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Clive Barker Says the ‘Hellraiser’ Remake Will Be “R”… DUH

A quick update from Mr. Clive Barker regarding his vision for Dimension’s Hellraiser remake, which he is currently penning. It’s kind of hilarious to me that this question was even asked as if anyone in their right mind would make a PG-13 Hellraiser film…

As questions are asked I’ll do my best to answer them, though as you all know making movies is a volatile art, and things seldom remain fixed,” Barker tells fans on his Facebook page. “One question regarding the rating has been asked. I asked it too, and Dimension confirmed that they are purely interested in an R-rated picture.

In other breaking news, Barker does surprise fans with news that, once he completes Hellraiser, he has a new, original horror movie idea he’ll be putting down on paper.

Somebody else asked why I’m not writing something original,” says Barker. “The answer is that I am. After Hellraiser I intend to write and direct a completely new horror movie, which will mingle graphic horror and erotic content, to create an unrated film which will push the envelope of extreme content further than ever…

Again, why would anyone make Hellraiser PG-13? I was embarrassed for whomever asked that and forced me to write this non-news editorial…



  • mobstar67

    the thought of some uptight studio execs making there case for a PG13 release to capture a wider range audience may be scarier than the film itself…

  • Darkness69

    Ah, Mr. Barker, always so eloquent… I’m looking forward to this probably as much as I did to the Evil Dead remake!

  • weresmurf

    When Kickass was originally about to be released, the studios asked if they could produce a PG cut of the movie rather than an R rated cut, I got this news straight from the horses mouth (Tarquin Pack) when I interviewed him years back. He said it was an absurd prospect given its content and nature, but someone in a studio WILL ask this sort of shit at some point.

    It’s not silly to ask if it will happen, we got a PG slew of horrors for years there, absolute years. Total Recall was watered down to PG, ultraviolent Robocop is now PG in its remake, so I don’t think it’s absurd at all for someone to ask for clarification of whether the remake of Hellraiser will be R rated or if we’re in for a pussied out, watered down PG remake.

    Worst offender of the last few years wasn’t even a remake… WWZ was a PG movie of the worst kind. No blood, no gore, all ‘zombies’…

  • flexible-head

    You say that, but Lussier & Melton walked from this remake over Dimension/Miramax/Weinsteins apparently wanting it PG13. Obviously you’re right – it’d be absurd. But it seems like the current rights-holders really don’t know what to do with the “property” they own.

  • Jamie Horwath

    That’s good. The rumor is floating around the Internet. Okay, I’m happy again.

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