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[BD Review] Can ‘Carrie’ Resurrect Fear? No…

While the trailer looked insanely promising, Evan Dickson says that MGM and Sony’s Carrie remake is destroyed by the overuse of CGI. The trailer promised an insane finale that was originally in Stephen King’s book, but early footage out of the Comic-Con complained about the CGI. The thought was that it would be more “final” by release, which unfortunately didn’t end up being true…

Where the film ultimately falters is in its overuse of CGI,” Evan says in his review. “A banal battle cry? Perhaps. But the slick manifestations of telekineses ladled over nearly every scene beyond the first act become overwhelming. For every surprisingly honest moment, there’s a needless effect waiting around the corner to undo it.

And even though the CGI is a mess, Dickson does defend the film a bit: “There’s a lot of confident, good stuff in Carrie. It’s just a shame that she falls apart at the prom.

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