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[OMFG] Look At All Of This Taxidermy Gone Horribly Wrong!!

Yesterday I saw something being passed around on Facebook that featured some horrifically bad taxidermy, so I went around looking for the sources of some of this stuff and found a lot of pictures that were even more horrifying. Most of these images come from Tumblr sites Bad Taxidermy and Crappy Taxidermy and I encourage you to head to both sites to check out even more.

What’s crazy, beyond some of the incompetence on display here, is the perverse manner in which some of these “artists” have COMBINED SPECIES. It’s like watching The Collection but with animals. I’m from Texas, so I’ve seen my fair share of stuffed heads on walls (a lot of people in my family hunt) but everything I grew up around is incredibly tasteful compared to this.

Random fact? Whenever I play 20 Questions I’m always “taxidermist.” If you want to win against me, or prove you know me, go that way. Check out the gallery below. I want to see a movie featuring these animals doing battle.




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