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[Exclusive] Stream Noctum’s ‘Final Sacrifice’ AND Read How Each Song Is Related To A Horror Movie!

Bloody-Disgusting has teamed up with heavy metal band Noctum to bring you an exclusive first listen to their upcoming album Final Sacrifice, which comes out this Tuesday via Metal Blade Records! And since the album is a fictional horror story, where each song is a chapter in a greater story, we’ve also got guitarist Daniel Johansson and bassist Tobias Rosén comparing each song to a horror movie for you to read below! They take the feel and atmosphere of each track and let you know which horror movie they think best fits the overall aesthetic, which gives these songs an extra creepy feel!

Head on down below for the full experience and be sure to pre-order your copy here!

1. “Conflagration” (Response by David)
Conflagration is the first track, and it is supposed to build up excitement!  Thus it feels natural to relate it to John Carpenter’s Halloween. Kinda safe in the beginning but suddenly strikes! It also in some way expresses melancholy that somehow reflects the character of Michael Myers.

2. “Liberty in Death” (Response by Tobias)
The song starts off with a pumping intro and transforms into a rare groove before it hits a straight face punching riff.

The chorus is catchy and the song also includes a melodic stick, “Liberty in Death” possesses a variety of riffs and inspiration.

I would connect this song with the horror movie Night of the Living Dead.

3. ”Resurrected in Evil” (Response by David)
“Resurrected in Evil” is an energy driven track, a resurrection of madness and desperate attempts for revenge. It sort of reflects the evil madness of Freddy Krueger, since he was betrayed and burnt to death. Thus showcasing the reason for his revenge, spread horror and fear.

4. “Deadly Connection” (Response by Tobias)
This is the one instrumental song on Final Sacrifice and a jam song with a lot of playfulness. Every instrument has its party in completing this track.

The strength is that not a single minute feels boring, there’s always something going on. It’s hard to set a horror movie to a song without lyrics but I would probably say Event Horizon.

5. “Void of Emptiness” (Response by David)
“Void of Emptiness” has a smooth feeling, moderate tempo, and an intense guitar solo. Let the smoothness be the plot story of Psycho, and the ending guitar solo is the epic shower scene. 

6. “The Revisit” (Response by Tobias)
One of the best tracks of the album in my opinion, there’s just a lot of different riffs and the main riff reminds me of nothing I’ve ever heard before.

Yet again a catchy chorus and all you can think about during the full track is more or less, death. Because of the variety of riffs and the uniqueness of the song, yet filled with death, I would say Hellraiser is the horror movie that most relates to this one.

7. “Burning Will” (Response by David)
“Burning Will” is a groovy song, it’s like the movie The Wickerman, you will have to listen to it a few times to appreciate it. It kind of has some heaviness that was not really achieved on our other songs. 

8. “Temple of the Living Dead” (Response by Tobias)
“Temple of the Living Dead” shows the best part of the fast Noctum as well as slower doom side of Noctum. It collides in such a perfect arrangement where your mind might be totally blown away. Because of the two main elements that are pretty far away from each other yet very close I would choose the movie Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.

9. “Azoth” (Response by David)
Epic ending for an epic movie: Pet Cemetery. They both include the main components; evilness, blood, excitement and horror. They both have this emotional touch as well, and there by makes it brilliant. Also the ending of “Azoth” feels like complete chaos of resurrection, just like the emotional madness in the case of the Pet Cemetery.

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