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[Random Cool] Must-See ‘Halloween’ Fan Film Has Insane Production Value!

Fan films are all the rage, especially now that it grabs the attention of the suits behind major productions.

Bloody reader ‘theshapeh1’ tipped us off to a new fan-made short inspired by John Carpenter’s Halloween.

Directed by 19-year-old aspiring filmmakers Anne-Sophie Picard and Félix Corré, the foreign short is entitled “Halloween : The Night She Doubted”.

October 31st, Halloween. Mary, a Haddonfield Police department student, receives a visit from her friend Nick. Over a discussion, the topic deviates, and Mary admits to her friend that she’s working on the Michael Myers case… the famous serial-killer.

These young filmmakers truly captured the look of Carpenter’s classic slasher, as teased above, as well as the tone. My only gripe, having skimmed through it, is the digital blood and lack of violence. Still, it’s insanely impressive, and well worth the time of all major Halloween fans!



  • RubenVeritas

    Actually the directors are Ugo & Loris Melcore. Anne-Sophie Picard & Félix Corré are the actors

  • ThunderDragoon

    That was amazing! One of the best Halloween fan films I’ve seen. Dimension should really consider contacting these two for the next movie. They know exactly how to do suspense.

  • WalkWithMeInDarkness

    This is awesome. Definitely one of the best fan films I’ve ever seen. Probably the best.

  • Trinity

    Wow this was well done I really am impressed.Good Job.

  • OldAsMyers

    Not bad. Certainly better than anything I could’ve done with the overall production value. BUT, I do have to say any film where you can see his eyes I am not a fan of. I think my favorite Halloween fan film is still “Halloween: Resurgence.” You can see it on YouTube as well.

  • xxxwolf666

    I am a huge Halloween fan and saw the original in theaters when I was 7yrs old. In all honesty, I was more entertained by this fan film than H4-H8 combined (except maybe the end of H7). Probably b/c I hated every MM mask after H2 and this fan film had a pretty good mask. I agree with HallowGib but I thought in this situation seeing his eyes thru the mask was kinda cool cause it made him seem like a person not a personification of evil. IMO anyway

  • MaryOudeans

    Really what the hell?? I can’t watch this video because it’s no longer available due to copyright claims..SUCKS!

  • Beneviolence

    Probably the most interesting Halloween news I’ve heard about in a long time and they pulled it for copyright? Gotta protect the integrity of the last eight (nine? ten?) shit movies or something?

  • JayHunter27

    Anybody have a link to a copy that works? Damn copyright.

  • WalkWithMeInDarkness

    What the fuck? It’s a non-profit fan film, how is there any copyright infringement? That’s total bullshit.

  • DeadInHell

    Copyright infringement? Really? What a bunch of horseshit.

    They should post the video to a site that isn’t as absolutely spineless and retarded as youtube.

  • DrJohnMan

    The video is gone. Crap. I missed it. Hopefully, it pops back up somewhere. There are a thousand Halloween fan films on youtube. Why is this one being picked on?

  • Bob Marshall

    You need to watch Halloween Resurgence, the best Halloween fan film I’ve seen.

    • Brandon Lawrence

      See above. Would love feedback from fellow fans!

  • Brandon Lawrence

    I hope that maybe I can contend or at least entertain. I just finished this! I hope you enjoy!

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