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[TV] “American Horror Story: Coven” Just Punched “The Walking Dead” In the Face!!!

It burns my soul knowing this article will be buried by noon tomorrow under piles of AFM news, but at least I get a few seconds to vent…

I just finished watching FX’s fifth episode of “American Horror Story: Coven”, which made me want to purchase the episode on iTunes, book a flight to Georgia, hunt down the production crew for AMC’s “The Walking Dead”, strap them in Clockwork Orange-style, and make them watch it over and over and over again.

It’s absolutely mind-boggling how one episode of “Coven” carries more character development than several seasons of “Walking Dead” – but the kicker is that the characters I refer to are “Coven’s” zombies. Yes, the zombies in “Coven” have more depth than anyone on “Walking Dead” (I’ll give Norman Reedus’ Daryl Dixon a break here). “Coven”, while not a zombie series, displays one of the many ways to make “Walking Dead” better – give a backstory to the undead that are being slaughtered. “Walking Dead” has touched on this, barely, and instead opts to open and end seasons with an onslaught of faceless zombie hordes that make desensitized viewers like myself fall asleep.

Anyways, “Coven” fucking rules, and I’m excited for next week’s “The Axeman Cometh”, which will air Nov. 13 at 10 p.m. EST on FX. In it, “Zoe, Queenie, and Nan make contact with a dark spirit trapped in the Academy. Cordelia’s new power brings on a heartbreaking revelation.” Watch the promo below.

Check out the promo for the Michael Uppendahl-directed episode.




  • theodds22

    Alright already! I just had enough of everyone whining about TWD. Why watch it if you don’t like it, right?
    I personally love TWD and I like AHS (although 2nd season was bad). Both shows are good. Period. 😛

    • Voorhees83

      I’m with you on that. Too many people whining about TWD. The reason why zombies are popular again now is because of TWD. AHS also has a rushed character development. Too many things happening too fast. Don’t get me wrong, great show.

      In my book, there’s a difference between traditional infected zombies that bite people and corpses that rise from the grave from a voodoo spell and just kill people. I’m calling the zombies in AHS corpses even though they’re the same.

    • jackcarlin18

      he needs to stop and give over, we don’t care and quite frankly he is annoying me.

  • ThunderDragoon

    Best show on TV right here.

  • TheManInBlack

    Amen! AHS destroys TWD every week. It may be the best horror TV show since ‘The Twilight Zone’.

  • djblack1313

    Mr.D, can you shut the fuck up with your disdain for TWD? we get it you hate it. i also love AHS more but you must be doing this constant TWD bashing to turn more and more people off of this site. that’s the only thing that makes sense.

    also i thought you stopped watching TWD? how do you know what show is currently better if you don’t know how TWD is currently??

    there’s so much wrong with what you wrote but for example your

    “Yes, the zombies in “Coven” have more depth than anyone on “Walking Dead””

    absolutely not true. bottom line. then your

    “…give a backstory to the undead that are being slaughtered.”

    WTF?! we get a backstory to a zombie when it’s one of the cast/supporting cast/minor players. i have no interest in learning the backstory to 100,000 zombies. and even though i loved tonight’s ep of AHS a lot the zombies in the ep were barely ok.

    even people who hate TWD can be honest enough to admit that TWD has the best (or in the top 2) zombies ever created.

    i don’t begrudge you not liking TWD but each week it’s your site which as others as pointed out is fast becoming a blog, trashing a show that many (16 million people i believe tune in each week for TWD) love. it’s unprofessional. IMO.

    • theodds22

      THIS. This site is becoming more of a personal blog for Mr. D’s hate towards TWD. lol

    • Kwonkicker

      You sir, win the internet.

    • Beneviolence

      Agree with this. Mr. D’s hate of the TWD is getting a little silly. Backstory for TWD zombies makes no sense in the context of the show. A good comparison might be, “Why don’t we get background on all the vampires from Blade 2 the same way we get background in Dracula?” Apples to oranges.

      I ‘get’ the dislike for TWD, but I seriously don’t get the hate for the show from horror fans. Maybe they need to watch every other crap horror-ish show on right now and then go watch TWD again. I think they’d quickly realize its in the top 5%.

    • SonOfVoorhees

      Agreed. Personally i pay no attention to him, he has zero credibility when he keeps hyping the mediocre All The Boys Love Mandy Lane. You may not like TWD, fine, but it was brave of the people that produced and opened the doors to more horror based tv shows…..were are talking about adult aimed horror, not PG13 rubbish.

  • WolfQueen

    For once and for all, the Walking Dead is about the PEOPLE, NOT the damn zombies. I’m sick of people bitching about everything about TWD because there isn’t enough of this or that. No shit! It’s about the human condition and what you will do to survive, regardless of the circumstances. If you don’t like TWD, then don’t watch it and let the rest of us that do enjoy it (what is it? around 12 million per week?) Sheesh. Enough is enough!

    • schuby2013

      I think the point he is making is that although it is about the people as you said, the overall character development in the Walking Dead is too slow for it to be effective. Also when you juggle with certain things like zombie, I find you need to give them a role in the show that gives them more depth. I don’t personally watch TWD but let’s just say the practically scene by scene remake of 28 days later as a first episode was a little bit of a turnoff for me 😀

      • wildgator25

        The first comic came out in 2003. This comic had Rick in the hospital, very much like the 28 Days Later movie, which was in 2002. Did the chicken come before the egg? Who knows? However, Darabont was trying to keep true to the comic with the first episode. I don’t know if the movie was an influence, but can’t see how it would be a turnoff as 28 Days Later was absolutely brilliant… as is The Walking Dead.

        • schuby2013

          I agree with you, 28 days later was great, but I guess this show just doesn’t do it for me. I don’t think it’s terrible, but I guess I don’t connect to it as much as other people simply.

  • pyrepunk

    I have just lost interest in TWD….it’s boring I’m sorry it’s fucking boring as hell I hate it….As for American Horror Story 🙂 I’ve been in love with the show since season 1 and goddamn it always keeps the good juices flowing. I loved the zombie episode, just flawless. Zoe with the chainsaw, I considered watching the new season of TWD to get a zombie fix but I just got it. I mean how can you people say The Walking Dead (TV Show) is about the people, the cast sucks major ass, Dixon is the only one who is OK and he’s way over-hyped, promise you that. I’d rather watch Lily Rabe dance to Edge of Seventeen every Wednesday fucking night :D!

  • pyrepunk

    But that’s just me…

  • CravingYourFlesh

    I don’t post often on here but Jesus Christ I’m tired of seeing the bashing of TWD week after week. We get it already you’re not a fan. I don’t understand all the hate for the show and why a website, supposedly dedicated to anything horror, would belittle TWD so much.

    • theodds22


    • RickGrimesRightHand

      Exactly. There likely wouldn’t be an American Horror Story if not for the success of TWD first season gave the horror genre some legitimacy on Tv. I get that there are horror fans that don’t like TWD and though I don’t agree with it they have every right to their opinion. However, why bash and try to stop the gravy train? Since the success of TWD has helped pave the way for shows like AHS, Hannibal, and Bates Motel. MrD condescending attitude toward the show and its fans is getting old, but ultimately hes only hurting himself by disrespecting fans who visit this site and who will ultimately go elsewhere for their horror news. I really don’t see the point in bashing this show or any horror show. Sure there are horror shows I don’t like but its good for the genre that they exist and people like them, it will only open the door for more shows that I may like.

  • WolfQueen

    The apocalypse could have been caused by fucking bunnies on TWD and people would be like “We need more bunnies” and “Why don’t we have more character development for these bunnies? What is their back story and why are they so damn cute?”


    • Darkness69

      Hehe, good one!

  • undertaker78

    Mr. Disgusting, you have every right to love AHS but your disdain for TWD has grown to “troll” level. You act as if TWD is nothing but trash and anyone who enjoys it is an inferior moron.

    You’re starting to remind me of one of those crazy religious fanatics hellbent on converting others to hate what you, yourself despise.

    “the zombies in “Coven” have more depth than anyone on “Walking Dead”” I’ll call bullshit on that statement any day of the week. It’s comments like this that will have many individuals seek out another horror site, looking for unbiased news and information.

  • HorrorFancy

    Awesome episode of Coven tonight! I look forward to next week.

  • weresmurf

    Sorry but not true on the zombies in Coven having better backstories. Some of the zombies in TWD have backstories too. The zombie in the tank, the bicycle zombie and various others have been given some fairly decent backstories too.

    Plus, Merle as a zombie? He had a hell of a backstory that spanned 3 seasons 😛

  • goasklucy

    Couldn’t agree more, Mr. D… As a decade long TWD reader I’m repeatedly disappointed in just about everything they have been doing, to the extent that I’ve almost given up. American Horror Story continues to walk that line of super campy versus incredibly disturbing to an extent most horror film these days seems incapable of, never mind television series.Yet somehow TWD, with one of the greatest source materials imaginable for a horror television show, continues to be horribly written, completely incapable of being believable, and paced in a way many day-time soap writers probably envy. People are seriously over thinking the ‘zombies have a better back story than the TWD characters’- the intent with this statement, and article as a whole, is how awful TWD’s writing has been this season compared to AHS. From a writing, horror, and any other standpoint you want to compare on, I couldn’t agree more that American Horror Story tops Walking Dead. Cannot wait for next week’s Coven/the new Walking Dead comic, but TWD television series has become nothing short of tedious.

  • ZombiesAteMyUserID

    I wonder if there is any way to filter out Mr. Disgusting’s posts in updates.

    • undertaker78

      If there is a way let me know. 😉

  • PeteyHalfSox

    this is probably the best season of AHS

  • Valostar

    As soon as I saw the title of the article, and who it was written by, I knew I wouldn’t be able to take it seriously. We all get it by now – Mr.D hates TWD. As many have stated it’s gotten ridiculous to the point of seeming like a troll, I half expect for him to just randomly throw in “I hate TWD btw” in random articles with nothing to do with it. Why can’t we just appreciate the fact that TWD made a huge impact on how horror on television works. More networks are taking chances now, and it gives us fantastic horror series such as American Horror Story. I love both shows, but comparing the two just because AHS had zombies for one small storyline, is laughable. Note to self: skip Mr.D’s articles from now on.

  • Rendrogy

    I was thinking the same exact thing! I know AHS ain’t perfect, but the amount of TWD fanboys just breaks my heart!


    Last night’s episode of AHS was great. I think this may be my favorite season. The 2nd season just got a little too crazy with the million different storylines and the aliens.

  • Taboo

    No, just no..

  • PedJun

    Oh! It’s just another post dissing The Walking Dead. Damn, man! Get a hold on yourself. We got it already: you love one show, you hate the other. Good for you.

    I know it’s a blog and you’re entitled to your opinion, but man, I guess the problem is that I (and we) still don’t get why you hate TWD… All in all, that’s the main question! Why? Not enough zombie development? For crying out loud! You had that earlier in TWD, with all the characters that were human and turn to the ‘dark side’…

    Besides, if you’re not watching TWD this season how can you say that. Actually, for what I’ve seen, this season has the biggest character development since the show began. Just look at Carol and the path she made… Or Michonne. Or Bob Stookey yeah, perhaps you don’t know who he is…).

    I usually come here to read the news on the horror camp but I simply don’t like posts that do nothing else than bashing one show – for free.


  • Kwonkicker

    Alright, we get it, you hate Walking Dead. Now, did your mommy tuck you in and give you a bottle before bed?

    Seriously, either shut the fuck up and quit posting about it or let one of the other Bloody D writers take over. This isn’t your own personal blog post to whine and rant about how absolutely atrocious you find Walking Dead. You hate it, terrific, we really couldn’t give a shit but continuing to hark on and on about it to this level simply makes you look obscenely childish and infantile. That or you’re trolling for attention.

    On a more serious note, while AHS has been absolutely PHENOMENAL this season, it has nothing, as a whole, on Walking Dead. You give a bullshit half assed execution into both show’s zombies and think that qualifies? Come on, that’s just terrible writing and journalism. First off, as has been pointed out time and time again Walking Dead is, and never has been just about the zombies. The humanity of the characters and how they attempt to cling to whatever they can in a world plagued by death and ruled by the dead is the series focal point.

    Sorry, but yes, this makes it a drama. Walking Dead has had much better writing, consistency and characters. Better character development? Are you fucking kidding me? I reiterate: Just stop posting about Walking Dead in general, it’s getting to be absolutely ridiculous.

  • Itonenc

    I have been going to BD for almost a decade and have always enjoyed the site. I created an account today for one reason and one reason alone.

    STFU Mr.Disgusting.

    Thank you

  • jackcarlin18

    Yes sir, Mr.D please shut up. We get it, you hate TWD but we don’t need to hear you cry about it every bloody week! They are both fantastic shows, but because you hate it doesn’t mean you need to keep reminding everyone each week. I am getting annoyed with your repetitive rants were your points are completely invalid. This needs to stop, nobody wants to hear it.

    The point you made about the zombies and character development is ridiculous. Bottom line, stop watching TWD if you hate it; and stop being against TWD and so pro with AHS, why does AHS get a write up but TWD doesn’t? Get another writer to do so please, it isn’t fair if the only things fans here about the show is negative rants.

  • DamienJohn

    The zombies in AHS are not that great, clearly you have yet to watch the episode that just aired. Their introduction was great, but in this next episode they are pretty awful as far as zombies go in my opinion.. unless superhuman zombies are your thing. I call that a deadite.

    TWD is a story about humans against a zombalyptic backdrop, not about zombies. And this is coming from a fan of the graphic novels, they’ve always been about the human character’s journey as well. The show has definitely hit some speedbumps in its run, it’s by no means perfect, but as far as horror television goes its the cream of the crop. The makeup and calibre of the zombies themselves are enough to have the show rate quite highly as far as zombie viewing goes, and there are actually numerous zombies with a fleshed out characters and back stories.

  • squint

    Honestly I do enjoy AHS more than TWD, but not because of the reasons MrD keeps posting about. I think the style of the show is generally similar how the world is in the comics, so that’s great, but unfortunately the writers make the people stupid and do stupid things, it’s that frustration that makes me not like the show more. Right now it’s kind of a throw away show for me, if there was anything better to watch at that time I would.

    And like many have said, if you don’t like the show, go ahead and don’t like it to yourself. This just seems like an article you wrote because you’re so ticked off at the show, just venting. You could have just wrote an article on how great AHS episode was without pointing out how TWD can be just like it.

  • Archgoat

    Of all the things you can complain about in The Walking Dead, the zombies are the least of it. I think Greg Nicotero does an amazing job with the zombies prosthetics and makeup.

    AHS is great and I enjoyed the zombies, these are really traditional voodoo zombies, and were great as well.

  • Silvana Perez

    This was the last time I read news about TWD here on BD. And to everybody commenting on Mr. D’s whining: all I can think of is that this is exactly what he wants, so how about we all stop?

    • djblack1313

      Sil Perez, i also really think Mr.D is trolling his own site and is deliberately either trying to piss people off (a troll) or he’s trying to further erode/destroy this site by turning people off of coming to it.

      it’s clear he doesn’t even like or respect this site anymore (for example, Mr.D, doesn’t bother with spell check. mistakes abound in nearly every one of his articles). thankfully Evan, Adam Dodd, Leonmonster (did i spell that right?) and the other good writers still make this site (their articles) enjoyable.

      • wildgator25

        That’s why I stopped visiting the forums. Nothing but absolute haters posting in the forums. And they love for you to say “Why don’t you stop watching if you hate it that much?” … that takes their trolldom to a whole new level!

  • Dedman13

    I am with everyone here. I have been coming here for years and used to respect this site, but Mr. Disgusting is way off base and continuous trolling turns genre fans away. If you are tired of this and if you want professional stories that cover all aspects of the horror genre, please come on over to Horror Society!

    • undertaker78

      Thanks for the referral. I’ll give the site a hit.

  • wehoaks

    Now the reason for zombies must be answered? Last week Romero was the zombie god. he never stated how they became. Now brad wants answers? Fuck off BD. So long. This now my last visit to this BLOG.

  • goasklucy

    Damn, nothing on riling up the crowd and getting your website all kinds of free attention 😉

    It’s astounding how much people think this is an attempt to troll. The Walking Dead has been horribly written and executed since Darabont left and AMC refused to provide them with the backing they required. It’s not the worst show ever written by any means, but if it was the same show under any other, less recognizable name it would be torn to pieces, scrapped, and chalked up as “another failure of the horror community”. I could write a dissertation as to why the show has been getting progressively worse and is getting to a point of being unrecoverable.

    Props to you, Brad, for telling it like it is. Anyone who doesn’t like it, you don’t need to click the articles or go through the effort of commenting… you’re just improving their visibility.

    • wehoaks

      It’s astounding how much you and brad think your opinion is fact.

      • RickGrimesRightHand


    • djblack1313

      goasklucy, as i said in my post, it’s perfectly fine if Brad doesn’t like the show (i prefer American Horror Story over TWD but i like them both) but this site has now become (only on Brad’s articles) a blog for him to trash TWD instead of being a respectable horror news site. if you can give me/us a reasonable explanation as to why each week Brad feels the need to knowingly piss off a good amount of what’s left of the readers on this site then i’d love to hear it. if not then yes, it’s a clear example of him trolling (meaning trying to overtly push people’s buttons for no valid reason).

      again, i understand not liking any show or movie but that belongs in an editorial article/write up. not a regular news story/article.

      • undertaker78

        I totally agree. It will get to the point where Mr. Disgusting will dedicate a section on why The Walking Dead sucks. His hatred for TWD is unmatched.

  • Darkness69

    Because of all this bashing, I made a point of re-watching the first season of TWD just to see if they changed the perspective significantly in any way or if the show really lost its touch in this season. What I found was the same focus on humans, same time spent on character development and everything pretty much the same. I wonder if we would see the same sort of posts if AHS was now in its second season that wasn’t as good as this one. Personally, I think it’s just time to celebrate so much horror on TV and in the media, instead of continually putting one show against the other one.

  • TheMouthofMadness

    Perhaps MrDisgusting auditioned to be a zombie and was turned down? That would explain the unjustified bashing. Just saying…

  • Jerv23325

    Mr. Disgusting (Brad Miska) is obviously trolling TWD to gain traffic to the crap he writes that otherwise no one would click on. If anything, he’s a joke around here to most readers. No one counts on his opinion on anything. Unfortunately all he is doing is pushing people away from the site, which I’m sure he could care less about since he got the payout from selling it awhile back. I also highly doubt he’ll even try to defend what he wrote cause he could give two sh*ts what we want/don’t want on this site. He’s a sell out AND has no taste.

    • undertaker78

      I was unaware that the site was sold. It all makes sense now. Sell out for sure. Now I understand why he would push Twilight and Hunger Games so much.

    • Lonmonster

      @jerv23325 Regardless of your thoughts on Mr. D, I just want you to know that the selling of the site a few years ago had absolutely no bearing on content. I have been working here for a few years, and never has The Collective (the company that bought BD) contacted me about anything regrading content restrictions or things we have to post about. The purchase has more to do with BD Selects distribution. The site is still entirely run by the Editors/Writers.

      • Jerv23325

        @Lonmonster this isn’t entirely true either. Nowhere did I say The Collective dictates what you can and cannot post nor did I say they run the site. What I AM saying is that Brad doesn’t give a shit about the site anymore (meaning its readers) and instead uses it as a means to get out his personal thoughts and sling BD’s own shit (Seriously, could we have had just a tiny bit MORE VHS 2 coverage? Oh wait…).

        Furthermore, he sold the site to The Collective in 2007 and had NOTHING to do with BD Selects that popped up much later. It was originally intended to produce online content, not buy foreign or independent films for distribution statewide. The Collective need to wise up and axe him before other horror news sites like fearnet and dreadcentral poach all their readers.

        • Jerv23325

          Oh and in typical Mr. D fashion he sent a lackey to respond to this instead of actually dealing with it himself. What a hack!

  • lord-of-the-flies

    nothing as terrifying as seeing precious being freaked by a minotaur that was true HORROR! Please, TWD is so much better but to each their own i dig it.

  • flesheater24

    AHS is the best damn TV show on. Its funny, brutal, sexy, disturbing, twisted, its everything I always wanted a horror movie to be in theaters. Everything about it is perfect, if they keep on goin with this it’ll be down in history as the most amazing show made. I love TWD also but they need to move out of the jail throw in more zombies, and thats it but I heard the comics were never about the zombies but always about the people.

  • Dr. Detfink

    The genius of An American Horror Story is the fact, every year is essentially a first season with the same core group anchored by “the GREAT” Jessica Lange with some unbelievable guest stars. The simple fact that none of these guests (James Cromwell, Ian McShane, Zachary Quinto, Kathy Bates, Angela Bassett, etc) have never failed to deliver a great performance is a tribute to how much they respect Lange.

    That said, I thought Bloody Disgusting podcast had one too many shots at the Pony Bar in NYC when one of you complained about season 2. Before I sic some horrible beast to prey upon you, know this. Season 2 was a bold merging of familiar themes on horror: Serial killer, UFO, Dr. Frankenstein, the Devil by pouring them into a vessel of human suffering and creating the wildest Long Island Ice Tea. Yea, it wasn’t as polished as season one but then again, no one can ever say there were any surprises during season one. That was a soft toss for horror fans. What made Season 2 stand apart, the most horrifying moments of the season had more to do with the era of mental health as it relates to homosexuality, patient’s rights, treatments, and every thing leading up to the State taking it over and just reducing it to a way to toss in the unwanted with a disturbing lack of care.

  • Milk

    I think he’s trolling on purpose now.

  • HalloweenVic

    Your amazing!

  • kingmak

    The only problem with twd is Amc and how they run the series

  • AndrewSoukup24

    AHS is wayyyyy better than The Walking Dead in many ways…I honestly don’t find myself rushing to watch the tape episodes of The Walking Dead and I can’t take my eyes off the screen when AHS coomes on…not even comparable and then they unleashed the zombies haha…that shit was so sweet.

  • AndrewSoukup24

    All these people catching feelings cause he states his own opinions on his site…all you need to chill the fuck out…TWD is boring as fuck and strays too far from the original story period…I agree with Mr D.

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