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[Exclusive] Your Sneak Peek At Scott Campbell’s ‘Great Showdowns: The Return’

This month, Titan Books is releasing “Great Showdowns: The Return”, a hardback collection from acclaimed artist Scott Campbell, chronicling some of the greatest confrontations in movie history. These pictures are adorable and epic at the same time. Titan hooked us up with a collection of Scott’s horror themed Showdowns including, The Shining, 28 Days Later, Hellraiser, and more for you to feats your eyes on.

They’re back! Following the bestselling first volume, here’s an all-new collection of artist Scott C’s strangely good- natured confrontations between his favorite movie characters.

Marty vs Biff. The Tramp vs a shoe. George Bailey vs his wonderful life, and hordes more… Scott Campbell’s inimitable Great Showdowns return, bigger, better and more sequel-er than ever, with even more charming confrontations between his favorite movie heroes, villains and, occasionally, inanimate objects.

Be it Leonidas vs the Persian Empire or Mookie vs the Right Thing, there’s always a good-natured struggle to be had. These memorable moments of melee deserve to be celebrated — again! Behold, the Return of The Great Showdowns Featuring a foreword by Edgar Wright.

Scott Campbell’s watercolor paintings can be found in magazines, comics, children’s books, video games, and galleries around the world. His projects include illustrations for the children’s books Zombie In Love and East Dragon, West Dragon, and art direction for the video games Psychonauts and Brutal Legendfrom Double Fine Productions.



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