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‘Independence Day 2’ Happens With or Without Will Smith…

Sounds kind of like a threat, doesn’t it?

The Playlist caught up with director Roland Emmerich who was quite honest when it came to questions surrounding Independence Day 2, so much so that he let it slip that there are “two versions” of the script that have been written.

Asks the site, there’s a version of the script with Will Smith‘s character and a version without? “Yes,” Emmerich confirmed. He also said that the script work by White House Down scribe Jamie Vanderbilt had been completed (on both versions, presumably). Somewhat optimistically, the director remarked that, “It’s looking good [for the version with Smith].

There are two takeaways from this conversation, which are hinted at the earlier portion of Playlist’s interview in which Emmerich tells them that the film is “a daily battle…The budget, the schedules, the actors…” First, we can assume Smith would get the largest payday, and based on Emmerich’s aforementioned budget jab it we can also assume that there’s a chance they won’t be able to reach an agreement. So, having a script without Smith is incredible smart.

Or, it could be as simple as Smith’s schedule, which has to be pretty heavy even after the release of the atrocious After Earth.



  • SonOfVoorhees

    Do it without him……Will wasnt the reason people saw the original anyway. We want aliens and mile long ships.

  • mobstar67

    i kinda agree with the sonosvorhees.. Jeff Goldblum was actually more essential to the first film than Big Willie.. the studio could probably hook Goldblum for peanuts compared to Smith and use the extra cash for production,effects and a decent ensamble cast..Will Smith would be a nice touch and almost guarantee huge box office returns but does not guarantee a great film…


    what is everyone’s beef with after earth? it’s not that freaking bad. hope that smith gets onboard for ID2

  • VictorCrowley

    Best thing Will Smith ever did for me was ‘Parents Just Don’t Understand’. I’m fine either way on ID2.

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