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[Interview] An Intimate Discussion With Monster Magnet’s Dave Wyndorf

Update: The wrong band lineup has been used in the interview video. The proper band lineup photo is posted below.

Usually when I go to an interview I have a list of questions either written out or memorized that I’m going to present to the interviewee. If there’s a new album, let’s talk about it. Some big news that just broke? Let’s go deeper. A rumor or myth is circling around? Let’s confirm or dispel it.

But sometimes those questions can fly right out the window when the interview begins simply because there is no need for them. Rather, a conversation begins and it takes over the interview. It becomes the interview, generating a real, true, deep discussion that takes on multiple sides, with both parties challenging each other and probing to get the deeper opinions.

Such was the case with Monster Magnet singer/guitarist Dave Wyndorf. When I sat down with him, I had eight, maybe nine questions ready to go. But as we began talking, they flew right out of the window. And rather than type out what was said, losing the passion and excitement in our voices, I decided to give you the raw, uncut audio interview for you to hear. Head on below to hear it.

Monster Magnet’s latest release is Last Patrol, which you can purchase on iTunes.




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