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‘Don’t Starve’ Gets A Dose Of Horror With ‘The Screecher’

Developer Klei has released a terrifying — and free — mod for their Tim Burton-esque survival game, Don’t Starve. If you don’t own the game, you can grab it now for half off on Steam ($7.50). That’s a pretty great deal for a game like this. It’s tough, but unique, quirky and mildly addicting. As for The Screecher, it’s available now. All you have to do is enable it from the main menu, turn off the lights and enjoy. Read on to see the mod in action!

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  • NonieBologna

    This game was like the cheaply made free slenderman game. I dislike slenderman quite a bit for its recent internet notoriety and the fact that nobody really knows the origin except for a few.What im saying is im a little biased but i swear this mod was much better than the slenderman game. It was short, but it was scary and the graphics are great, art style as well. the ending was not what i expected but that made it even better, and it was overall an awesome half hour. Yeah its short but hell id play it again to find all the notes. It was so damn creepy and startling, that even if you dont own don’t starve you should try to play this.

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