[Random Cool] Must-See 'Halloween' Fan Film Has Insane Production Value! - Bloody Disgusting
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[Random Cool] Must-See ‘Halloween’ Fan Film Has Insane Production Value!



Fan films are all the rage, especially now that it grabs the attention of the suits behind major productions.

Bloody reader ‘theshapeh1’ tipped us off to a new fan-made short inspired by John Carpenter’s Halloween.

Directed by 19-year-old aspiring filmmakers Anne-Sophie Picard and Félix Corré, the foreign short is entitled “Halloween : The Night She Doubted”.

October 31st, Halloween. Mary, a Haddonfield Police department student, receives a visit from her friend Nick. Over a discussion, the topic deviates, and Mary admits to her friend that she’s working on the Michael Myers case… the famous serial-killer.

These young filmmakers truly captured the look of Carpenter’s classic slasher, as teased above, as well as the tone. My only gripe, having skimmed through it, is the digital blood and lack of violence. Still, it’s insanely impressive, and well worth the time of all major Halloween fans!