The Survival Horror MMO ‘Nether’ Enters Steam Early Access, Let’s Celebrate With A Creepy New Trailer


When it comes to quality survival horror MMOs, with the exception of The Secret World, the pickings are slim. That’s where developer Phosphor Games comes in with their unnerving MMO, Nether, which brings together elements of first person shooters with the atmosphere and twisted creatures of Silent Hill. It’s first showing was a little rough, this looks incredibly polished.

If mowing down freaky ink monsters and assorted other creatures with your friends sounds fun, Nether is available on Steam Early Access and for a limited time the game will be 10% off. Check out its creepy new trailer after the jump!

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  • GothicGuido

    Not an MMO fan. I think its kind of a bummer all these open world horror fantasy games are only MMO’s and PC games (The secret world now this) Consoles have no love for the monsters… I’m hoping The Order: 1886 changes that.