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‘The Conjuring’ Gets A Spinoff About Annabelle, and A Director

The Conjuring‘s Director of Photography John R. Leonetti is getting behind the camera for Annabelle, the spinoff-prequel to James Wan’s The Conjuring, says Schmoeville. We can confirm this news as we were unfortunately asked to restrain from posting (why do I listen?).

Pending schedule, the movie will begin filming in Spring of 2014.

There’s a bit more as New Line/Warner Bros. is also co-developing The Conjuring 2 simultaneously with the Hayes brothers (writers of the original) penning second chapter. You can actually read about the plot for that here.

The studio (obviously) wants James Wan back for the sequel, but that ain’t happening, sorry folks. The aforementioned site sort of writes it up as a threat, that they’ll move on without him, like he gives a shit shooting Fast & Furious 7.

With that said, which are you more excited for, The Conjuring 2, or its prequel, Annabelle?



  • “With that said, which are you more excited for, The Conjuring 2, or its prequel, Annabell?”

    Eh, neither to be honest. Don’t get me wrong, I’m curious about both films, and I’ll watch them in theaters, but “excited” for The Conjuring 2 & Annabell? Nah, that’s going too far for me.

    I feel this way, because of Insidious 2, mostly. Chapter 2 was kind of shitty (way, WAY too much of The Further for me), IMO, and follow up #2 horror sequels are rarely any good. I LOVED The Conjuring (1,000x better than Insidious 2), but I’d rather they stick with a one and done deal.

    Annabell could be okay, I guess, and the doll was kind of creepy. lol.

    • djblack1313

      Zombie-Killa, regarding INSIDIOUS 2, i was afraid that that movie would focus on the only parts of INSIDIOUS 1 that i disliked (the Further and it’s silly looking spirits). i’ll watch that movie as well as ANNABELL on dvd. as long as amazing Vera Farmiga returns for CONJURING 2 then i will see it in theaters. she’s amazing and main reason why i liked the first movie (i DO love Lili Taylor a lot too!).

      • Hahah! That’s what I was afraid of, when they posted the trailers for Insidious 2 on here. The third act almost ruined the first Insidious for me…….and unfortunately 70-80% of Insidious 2 is about and takes place in The Further. Remember that shot of the pasty faced lady pointing and screaming in he trailers? It’s more silly and ridiculous, when you see it in the actual movie.

        Because of Insidious 2, I almost have no desire whatsoever to watch Insidious 3, and I’m pretty sure The Conjuring 2 is going to suck, but I’m hoping Vera returns for 2 also! Love her in Bates Motel.

    • Fro$ty

      I feel the same way. After Insidious: Chapter 2 left a bad taste in my mouth, I dont think ill be seeing anything Wan related for a good long time. That included any sequels or prequels to his movies…

  • Canucklehead

    @ZK I think you’re spot on. It is amazing to see how something that is even remotely successful today gets milked for everything that the studios can possibly get out of it. Is there a chance that the sequel and the spin off could be good? Sure there is, but I’m not holding my breath.

    • That’s one of my bigger problems with Paranormal Activity. Never been a big fan of the series, but I actually liked 3…….and then 4 had to come along. The series CLEARLY peaked at 3, but now they’re pushing a fifth film AND a spin-off on top of that. lol.


    neither… we’ve already seen annabell’s story and conjuring 2 without wan isn’t worth seeing (not that it’s needed anyway) … just lost all interest

  • ThunderDragoon

    I’m really glad that we’ll be getting a movie based off of this doll. It was so creepy in The Conjuring that I really wanted more of it. Since James Wan isn’t doing The Conjuring 2, I’m more excited for Annabelle.

  • RubenVeritas

    I can’t deal with anymore of these generic remakes of remakes. How many more times cant they remake the same horse shit?

    • EvanDickson

      This isn’t a remake.

      • RubenVeritas

        It’s a remake of every haunting/exorcism movie. They are all remakes of each other its the same scares, same ending, same plot. Nothing is new its a remake of every previous haunting/exorcism movie. That is what I mean by remake.

        • calm_sea

          Ok. So with that logic is every movie with a murderer in it a remake or “Psycho”? Your logic is flawed.

  • mobstar67

    The Conjuring was imo a great horror film that i believe will attain classic status down the line and become a horror standard…
    However once i saw “The Conjuring” i lost all interest in Wan’s other film “Insidious 2”..I felt Wan took the best things from “Insidious” and incorporated them into “The Conjuring”..Unfortunately the things i liked the least about “Insidious” was highlighted and expanded on in “Insidious 2” primarily the whole alternate universe type stuff.. this might be awesome and creepy to some but i found it to drag and preferred what was going on in reality with the family.
    I’m gonna have to say that for James Wan “The Conjuring” may be his swan song..That is not saying that other directors wont find success in sequels or prequels but i think Wan nailed it in “The Conjuring” and made a near perfect film and since he uses a lot of the same technique in “Insidious 1&2” i think they fall short of “The Conjuring”..
    A prequel on the doll is not the worst idea ive heard and is sure to make it rain $$$ but i’d be more interested to see James Wan move away from the ghost story films which he’s been at for the better part of a decade and try his hand at another sub genre of the horror realm..With that said the studio heads are likely to use Wan subordinates or different directors to direct the proposed sequels and prequels and usually in those cases they are never near the quality of the original.

    • mobstar67

      Christ did i just go off and write all that ??? time to put the Bong away…

    • djblack1313

      mobstar, regarding what you said about INSIDIOUS 2, that’s exactly what i was fearing and that’s exactly why i didn’t see it in theaters.

  • Blood-Sicles

    Neither. I was really disappointed with the Conjuring. It was pure jump scares, the production values seemed poor despite its mid-size budget, and the story was weak. Shit, the whole thing between Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga was melodramatic to say the least. I was moderately entertained, but it didn’t live up to the hype at all. I’ll just watch Rose Red or Burnt Offerings if I really want to be creeped out.

  • Paulochainsawmassacre

    I walked out of the Conjuring and I never walk out of movies. It was just full to the brim with boring cliche’s. It’s horror for people that don’t like horror. I fail to understand how James Wan is in the movie industry, I’ve hated everything he has made apart from Insidious, but even that got pretty lame toward the end.

    • K-Dogg

      I am a massive horror hound, and I would have to say that The Conjuring, for me, is the best horror movie in a decade. So I must agree to disagree with you.

      • Paulochainsawmassacre

        Fair enough, each to their own and all that. Best in a decade though? better than Inside? Martyrs? House of the Devil? I found it to be slow. All it’s scares were lifted straight from other movies. James Wan’s direction is tired and formulaic. I would be interested to see what other movies you hold in high regard to see wether it’s just a case of differing tastes.

        • Kwonkicker

          If you walked out that shows more of your approach to movies rather than the quality of the film itself. There was nothing to be bored about. This is definitely one of the best modern horror films we’ve been treated to in a very long time. For one thing it accomplishes what a horror film should; it’s fucking scary.

          • Paulochainsawmassacre

            Well I did say that I never walk out of the cinema, so no it doesn’t say anything about my general approach to movies. I walked out because after sitting there for the best part of an hour and fifteen minutes all I had witnessed was a great opening followed by an hour of dull cliche’s that we have all seen a million times before. I can’t find a movie scary if I know exactly what is coming and I literally predicted every jump scene. I am baffled as to what it was that people found scary. The whole cinema seemed fidgety and bored by it.

        • Grant-Grant

          You can’t honestly criticize a movie for being slow while at the same time praising House of the Devil can you?

          • Paulochainsawmassacre

            Yeah, House of the Devil had tension so it being slow wasn’t a problem. Slow burn horror can be very effective if done well. But alas I found The Conjuring to lack any tension what so ever due to the mediocre direction and borrowed cheap jump scares. I’m not having a go at people for liking it, it’s just for me it fell very short of it’s promises.

      • RubenVeritas

        If I wasn’t with friends I would have walked out. It was the biggest piece of shit of the year. Literally every scare was copied if not done verbatim from other movies.The scares were all weak and yes I got bored as well.

  • Cezseldher

    Oh, well, this has my attention, if it’s as good as The Conjuring, not better not worse, just as good as. I usually don’t like when horror films get sequels, but, hey, I liked that one enough to be interested in see what they could bring.

    I will hold on until we got a teaser or a trailer to actually say something else, but, I’ll be waiting.

  • MaryOudeans

    Anabelle sounds like it’s going to be ridiculous but I’m pretty excited about the conjuring 2. I hope they don’t screw up the story line like they do with most sequels.

  • Enjaymes

    Not sure how much they can get out of Annabelle. It was all pretty much explained in the beginning of The Conjuring. For anyone interested, a majority of the story is listed in: The Demonologist: The Extraordinary Career of Ed and Lorraine Warren. I think they are going the route of how creepy the doll looked in the movie, not in real life because that’s not creepy at all.

  • I’d really like to know why so many people think The Conjuring is a classic or even above average. I was so disappointed when I saw it because I heard great things but it ended up being no different from Amityville Horror, The Haunting in Connecticut, Last Exorcism, and Devil Inside. Maybe the acting was a little better than the ones I mentioned but I know people that didn’t like any of those movies but still rave about the quality of The Conjuring.

    • Paulochainsawmassacre

      Yup. Don’t get it. People are silly.

      • Cezseldher

        Why can’t you just go by “I don’t get the hype”, rather than called the people that liked the film “silly” or to say “it’s horror for people that don’t like horror”?

        • Paulochainsawmassacre

          Fair enough, I was in a grump that day. I take it back. But when I say its horror for people that don’t like horror it’s more because of something Mark Kermode said about it. I don’t really rate him as a rule but I felt he hit the nail on the head when he said that it’s the kind of film that people that don’t normally watch horror would enjoy. Those are the people that aren’t going to have a problem with the fact that a lot of the ‘scary’ bit in it are unoriginal and not that effective.

    • RubenVeritas

      Thank you exactly my point! The Conjuring was a remake of all these previous movies and a big cheap rip off. I am dumbfounded that there are so many people who praise it.

  • djblack1313

    i enjoyed THE CONJURING mainly because of superb actresses Vera & Lili but i have to agree w/ those saying it was basically non-stop cliches and things taken from other movies. it’s not a bad film but IMO it’s not amazing either. but i respect the opinions of those who DO love it. we all can’t like the same things. life would be very boring if we did.

    that being said, as long as Vera is in the CONJURING sequel i will most likely and happily go see it.

  • Taboo

    I loved The Conjuring and for me it’s the best horror film I’ve seen in years! I’m definitely excited for both 🙂

  • djblack1313

    oh, i forgot, when it comes time to making a trailer for either film, can they NOT put almost all the good parts/scares in said trailer. that was my biggest complaint about CONJURING. too many (if not all) of the admittedly creepy, cool parts (the clapping game, for example) were shown in the trailer, so any opportunity the movie had to be a surprise/creepy/etc was ruined because it was in the trailer and you could pinpoint exactly when and where in the film these scenes would take place.

    • “oh, i forgot, when it comes time to making a trailer for either film, can they NOT put almost all the good parts/scares in said trailer”

      Too true!

      Looking back, they spoiled damn near every jump scare in the Insidious (Part One) trailers, they spoiled most of the jump scares in The Conjuring trailer, and I enjoyed the movie, but the trailers spoiled too much for Evil Dead 2013. Seriously, they gave away 95% (sadly, that’s not an exaggeration) of the movie for Evil Dead in the red band trailers.

  • feck

    I loved the Conjuring. That and the first half of Insidious are IMO the best scary movies to come around in a decade. I love scary movies, the problem is, NONE of them are scary. Those two were. Most horror films just plain suck (like VHS, which was a complete pile of shit)

  • viking1983

    I am expecting this film to go the way of the conjuring and insidious, first 30 minutes have great build up, then ruin the film with stupid jump scares, a ghostbusters team, silly side plots and a retarded ending

  • ChelseaGoneAwry

    It’s a tough call as far as The Conjuring 2 goes. It could be great, because Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga are brilliant together with fantastic chemistry. I would love to see more exploration of Lorraine’s demonic possession from their previous case.
    However, James Wan isn’t returning, and his flavor for classic haunting stories is unmatched in the horror community, so it would be tough to keep the same “slow burn with just enough terror” feel that he mastered. The horror of The Conjuring was so unexpected-I mean I was honestly caught off guard by it. I was NOT expecting something that scary.
    I’ll go into it with high hopes that the talented cast can bring us a great flick, but sequels directed by someone new are almost always either much better or far worse, and I just don’t see how you can top James Wan’s film.

    • hairsprayqueen

      ChelseaGoneAwry, I agree and think the case that Lorraine experienced beforehand would be a great storyline. I am sure The Warrens have plenty more stories somewhere to share with horror fans!

  • hairsprayqueen

    I am surprised to see how many people were disappointed with The Conjuring. I found it to be a truly engaging horror film. Sometimes, I think your surroundings can also play into how you initially respond to the film (I watched it in a small dark cold cinema – ideal).

    Personally, Insidious 2 wasn’t *bad*, it just wasn’t particularly amazing. The Conjuring was impressive, I couldn’t really fault it!

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