‘Wolf Creek 2’ Trailer Reveals Chilling First Rule of the Outback!

  • http://mitchmacready.blogspot.com/ Zombie-Killa


    Going by the trailer Wolf Creek 2 already looks better than the original! So going by the trailer, it looks like the killer isn’t going to hide the fact he’s a sick freak this time. He’s just going to attack with no restraint whatsoever! And the scenes with him riding on the horse were awesome to watch. Well, for me. lol.

    Changed my mind, because I’m actually looking forward to this now!

  • K-Dogg

    The first one was fantastic….in this one, looks like there’s too much going on, a little much. I will still see this for sure :)

    • mobstar67

      I also thought the first film was fantastic and one of the better films of that decade… That shit was dark and grisly..what im seeing in this trailer is a more polished look with like you said a whole lot going on…I hope it can compete with the first film although i have my reservations.. look forward to finding out..

  • djblack1313

    this actually DOES look better than the first film (which i hated). all i can say is the killer BETTER die in this one. he’s so vile (in a good villain type of way) that him surviving at the end of the first movie after all the atrocities he commits against innocent people that it completely ruined the movie for me. i don’t need happy endings in movies but this is a character that NEEDS to get his comeuppance.

    if he DOES die (and brutally) in this one it looks like it could be an incredible movie!

    • http://mitchmacready.blogspot.com/ Zombie-Killa

      “but this is a character that NEEDS to get his comeuppance.”

      My thoughts EXACTLY. I know a lot of horror movies usually end with a diabolical ending/cliffhanger, but this guy isn’t Michael Myers or Jason! lol. But yeah, the killer escaping after brutally torturing so many people ruined the movie for me also, but I guess you could say they needed Mick Taylor alive to open up the possibility of a sequel, I guess. lol.

    • mobstar67

      if i were gonna bet i’d say Mick is gonna get it by the end of this film…. Studio guys wont object to killing Mick off since Wolf Creek didnt even break even and if by some chance the sequel goes off and the film has a healthy profit they can always do the prequel..the demented rise of Mick Taylor..

  • WalkingDeadGuy

    Great trailer! I really enjoyed the first film, I hope this one is as intense.

  • Golic

    not even going to watch the trailer; just going to go see it, not knowing what to expect! 😀 I loved the 1st one, SO FUCKING EXCITED FOR THIS!!!

  • Krug09

    Looks pretty good, reminds me of break down. i would like to see the original again but i remember it being depressing and nasty for being nasty. It was an ugly film but well made.


    the first one was ok but this one looks much better. he’s such a twisted f**k

  • STRIK9

    This looks excellent. Everything I’d want in a sequel and more. I cant wait to see this shit. Mick taylor is a great horror villan.

  • ill_mindedd

    im pumped for this!

  • RubenVeritas

    I loved the first film. It was a slow burner, but it built such an intense amount of tension!