurching – which kind of diminishes the film’s replay value.


Fifteen years (Jesus) after its release, Bride Of Chucky remains a funny and highly entertaining installment in the franchise. It’s a film that is everything it set out to be, so it’s definitely a success on its own terms. And I totally get why its some people’s favorite. The fact that I’m ranking it in 4th place can be chalked up to the fact that I’m just not always in the mood for its jokey tone.


This brand new “tonal reboot” has a lot going for it. It’s incredibly suspenseful (the chili scene) at times and it keeps even the most die-hard fans on their toes when it comes to anticipating how all of this ties into the narrative flow of the preceding 5 films. Fiona Dourif is great and Don Mancini’s direction is patient and assured. The limited location and deliberate pace might diminish replay value, but it’s a very satisfying entry and I can’t wait to see where the story goes from here.


I can already here you yelling at me. Look, I love this movie. It has so much going for it. But, as I stated in this controversial article, “[it has] the suspense, intensity and wit we associate with Chucky’s best moments, but the surrounding elements still aren’t fully nudged into the Chucky-verse. I’d argue that the series had yet to find its true identity and that ‘Child’s Play’ is peppered with slight tonal miscalculations that keep it from really coming into its own.


This thing just speeds along at such a great pace. The outshines the first film in that regard as well as in terms of tone. Again, I fully understand and respect why 99% of you like the first film more – I just gotta speak my own truth here. I’ll once again quote my Child’s Play 2 vs. Child’s Play 1 article when I say, “The film is brighter, more colorful and runs at a brisk pace. The initial kill, a technician being electrocuted during the process of restoring (reanimating) Chucky perfectly sets up the film’s mix of youthful whimsy and adult cynicism. [And] the film’s finale in the makeshift funhouse of the “Good Guy” assembly line embodies the success of the piece in a nutshell. It’s exploding with color and inventiveness. It’s violent and bloody, but playful. It has a nice sense of momentum and is able to oscillate between humor and menace in a deft manner. Thematically, it brings Chucky sort of full circle in his demise (at least in terms of his 2nd life as a doll). And it sums up how John Lafia’s Child’s Play 2 outshines the original Tom Holland film a bit – it manages to have its cake and eat it too. That’s what Chucky’s all about isn’t it?

But what about you? What’s your favorite Child’s Play film? Vote in our poll!



  • ThunderDragoon

    I can always use more Chucky. 😀 Here’s how my list would go from most favorite to least:

    Child’s Play
    Child’s Play 2
    Curse of Chucky/Bride of Chucky (As of right now, they’re tied)
    Child’s Play 3
    Seed of Chucky

    I’m hoping that Curse is selling well. Hopefully we’ll get some news about that in a couple of months.

  • smedley

    i have lurked on here for years now and never posted but every time you guys say a movie is a have to see movie the move blows, curse of chucky is awful the first 2 were the only good ones.

    • Jasonicus

      Maybe you just have shitty taste.

  • Jasonicus

    Curse was much better than I expected. The look of the doll is great. And the little scenes for fans were wonderful. I hope they keep going.

  • Joe-Sanchez

    I agree with smedley, but i have to add Child’s play 3 to the mix, for me the only movies I consider the child’s play real saga is from the first one to the third, the other ones suck. A bride? a son? meeeeh, what a waste, and curse of Cucky started very well, I was excited at first, but hell, it all went down when they linked the movie with the ‘bride of chucky’ I hated it so much, Just a personal opinion here.

    • KidKobun

      Totally agree with you!

  • ChasingTheGhost

    I would have the same order, but I’ll have Bride as #1. Sorry, it’s my favorite.

  • smedley

    really shitty taste so you like the crappy half assed movies just using the name to get people to watch curse of chucky falls right in line with i spit on your grave 2 hatchet 2 and 3 they are just plain stupid, hey but if thats what you like who am i to say.

  • divisionbell

    Solid list except I would personally put seed of chucky at the bottom. The 3rd was bad but see was absolute garbage. I still can’t believe someone greenlit that.

  • El_Jay

    My rank would have to be
    6. Seed of Chucky
    5. Child’s Play 3
    4. Bride of Chucky
    3. Child’s Play 2
    2. Curse of Chucky
    1. Child’s Play

  • viking1983

    in order for me is
    childs play
    bride of chucky
    childs play 2
    childs play 3
    curse of chucky
    seed of chucky

    • viking1983

      the order I put starts with best, ends with worst

  • u_mad_br0

    These movies are so goddamn stupid. OMG, I’m being attacked by a 1 ft doll that weighs 5 lbs. Oh jesus, we all lose.

  • snotboy21

    Hey look I can make a list as well. From Worst to Best

    6. Child’s Play 3
    5. Bride of Chucky
    4. Curse of Chucky

    • snotboy21

      3.Seed Of Chucky
      2.Child’s Play
      1.Child’s Play 2

  • Krug09

    I need to watch Curse Again but right now heres my list:

    6. Seed
    5. Curse
    4. 3
    3. 2
    2. Bride
    1. Child’s play

  • Lemonade

    I find it fascinating that you thought people would favor the original movie, but CP2 is actually in first place. CP2 is the movie the first one should’ve been. Colorful, playful, from the child’s point of view. And I think it’s scarier than the first one. Once you see Chucky running around and laughing at Eddie Caputo’s place, the magic is gone. He’s a bit scary during the “No batteries” scene, but it’s ruined by the overly sinister “HI I’M CHUCKY WANNA PLAY?” head-spin.

    Chucky looked like a mean devil in 2, and they should really re-incorporate that look in a future sequel. Those big blue eyes, those defined freckles, that vicious snarl. It also contains Brad Dourif’s best voice work. The laugh when he’s burying Tommy and killing Matheson is the stuff of legend. The evil, gleeful, hateful grins when he beats the teacher, drops Phil, and stabs Grace is horrifying. The Simpsons’ house looks like a giant dollhouse. I love it. I just wish Phil and Joanne would’ve lived a bit more. The energy was gone once they died, but I loved the idea of it just being Chucky and the kids, as opposed to the original: two cops, a kid, his mom vs the doll.

    That being said, Bride of Chucky is a phenomenal work, and not only one of the best horror comedies, but one of the best movies of 1998 and I am not kidding. That thing is beautiful and is better than any third horror sequel has any right to be. Did Kirschner and Mancini blackmail Yu and Pau into doing that movie? Kidding. But truly, it was breathtaking. It was truly a horror blockbuster. Not only did it bring in the bucks, but it was immensely satisfying(to those who were open-minded enough with the addition of the comedy, anyway). And I don’t see it as a comedy really. Just a horror film with heavy dosage of comedy. The movie is incredibly atmospheric. Chucky, the ticking time bomb, on top of Damien as they both watch Tiffany dance is crazy suspenseful. When will he strike? And that lovely closeup shot of his eye with the veins, mixed in with the thunder? That was basically Yu telling the audience “He’s alive, and he’s gonna strike VERY soon”. Creepy stuff. And let’s not forget the police car explosion, the motorhome explosion, the sweeping shots of that beautiful waterfall, the white sheets flapping in the graveyard. and just the overall stylization of this movie made it a GREAT one. And John Ritter in a Chucky movie is just delicious. Chucky fans who only want their Chucky SCARY and SERIOUS and chasing after ANDY and are generally close-minded will dislike this movie but, open-minded film fans will embrace it.

    I think all of the movies are great, but Child’s Play 2 and Bride of Chucky really capture the magic of who this character is. More of the fun vibe of these two, for future sequels, please. They’ll never get a budget of $25 mil or a director like Yu again(we were downright spoiled with Bride! Smart, snappy, intelligent movie), but those two had what the fans wanted I don’t think there is truly a bad one in the bunch. I like the first, the second, and Bride, with Bride being my favorite, but overall this series’ batting average is pretty good.

    CP3, we all know this was a rushed movie. But despite the problems, it is a competent movie. I enjoyed the throat-slashing, and the opening credits. It just felt “more of the same”. Bride saved the day and livened it up, thankfully.

    Seed is unabashedly itself, and I have to commend it. I legitimately enjoy: The Score, the opening credits, the opening nightmare, and the death scenes. The rest is a hard pill to swallow but again, it is SO ITSELF I have to respect it. I just wish they followed in the vein of Bride. That movie’s tone was perfect, and the series was successful again. What in the fuck you go and do that for? But whatever. I understand that artists desire to do things different every time. If you keep doing the same thing you will go crazy. Don didn’t want to repeat himself and I commend him for that.

    Curse of Chucky? All I have to say is…that SCORE! What was the score all about? It started promising the first few notes and then LoDuca just drops the ball. Drops it like an anvil. Fiona crushed it. Bisutti crushed it. Elliot crushed it. Martinez, Howell, McConnell and Quesnel all crushed their respective material.

    But again, that score. Please don’t use that composer again. Independent of the movie, it’s a fun listen, but it’s the first unmemorable Chucky score.

    Okay, so, my ranking:

    Bride of Chucky
    Child’s Play 2
    Child’s Play

    Seed of Chucky
    Child’s Play 3
    Curse of Chucky

  • SlothyPunk

    1. CP2
    2. CP
    3. Curse
    4. CP3
    5. Bride
    6. Seed

    I really love them all except Seed. For some reason I really can’t get behind it and I have no idea why.

  • yizhan123

    Personally, I wouldn’t really ‘rank’ these movies because I find that even though these movies revolve around Chucky, they are really different movies. For example, Child’s Play is nothing like Child’s Play 2, and Child’s Play 2 is nothing like Child’s Play 3 and so on…yes they have all that killing and stuff but for these movies, as a whole, I find that they are really of different genres. Just like you wouldn’t compare Se7en with Silence of the Lambs, but you can compare them in terms of which has entertained you more under the genre of ‘crime’ and etc.

    As for the Chucky saga, if I was comparing these 6 movies based on how the Chucky-ness should have been, I think Child’s Play sets the standard. In Child’s Play, Chucky is really this subtle killer and a true horrorshow, really professional. Child’s Play really holds that ‘classic horror’, like The Shining and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. In the subsequent installments, Chucky becomes more of a joker and a killing menace. I wouldn’t watch the subsequent installments for that classic horror thrill anymore but the entertainment value that these sequels can instill. Child’s Play 2 has its own way of entertainment, Child’s Play 3 has also its own way of entertainment, and so on. Only question is which way of entertainment is your cup of tea.

    So if I were to rank these movies in terms of entertainment in my liking, it would be..
    1) Child’s Play 2
    2) Child’s Play/Child’s Play 3
    3) Seed of Chucky
    4) Bride of Chucky

    I have not seen Curse of Chucky yet as my order has not arrived, but I’m sure it would be something different. Child’s Play 2 is the first in line for me because it is very energetic and ‘scary’ in the sense that ‘he is just right there and you can’t see him’ and ‘oh my god what is he planning to do next?’. One thing is also that I don’t really see Chucky as a doll being possessed by a human anymore, like in Child’s Play, still very vulnerable. But in Child’s Play 2, Chucky is like this badass midget being very stealthy and dangerous. It’s like he is way less vulnerable and hard to kill. To summarize, I find Child’s Play 2 more intriguing and compelling ~ I put Child’s Play and Child’s Play 3 together because I can’t really decide which is more entertaining as I really enjoy both of their entertainment value. Like I said, Child’s Play and Child’s Play 3 are totally different movies. Child’s Play has that really true classic horror that classic horror fans would really appreciate. I like Child’s Play a lot because of its subtleties and the mood that it is being by the director. It is really like a crime show and Andy is the victim. And best, this criminal is a doll and that adds on to its ambiguity. As for Child’s Play 3, I really like the idea of Chucky being involved in military. We’ve always seen Chucky either involved with Andy himself or a family at most. Now Chucky is on an even bigger scale, the whole military lol. I really like the idea of how Chucky, or a doll, can jeopardize the whole military and become this central of life and death in this campus. And he always does what he does, killing and disappearing. Only, this time he does it even better. In Child’s Play 3, it truly reveals Chucky’s fascination with killing. Take the scene where he kills the garbage man as an example. After being indirectly saved by the garbage man, the least Chucky could do is get out of that truck and leave. But he just had to squash that guy and laugh it out. That shows how capable and despicable Chucky is. And I find Child’s Play 3 the most quotable movie in the saga. “Don’t fuck with the chuck!”, “Just sit back and watch the sparks fly”, “Aww you gotta be fuckin’ kidding me!” ~ As for Bride and Seed, I’d say they are both generally the same type. I enjoy Seed much more than Bride because Seed really captures emotions. There is this conflict between parents and child. Seed really has a story, an emotional one apart from all that killing. For me, I really feel Chucky and Tiffany’s love for their child, and it really makes the experience of watching Seed more emotional than thrilling. I wouldn’t watch Bride and Seed for thrill because they are really comedy to me. Except that Seed has a scene that I find thrilling, and that is the scene where Chucky brings his son to kill the photographer in that red room. Other than that, Seed is a father-mother-son movie to me. And hardly any movie like that with all that slasher killing and etc can bring out that kind of emotions in a movie, especially from puppet dolls. As for Bride, generally I don’t really like it, but I would watch it again definitely for entertainment sake. Bride has its entertainment value, but it doesn’t really appeal to me. To me, Bride totally doesn’t set the mood for a Chucky movie. I really can’t explain how I feel about Bride. Just compare Child’s Play 1-3, they have that similar ‘mood’. Seed has that emotional content. But Bride doesn’t have any of them. It doesn’t develop on the emotions between Jade and Jesse, not really enough to actually feel for them actually. It does build a little for Chucky and Tiffany, but all in a very comical way and not really plausible to me. But everytime I watch Bride, I’d just laugh it out and ignore these flaws because after all, it’s an 89 min movie and it’s Chucky.

    All in all, this is my personal take for the Chucky saga. I apologize for the long essay, just felt like translating my opinion down on text. I have nothing against any Chucky movies, just that I feel they could have been done better. I am a Chucky fan! With all that being said, I really hope Curse of Chucky don’t disappoint.

  • Tomie Kawakami

    Are they “Chucky” films or “Child’s Play” films? Make up your mind.

  • Resident-Zombie

    I liked the Child’s Play series more than the later “Chucky” movies, they feel more like a reboot or similar to the Freddy Krueger tv series, they don’t seem to fit with the Child’s Play series for me, even though they are meant to be sequels.

    I’ve yet to see Curse of Chucky, going through all movies beforehand, currently on Child’s Play 3 at the moment, which I enjoyed quite a bit when I was younger.

    I like that Brad Dourif still voices him too, not sure if I’d be too keen to watch it if someone else voiced him.

  • TwistedCritic

    Bride of Chucky is the Jason Lives of the Child’s Play movies, i.e. it’s one of the better entries, but it has a self-aware, jokey kind of tone that automatically distances it from the “classics.”

  • CTHL

    My ranking…

    1. Bride
    2. Child’s Play 1

    and then I’m done, the rest weren’t worth mentioning.

    Haven’t seen the new one yet though.

  • ckline32

    my favorie is the first and second and bride but i really did like curse the only thing i didnt like about curse was the obvious cgi of him walking down the steps it didnt kill it for me i understand money and all maybe they shouldnt have shown him for that scene but i see where they would be going if they had more funding i liked them going back to the creepy sneaky chucky i just really liked it just dont understand the ending with the girl if he past his soul to her then why 6 months later is he a doll going after andy

  • 905Justin

    bride of chucky is an abomination of a movie not sure why people like it more than 3

  • Jeff Rittenour

    Curse started off great but went to hell about halfway through. I was amazed at how they made the doll creepy ( if not scary) again. But writing the little girl out of the story by locking her in a closet was amateurish at best. And then the ridiculous multiple endings only confused and muddied it all up. The first 15 mins I was like “this is genius”…then by the end I was like “this is hacky’… THIS is the way no 6 SHOULD have ended…

  • jt87625

    I totally agree with the list except i would switch childs play 3 & seed of chucky. both sucked but seed was unwatchable. childs play 2 was my favorite because it less of a detective style movie. curse of chucky was a great inside look at the whole series which was nostalgic & entertaining.

    6. Seed of Chucky
    5. Child’s Play 3
    4. Bride of Chucky
    3. Curse of Chucky
    2. Child’s Play
    1. Child’s Play 2

  • EnzFab

    I am surprised at how well liked Child’s Play 2 is.
    I think it is one of the weakest and most boring out of all of them. Didn’t like the first time I saw it back in 1994, and disliked it even more now when I saw again this Halloween.

  • underworld20032005

    5. 2
    4. Curse
    3. 1
    2. Bride
    1. 3
    Probable will change but 3 will be my favorite as Seed is my least

  • Alex Scheuerman

    really seed is better then childs play 3??? ive only watched seed a few times hate it more and more each time…”made in japan” is the number one thing that pisses me off (the original good guy doll was made in Chicago!!!)…when they check his sex, chucky says it’s a boy…there are way too many points to point out! childs play 3 might be bad but no way is it worse then seed

    • Black Candy

      made in chicago!? maybe china 🙂

  • Ben Price

    Seed was atleast humorous. Child’s Play 3 was just…. crap.

  • Brian Patterson

    Child’s plays 1, 2, 3, and 6 were way more decent than 4 and 5. 4 and 5 were just crappy. 3 is my most favorite with 1 a close second then 6 then 2. 4 would be my next favorite then part 5 is the worst. And to say that tyler was irritating is just plain racist. I liked him just as much as andy barclay.

  • Mustafa Crap

    Curse of Chucky was the worst film it was like a fucking remake in an alternate universe with several small references to the original Child’s play 1 but even those couldn’t salvage that train wreck of a production. Regardless of what anyone else says It really was, the doll was fucking cgi not like any of the others it was low budget and shit…. it went straight to dvd and blu ray. It also had a terrible plot and the duration of the beginning of the film went on like a scooby doo case or a game of cluedo but it didn’t go outside of the cliche haunted house apart from the after credits teaser…… 4 and 5 are completely satirical and entertaining but If you love the whole Idea of Charles Lee Ray being a killer doll then just consider that they only ever made 4 Child’s play movies. I’ll watch any of the new ones just because it’s a Chucky Flick but If 7 is anything like 6 was…. then just finally end it Mancini with a 7th and final film because it has already been tarnished enough with 5-6. 4 being some what semi acceptable and I guess you could say it finally ended in the New Jersey cemetery that would of been more fitting because Chucky would of died in his own coffin seeing his own corpse.

    • Madridista

      Curse of chucky was the worst? For real

      • Trunks Briefs

        you didnt have to go there.

  • Steini Pé

    Really, that is the order you go with?? For me it’s from best to worse

    1. Child’s Play 2 <- by far my favorite, the 1st one is a close second but due to budget I believe the whole animating him wasn't as easy as they did with number 2.
    2. Child's Play
    3. Child's Play 3
    4. Bride of Chucky <- Just love the jokes and humor, but this is where he first went a bit off track
    5. Curse of Chucky <- besides the fact that he looks like fat transvestite hooker at times with his straight hair it is decent.
    6. Seed of Chucky <- this is just abomination outright

  • Deborah Smith

    I really like Curse of Chucky except for Chucky I can’t stand how he looks through most of the movie. I have to like 1 best then 2. I like the one John Ritter played in I just can’t like Seed of Chucky but I will watch them all. Watching Curse of Chucky on Chiller now.

  • Hunter Powell

    Curse wasnt a reboot, but all were really amazing. It just depends wether your a fan of funny chucky or scary chucky. I love both

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