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Does George A. Romero Like “The Walking Dead”?!

I’ve already stopped watching AMC’s “The Walking Dead”, but I know how many of you guys love it, which is why I bite my tongue and share all the fun goodies released each week.

I can preach and preach and preach, yet everyone argues that the show is good. It’s not.

If you aren’t going to listen to me, maybe the godfather of the zombie genre has something to say about it?

Bizarre as it sounds, four seasons into “The Walking Dead”, and this is the first time I can recall George A. Romero commenting on the adaptation. What he says is pretty harsh, depending how you take it…

They asked me to do a couple of episodes of ‘The Walking Dead’ but I didn’t want to be a part of it,” Romero told The Big Issue. “Basically it’s just a soap opera with a zombie occasionally. I always used the zombie as a character for satire or a political criticism and I find that missing in what’s happening now.

He’s exactly right. “The Walking Dead” makes no statement.

Outside of this shocker of a statement, the magazine also talks about the origin of the “zombie” with Romero, who has some really interesting things to share.

I guess Zack Snyder started that with the remake of Dawn of the Dead – fast-moving zombies, but the zombies in World War Z, my God, they’re like army ants! But in all the adverts here they never called it a zombie film,” Romero said.

Confirming that he never actually called his Night of the Living Dead ‘zombies’. “No, never did. I never thought they were zombies,” he explained. “To me back then, zombies were those voodoo guys who were given some sort of blowfish cocktail and became slaves.

And they weren’t dead so I thought I was doing a brand new thing by raising the dead. Not that the dead haven’t been risen before… It goes back to Jesus, doesn’t it?



  • brandonb

    “I can preach and preach and preach, yet everyone argues that the show is good. It’s not.”

    Write about something else, we are all tired of hearing you bitch about it every fucking week, ask for a new fucking assignment and stop bitching.

    • wildgator25

      Preach on brother Brandon! Mr D should give the responsibility of covering The Walking Dead to someone who actually cares about what they are writing.

      As for Romero, he has sucked donkey nuts since Day of the Dead. Every time Zombie gets brought up, his name is associated. I guess everyone else should step off his “trademark” huh? And unlike the piece of shit “movies” he has shoved onto VOD everywhere, Kirkman and Snyder are bringing in REAL AUDIENCES!

    • flesheater24

      Thats the truth. This show isn’t bad at all. And to be honest theres a lot more zombies in the last 2 seasons then there ever were in the first 2 seasons. And norm I would bug out about not havin many zombies and to much talk but its interesting you love the characters they are not boring. They are fuckin crazy. My only beef with the show is get them fuckin movin somewhere enough is enough in one damn spot. Its getting really annoying. But I’m glad they pull no punches this year though. This season to me is so far the best one.

      • Darkness69

        Hear, hear.

    • RickGrimesRightHand

      Exactly. MrDisgusting you’re starting to sound like Dick.

  • SugarShane

    Most overrated show on TV.

  • Arnold_T_Blumberg

    Every single week, whether you think it’s good or not (which it mostly is), The Walking Dead makes *plenty* of statements about race, gender, class, the nature of heroism and pragmatism, and what we would all do to survive, with countless other aspects of human nature set against a very nicely realized zombie apocalypse backdrop. Romero has turned out two absolutely terrible movies in his last two zombie “at bats,” and I think it’s time he realized the role of utilizing zombies as socio-political and cultural commentary has passed into other, more capable hands. He did his job, now they’re doing theirs.

    • wehoaks

      Couldn’t agree with you more. Suddenly Mr. D NEEDS all zombie fare to have a message? (even though, as you said, Arnold, there are plenty of statements) And why does it need a message, regardless of it having one? I have a hard time with this site anymore. They fucking jizzbomb the hell out of the awful curse of Chucky but whine over a HORROR TV SHOW… Something we rarely get and something that has NEVER been # 1 before. So, I can only come to one of two conclusions:

      1. Hating a popular horror show – they think it will drive site traffic or they want to be hipster in their reviews.

      2. BD now lies in bed with people/studios/companies for money/promotion/something/anything and that explains their jizzloading on some things and incessant panning of others.

      Either way, they surely fucking need to stop shoving their opinions up our peeholes, and treating them as fact, no less: “I can preach and preach and preach, yet everyone argues that the show is good. It’s not.” This site might as well be a blog anymore.

      • RickGrimesRightHand

        Damn. This pretty much sums it up. Ive been saying this for awhile
        now but unfortunately this bullshit hasn’t stopped. I’m guessing mr’dipshit’ is doing this moreso now to get a rise out of people.

  • J.E.Knight

    I have to admit that Romero has made his mark on the genre and the zombie sub-genre. I have to say though,his take on zombies and their socio-political meaning has basically run it’s course. Why does entertainment have to identify with any social strife or political bullshit anyway? Why can’t entertainment just be….entertainment? I watch The Walking Dead. I enjoy the show for it’s ability to entertain. Mr. Romero had a soapbox to stand on and I believe his point was made over the course of three films(Night,Dawn & Day). Great commentary on the times in which these films were made and good entertainment as well. I believe George has focused too much on the social commentary and not enough on the entertainment value. Case in point are his last three films.Do we want to be entertained or do we want to be reminded of just how bad times really are socially? If you want entertainment,watch The Walking Dead. If you want to watch society and the country come unhinged,watch C-SPAN or Fox News.

    Also,I believe this site needs an editorial section for comments and opinions expressed by those who write the articles. Articles should be unbiased and objective(kind of like the news used to be). Just my two cents worth on the subject.

    • wehoaks

      “Also,I believe this site needs an editorial section for comments and opinions expressed by those who write the articles. Articles should be unbiased and objective(kind of like the news used to be). Just my two cents worth on the subject.”

      So true. Good grief they make everything opinion-based anymore.

  • Kwonkicker

    Seriously? The Walking Dead has always been a drama, even the comics is not 100% pure relentless horror. It’s a post-apocalyptic drama, with zombies as the backdrop. Big fucking deal.

    I watch The Walking Dead and read the comics because they are quality entertainment with bad ass characters, good action, plot etc. Ergo, I like being entertained. I don’t sit on my bed watching it hoping to catch wind of some pseudo interpretation of modern society’s current political climate. Watch Bill O’Reily if that’s what you please.

  • I don’t get the hate for ‘The Walking Dead’ at all. It must be doing something right, being one of the biggest hits on television right now. I love it. This is one of my daily visit sites, but I agree with wildgator25. If Mr. D hates it so much, let someone else write about it. Every time I click an article about TWD, it’s by him and prefaced with a statement about how much he hates the show. And Mr. Disgusting, no disrespect. I enjoy the site, and most of your reviews I agree with. But let someone who at least watches the show report on it.

    As for George Romero. Love the original three zombie flicks. ‘Land…’ was decent at best, ‘Diary…’ wasn’t all that, and ‘Survival…’ was laughable. His opinion may have been more relevant 30 years ago…

  • flesheater24

    Walking dead is amazing and the last 2 seasons are proving this show is fuckin bat shit insane, and the writer and producers listen to all of us and give us what we want.

  • zigwardScissorHands

    Zombies have been used as a metaphor for every damn thing you can think of by George and by a 1000 other directors. So much so that using them to make any statement is pretty meaningless these days. Maybe back when it was just Night and Dawn of the Dead it was all good to make statements about consumerism using zombies. But now when you have commercials using zombies to sell you mobile phones and other things its all a bit moot.
    I’ll be honest, the subtext behind Night, Dawn and Day are low on my list of reasons why I enjoy those movies.

    The Walking Dead is entertaining enough to keep me watching every week. Its not perfect and could be improved in many areas but Its not as bad as some would have you believe. I think it is nitpicked absolutely relentlessly. There’s some serious nerd rage and “Comic Book Guy” malice against the show.

  • Weatherface

    Seems to me that hating on The Walking Dead is the cool thing to do for horror hipsters these days.

    • Milk

      lol this

  • Noxious-Offender

    “I can preach and preach and preach, yet everyone argues that the show is good. It’s not.”
    So because you don’t like it that means the show isn’t good? You need to get a dictionary and look up the word “opinion”. If you don’t like it that’s fine but why do you insist on writing about a show you admit you don’t even watch? And who says a TV show has to make some kind of a statement? I (and I would guess most people) watch TV shows purely for entertainment not to see a commentary about the current state of race relations, politics etc. If I want that I’ll watch the news.
    Also, since when is Romero’s opinion the definitive opinion on zombie entertainment?

  • XrabbitX

    sour grapes

  • JasonVoorhees1981

    You know, I was actually thinking to myself the other day, “I wonder what George thinks of The Walking Dead?” And now I read this article, and I am pretty upset with him. Just because it’s not using zombies as a metaphor he doesn’t like it? Are you kidding me? George, Night, Dawn, Day, and Land were good, but your latest attempts (survival, diary) were horrible. You should quit while you’re ahead, before you completely ruin your legacy. The Walking Dead is the shit right now, and it sounds to me that George might be jealous of their success.

    PS. I agree that Mr. D should let other people write TWD articles.

    my 0.02.

  • diapers

    Mr Disgusting, we collectively like your site, and all that you’ve contributed to the genre and community. That being said… c’mon, cut that singular (and boderline obsessive?) focus on dragging TWD through the mud every chance you can get. It’s getting old. Me, I like TWD because, what other serial soap opera dramas show the occasional boot-crushing-face scenes?

  • Rendrogy

    Don’t worry MrDisgusting! I agree with you! The Walking Dead is going nowhere, and I only watch it in hopes that I can see wtf people see in it. 4 seasons in… and I still ain’t seeing the merit!

    • RickGrimesRightHand

      If you’ve watched 3 1/4 seasons worth of a show you say you don’t like, you’re either a glutton for punishment or just afraid to admit you like it.

      • wehoaks

        You win.

      • Rendrogy

        I try to be fair with any show. The Walking Dead started well enough, but it slowly turned aimless and hopeless (for both the characters AND audience).

        Besides, anything worthwhile out of the zombie genre has been done to death as it is, and this show has NOTHING new to say about any of it.

  • Natobomb

    Forget all the socio-political talk and not having the zombies mean anything – The Walking Dead is boring. Plain and simple. The characters are flat, events are emotionless, and we have to sit through numerous episodes of a brooding Rick, annoying Carl, and numerous other useless character arcs just to get to something interesting. Season 1 was meh, Season 2 was a chore, the beginning of Season 3 picked up, but then Season 3’s ending jumped ship so incredibly hard. Not killing The Governor was the worst choice possible. It’s supposed to be a drama, I agree, but there are 0 compelling dramatics to invest in. T-Dog is the best example. Keep him around three season to have him do virtually nothing, besides the random background pose against a house or tree, then when he sacrifices himself we’re supposed to have this heartfelt moment? I don’t get it.

    • Kwonkicker

      How are they useless? And boring? The beginning of season three when they take over the prison? The season 2 finale when they fight to defend the farm? That’s hardly boring. This isn’t a show about non-stop relentless action.

    • RickGrimesRightHand

      Then stop watching it. Why continue to watch it if you don’t like it? Whether you like the show or not, this show draws a huge audience and is making the horror genre look both credible and extremely profitable, thus opening doors for a lot more horror related television(have to wonder if american horror story would even exist if the first season of TWD hadnt of been successful) So, even if you don’t like it why bash it, its only going to help the horror genre not destroy it.

  • ryanmegan

    I love you George, but your last 3 zombie films have been abysmal. Your fans projected the social satire on to your original great zombie films and you have drank their kool-aid. Which is why it made it such a train-wreck when you went back and tried to make zombie films with a “message”.

    Walking Dead is the closest thing continuing the Romero legacy since “Day of the Dead” and in many ways has improved upon it.

  • MachetAY

    I love GR but his not stop political statements almost make me hate his movies and IMO make his movies really bad. I also don’t think he understands TV. Sure its a soap opera but so was most of Night, Dawn and Day.

    Mr. D is really, REALLY annoying. Hating TWD is one thing but LIKING AMERICAN HORROR STORY makes him lose all street creds. AHS is nothing but a horror fans poorly stitched together rip off of the genre.

    • djblack1313

      MachetAY, i respect your opinion that you don’t like AHS, but aren’t you doing what Mr.D just did? you don’t have to bash one show in order to praise another one. many people (like myself i admit) like both shows. just sayin’.

      • RickGrimesRightHand

        He didn’t because his “opinion” was posted in the comments section rather then the preface of a news article. I could care less what MrDisgusting’s opinion of the show is good or bad, just have the professionalism to leave the opinions out of the news and express them in a review or op-ed piece.

        • wehoaks

          exactly. MachetAY is running a NEWS SITE. Well formerly news site seeing as BD is now a fucking blog.

        • wehoaks

          exactly. MachetAY isn’t running a NEWS SITE. Well formerly news site seeing as BD is now a fucking blog.

          • RickGrimesRightHand

            Unfortunately a ‘blog’ best describes the movies section of a website I once believed to be the best horror site on the Internet. Ive been using this site to get my horror news fix for over a decade now but now I’m wondering if maybe I should transition to going somewhere else like arrowinthehead instead. MrD would be wise not to bite the walker infected hand that feeds. The other sections, I.e. comics and music are still great and I’m thankful.

  • Randy Kieffer

    That’s the point, George and MrDisgusting. In reality, is there really a ‘grand statement’ to be found *when the Zombie Apocalypse occurs. Or, maybe the lack of one is the statement. A lot of what happens in life, happens, and there is no rhyme or reason. Besides, I think we all can pull our own meanings out of what is occurring on the show, it doesn’t need to be force-fed by a Director, which could make the work comical at best.

  • PedJun

    Well, I love the show, like so many people here.
    I’m a follower of the TV show and comics and I love both of them.
    It is a series of survival after a zombie outbreak, and as someone else wrote before it shows all the values of Mankind: anger, frustration, fear, hopelessness… It’s all there.
    However, I don’t quite understand what would supposed to be there instead in order for those who doesn’t like it to like it… Perhaps, not enough zombies, I don’t know.

    But it is a show called The Walking Dead.

    And Rick at some point in the comics answers to it: “Don’t you understand? We are THE WALKING DEAD! We die and we turn into them”. So, that’s it, the Walking Dead is not only about the undead but the people who try to live in all the chaos.


  • FrenchFryGuy

    Well, I never read the comics so I went into the show from the start a virgin to its world. After season 2, it’s really become a chore I must say to watch the show now. It should be called “The Boring Dead” because that’s exactly what it is for me. Boring. Nothing ever really happens. It takes episodes for anything of any real substance or consequence to happen.

    And I completely agree with Romero’s statement right here:

    “Basically it’s just a soap opera with a zombie occasionally.”

    I am so tired of watching these actors over act and heap on the dramatic theatrics. It’s a zombie show not Days of Our Lives. Daryl is the only character I can stand now and from my understanding he wasn’t even in the comics. Go figure. The shows stuck in a rut and it either needs to step up the action and tone down the dramatic theatrics of it all or just stop. After watching a show that knows how to make every episode count like Breaking Bad, it has done no favors for a show like The Walking Dead. Ones a freight train going 100mph down the track and the other is a snail moving and inch a day.

  • juice1701

    Let me start by saying, that I got nothing but respect George A. Romero. He was the man back in the day. And his first 4 dead flicks (Night, Dawn, Day and Land)were the best ever,PERIOD! Now having said that, I totally agree that it is now time for him to step aside. Because his last 2 dead flicks (Diary and Survival)were the worst ever, PERIOD! Now I don’t want to contradict myself by saying I like what they have done with the zombie flicks, like making them fast, because I don’t really. But I think making them fast definitely makes the films more intense,therefore I guess making them more exciting. So I can accept that. But I still can’t stand what they have done with today’s Vampires. But that’s another story. Now as for The Walking Dead, I totally agree that it is nothing but a soap opera. But I think it has to be in order for it to last season after season. You can’t just have one big zombie blast because then it would be a movie with no longevity. However I still want to see more. I would like to see someone get ripped apart once in a while, like George Romero did spectacularly. But they are getting better as each season seems to improve. So I will definitely keep watching (unless they kill Daryl, then I’m done) I also agree that we don’t need more social commentary. The show is for entertainment, PERIOD! The show is called The Walking Dead! and that’s what it’s about. If you want social commentary, then watch something else. So to Mr. Romero, you were definitely the best, but the time has come for you to pass the torch.

  • myerspinheadfan

    I’m not gonna argue with the poster of this article because neither he nor I am wrong with our opinions, I LOVE The Walking Dead, its ok that you don’t like it, but to tell other they are wrong makes no sense. Having George Romero say he doesn’t like it either doesn’t matter to me either, yes, he made the Dead franchise, but he also made Diary and Survival and those SUCKED ASS, BORING, so he isn’t god of the zombies and still make bad films

  • Chace

    Mr. disgusting you truly are pathetic. Actually you are worse than that but I just don’t have the stomach to sit here and tell you how disgusting i truly find you. You are nothing more than a whiny bitch that likes to think they are the know all end of the horror world, when in actuality you wouldn’t know your ass from a hole in the ground. Your taste sucks, your opinions are complete shit, and you aren’t nearly as clever, nor as important as you think you are.

  • SonOfVoorhees

    Romero…..his last few movies have sucked. His last good movie was Day of the Dead. TWD isnt about saying something, its about following a group of people surviving. An how it changes them. If you hate this show then dont watch it you stupid twat. Let the fans enjoy it and you go watch whatever you want to.

  • viking1983

    even though the walking dead is boring, can anyone remember the last time romero made anything actually worth watching? been a long time

  • wehoaks

    Someone needs a lesson on what fact means and what opinion means. This site is a blog. Fuck off hipster horror BD.

  • ChildoftheKoRn

    Mr D. I believe I am one of the few that agrees with you. I watch the show pretty regularly but cannot get past all the drama BS. Its about the end of the world and survival. Yet they worry about the stupid shit throughout most of the show. Things that should get done are glossed over and they take way to long to take care of business (blonde strapped to a chair while the homie is slowly turning and she takes her time to try to get out) IMO There’s a point where good acting is trumped by shitty writing/directing. Ricks wife dying made me more joyful, even given the circumstances (I’m going to cheat on my husband and then drive my husband to kill his best friend and then tell him hes a bad person for it). Norman Reedus is the only badass through most of the seasons, yet his character seems to be getting softer by the episode.

    I don’t need the zombies to tell me about mediocrity, but when the bland character development overwhelms the overall feeling of hopelessness and the idea that death looms around every corner is shrouded by bullshit drama, meh.

  • djblack1313

    i admit that my interest is waning with this show but as has been commented on several times already, Brad, your….

    “I can preach and preach and preach, yet everyone argues that the show is good. It’s not”

    is either you trolling your own site or it’s you being extremely ignorant and full of yourself. and considering Romero (who i DO respect and i do think he’s a very nice/cool man) hasn’t really made a good movie, let alone a good zombie movie in decades, his opinion means little to me since his creative judgements/decisions in making zombie movies have been god awful.

    Brad, again, i’m getting tired of TWD but do you REALLY think SURVIVAL OF THE DEAD was good?

  • Horrorgal1

    OMG, how dare they put storyline and character development into a show! Sorry, Mr. Romero, I have to disagree with your point of view on it. Like none of your movies had drama in them? And why does a zombie movie or show HAVE to have political nonsense or satire? Besides that, what would be the point in rehashing something that’s already been done?

    And I’m actually a fan of Romero, but to be honest, the last few were kind of duds, so there ya go. To each his own.

  • RickGrimesRightHand

    Though I disagree with some of Romero’s opinion I respect it for what it is, an opinion. He was ASKED what his opinion was and he gave it. It’s not like he was actively bashing it like the hack who wrote this article. If you can call writing three sentences and then copying and pasting someone else’s work as writing/reporting.

    • wehoaks

      They also copy and paste all of deadline’s article about horror films. YAY BD!

      • RickGrimesRightHand

        Generally, I don’t mind the copy and pasting(as its nice having all the news in one place and saves me time as I don’t have to hunt for it myself). However, when the only original contribution is an opinion and a criticism of someone else’s original work, that pisses me off. MrD would benefit from having some objectivity, professionalism and journalistic integrity.

  • romeostruedude

    I don’t like THE WALKING DEAD nor what it brings to the zombie playing field. I prefer American Horror Story for my go to horror. Everything on the show screams “CONVENIENT”! Characters are brought in for five seconds and they die, there story to never be told. Everyone on this Earth is infected by some doormat disease that only kicks in when they die, forcing them to become zombies. Also, none of the characters feel sad for the zombies. Thinking of the fact that THIS will be their fate one day. Yet they choose to keep some alive without thinking “if we kill them then the person who lives inside the body can finally move on and live in peace.” Also it is extremely convenient that animals also don’t get infected but can still be eaten by zombies. Why do these zombies even care about eating blood? Why do they stop eating a freshly killed being with blood still warm for a body that runs? Also they bring these scenarios that are so unbelievable just to kill someone. This show has no “hope.” Everyone in that world is just running on life support.

    Also what is the importance of being bitten when you are already have the infection? I understand it speeds the process but…just ugh…

    If anything I view this show as “Dumb Fun.” It is only fun when you stop thinking of logistics and the desire for good character development that isn’t located within the surrounding heroes. If anything they are just “badass.”

    • RickGrimesRightHand

      I agree with you on some points but even if you think its just “dumb fun” its still fun nonetheless and entertaining. Is that not enough? Isn’t that why people watch Tv and films? I don’t understand some of the negative criticisms people have for this show and often get the sense that people hold it to a much higher standard because its extremely popular. So it doesn’t win awards, who the hell cares? Its a damn show about zombies. For people that like to criticize how many and how realistic the zombies are let me remind you: ZOMBIES ARENT FUCKING REAL !!!

  • wehoaks

    ever think that the fact that you’re preaching is why everyone wants you to sit on a rusty spike?

  • violentdope

    I stopped watching it after season 2 I think as I got bored with it too.Its just the same shit over and over again and I dont care about any of the 2d characters.The special effects are the shit but its just a soap opera.I hope Romero can bring something new to the zombie genre but his last 2 movies were total shit.

  • ZombiesAteMyUserID

    What statement should it make?

    It’s about survival, humanity, family and friends.

    So, let’s turn the direction of this bus and instead of you telling us it isn’t a good zombie show, why don’t you tell us what IS a good zombie show that is currently on TV?

    • FormerHuman

      Precisely. Horror is at it’s most effective as a framework for other things, zombies are the perfect framing device. It’s also untrue to state that the zombies are not representative of anything – far from it. The Walking Dead has as much commentary and creativity as anything Romero produced at his best times, and goes further by using the format to develop the relationships between the characters, as they endure increasing stresses, highs and lows, births and deaths. He uses the description of soap-opera as something negative, but its’ still achieving more than he has in years, to a higher quality.

  • FormerHuman

    George Romero is overly credited for zombie cinema. Sure enough, his first three ‘dead’ films are important classics, but the buck does not stop with him and he has, of late, been producing a lot of shit as well that is far below par. Diary of the Dead, for example, was a piss-weak attempt at being socially relevant in the internet age, and failed at it. If he doesn’t like ‘The Walking Dead’, then that’s too bad, but it doesn’t give credence to anything. That the author of this article has a bee in his bonnet about the show (making broad statements of opinion as fact is pretty unimpressive), using Romero’s statements simply to justify his own opinions, is pretty lame fare.


    I respect their comments on The Walking Dead. I love The Walking Dead because it is just as good as Breaking Bad if not better. It has good characters and bad characters and the story finds a way of continuing itself even though it’s kind of already determined based on the fact that Rick Grimes found out every one is already contaminated. The reason I respect Bloody Disgusting’s comment is because they have an opinion. Just because they don’t like a show doesn’t mean that they should have to be judged as “people who don’t know movies”. I believe that no one should call someone bad names just because they think differently.

  • undertaker78

    As much as I love the original Night of the Living Dead and Creepshow, Romero is possibly the most overrated director out there. Most of his movies are mediocre or terrible, yet he has the audacity to criticize everybody else. Romero is nothing more than a big baby who feels entitled. I’m actually glad he refused to do the Walking Dead because his “talent” would have caused the show to suffer. I truly have to laugh at the people who give Romero God-like status. When is the last time he has made anything that wasn’t laughably terrible?

    I’ve given up caring about Mr. Disgusting’s opinions because they’re usually full of crap. I once respected (even if I didn’t always agree) his thoughts but not anymore. The crap he endorses and slaps his name on is shameful quite frankly. Mr. Grand Poobah is what he should call himself.

  • 13wormwood13

    Honestly, I’m pretty tired of the whole zombie trend (mostly due to the overuse of the genre and the fact it gets thrown in my face when i go to movie isle at walmart and other stores), and I was a fan of the comics years ago, but since last season, I just couldn’t get into the show that much. It’s not bad at this point, just not my cup of tea anymore. I grew up on Romero’s movies, but I’m not entirely sure why there would have to be a political statement in a horror film. Although, I understand that back when Night of the Living Dead came out, there were a lot of filmmakers that came out that had a message that they wanted to convey, I don’t think it’s a must for horror. I always took the message from TWD comics as we’re the monsters and that we have the ability to do terrible things. So, I do think that says a lot. As far as comments go, hating on Romero for his opinion, or name calling is a little overboard.

    • Hear, hear! I honestly don’t think satire is a requisite in zombie films, that zombies MUST be used as instruments in social commentary. There shouldn’t be a mandatory Romero-ism on zombies, as they play multiple parts in our culture. I do think that TWD’s case is about humans above all, and zombies are just part of the setting. Even for a melodrama like the show, it says something. Look past through its flaws and you’ll see.

  • Milk

    “Basically it’s just a soap opera with a zombie occasionally.” This is what I tell everyone that goes on and on about how much they love the show. Not that I mind entirely.. It’s a zombie show so I don’t expect the best out of it. I just want to be entertained and it usually does this well enough.

  • randyboy47

    romero’s opinions may have been relevant in 1986, but that’s a very long time ago.

  • Kr1z

    Persenaly , i liked Lucio`s aproach to zombiemovies better;
    Dead Zombies without emotions from Hell, and more focust on the fear and agony and gore of the eaten alive victims.
    In stead of shooting growling angry infected that occasionally bite someone in the neck who almost immidiatly turn into infected themselves.

  • Dorking-Dead

    I’m with ya man. Plenty of other people think the show sucks. The fan boys/ girls who defend this worthless tripe? They are vocal, belligerent and combative. Others who are sick of the show just quietly tune out and never speak another word about it.


    romero hasn’t released a good movie in like 8 years and his slow moving zombies are out dated I doubt what ever he says about the walking dead has any meaning. Ive been watching the walking dead and I say its great better than romeros movies.

    • Kristoffer Groves

      Slow moving zombies will never be out of date, but I’m afraid Romero is 🙁

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