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UPDATED: ‘Evil Dead 2’ Is Still On With Fede Alvarez Attached!!

UPDATE: I just got in touch with Alvarez and he confirms that, “stuff got lost in translation” with Sayagues in the Gorosito interview published earlier today. He elaborated, “Rodo meant we’re not actually making ‘Evil Dead 2’ right now because the priority is Sam’s ‘Army of Darkness 2.’ But the plan of making a sequel to our ‘Evil Dead’ is very much alive.

This morning we posted the seemingly sad news that Fede Alvarez and his co-writer Rodo Sayagues had pulled out of Evil Dead 2, the sequel to the successful remake earlier this year. Sayagues had told Gorosito TV that the pair were no longer attached to the project. But was Sayagues speaking solely for himself? Or was there some kind of miscommunication (this seems more likely)?

But now Alvarez is telling fans on Twitter not to believe everything they read. This sounds right to me. While this morning Sayagues was quoted as saying they had been off the project for “months,” the last time I spoke to Alvarez (in late September) he indicated that he was still attached to the sequel, but said that Sam Raimi wanted to tackle Army Of Darkness 2 first. Not only do I trust Alvarez, but Bruce Campbell was by his side the entire time I spoke to him and I feel that Campbell is perfectly comfortable correcting someone in public at this point.

While nothing is confirmed yet, it seems as though Alvarez is still onboard. The question is, in what capacity? He very well could be directing the project, but there are still other ways to be “involved” with a film. Perhaps he’s referring to being onboard just as a producer? But fans of Alvarez’s take on the material can always hope that he’s still directing the pic.

Update: Redacting previous speculation in favor of Alvarez’s above confirmation.



  • HorrorFancy

    I agree with Fede, “…”

  • anthonyd1

    Knew It!!!! The first one did way to good for them not move forward on a sequel. And I dont know if its just me but I would much rather see this first before Army of Darkness 2. Continuing this new darker tone in the series is much more appealing to me and to me Army of Darkness was the weakest of the original trilogy and is a bit overrated in my book. But hey thats just the way i look at it. Hope everything works out with Evil Dead 2 and they start up on it sooner rather than later

    • djblack1313

      anthonyd1, me too! i said it sounded off/fishy that Fede would have chosen to drop ED2 (months ago as previously reported). good news!

    • SugarShane

      Yes! AOD is corny to me as well.

  • undertaker78

    Thank God. I too, would rather Evil Dead 2 before Army 2.

  • djblack1313

    i’m very much thrilled that Fede is still on board. the news that he had left the project sounded wrong (or in this case “lost in translation”) when i read it. he’s been so passionate about his ED movie as well as the sequel.

    i’d much prefer ED2 to come out AOD2 be damned but as long as Fede is still on board (and presumably awesome Jane Levy is too),
    i’m fine with waiting. i’ll be patient. 🙂

  • ThunderDragoon

    Awesome news! I was worried for a while there that Evil Dead 2 would no longer get made because of Army of Darkness 2. Glad that’s not the case. Very happy that it’s still planned.

  • VampireJack

    The saddest part about this ED2/AOD2 debate is that for years many of us have wanted a new sequel to Raimi’s films, and now it seems that it’s “finally” happening we have others now saying “nah,don’t want it – want a sequel to the remake instead….” which may put Raimi off.

    Personally, even though I did enjoy the newer movie (although there were parts that were annoying, ie the use of Cheryl’s voice in that one part…..unnecessary) I would prefer Raimi to make a new one in HIS franchise. Hell, I’d love a new Raimi Evil Dead TRILOGY, maybe linking in Drag Me To Hell (which as we all know started off as a kinda prequel to Evil Dead anyway…..)

  • torsch

    Extremely good news i think 🙂

  • juice1701

    Excellent,that is great news. I am so glad to hear that. I loved The Evil Dead remake and am looking forward to a sequel. Lets get it on. Forget Army of Darkness 2, the first one sucked, why do they need to do another one?

  • Taboo

    Saw the remake last month and I thought it was pretty good. Definitely excited to see a sequel is in the works.

  • SaturdayThe14th

    I’m excited for both films, but I expect back and forth “It’s happening/not happening” news until both films are actually made as usual.

    • David

      i was thinking the same. with alot of alvarez “sam says… sam is at this point” speaking on raimi’s behalf. what a good lapdog.

      • djblack1313

        David, i agree w/ you.

    • Carietta_White

      Which would leave one to question why Bruce isn’t the one disseminating the news himself.

  • divisionbell

    Now this is excellent news to start the day of with!

  • hatchetian

    Good to hear wish they would move forword on ED2 and hold off on AOD2

  • Lemonade

    The idea that anybody bought this story for a second is hilarious to me. Alvarez was about ready to sell his old car and move back to his home country before getting the Evil Dead offer. The notion that he would turn his back on SAM RAIMI and his success is mystifying. Especially since he will be getting a huge paycheck for ED2.

  • Carietta_White

    And Campbell has repeatedly said that AOD2 hasn’t even passed scripting yet. Hell, he even Tweeted Sunday that AOD2 isn’t confirmed and Alvarez’ quote was “taken out of context”. I trust Alvarez’ opinion on anything about as much as I trust a politician’s.

  • Sami Smith

    So happy! I enjoyed Evil Dead so much! I loved that it was more serious. I’m a sucker for blood, gore ,and carnage! 🙂

  • MachetAY

    meh… not a fan of the remake

  • If he’s directing “Evil Dead 2”, a few things he needs to work on. For one, don’t kill the suspense in already the first shot. My problem with the remake was that you know everything that was going to happen, because of how spoiler-y the beginning was. Second, more character development. Hell, in the first Evil Dead we were still rooting for Bruce. You didn’t get that root-ery (is that even a word?) for our lead girl. The gore/violence is definitely there and the cinematography of the first was gorgeous. To me Fede seems like a capable direction. He does what a good director should do on a TECHNICAL scale, but he needs to be a better storyteller.

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