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It’s A Next-Gen Horror Game Showdown! Which Are You Most Looking Forward To?

Welcome to another episode of Showdown! Last week we pitted the Silent Hill franchise against itself and today the fight is between four incredibly exciting next-gen horror games.

Battling for the title of ‘Most Anticipated Horror Game’ is Daylight, Dying Light, Dead Rising 3 and The Evil Within. Let us know which horror game you’re most excited for by voting in the poll I have waiting for your input after the jump, and feel free to let me know why you chose the game you did in the comments!

Now, you may be wondering why Frictional’s SOMA isn’t on the list. That’s because they decided to unveil it the day after I had made and uploaded this video. I wasn’t able to include it in the video, but I’ll include it in the poll, in case you want to give it a vote.

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