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[Now Playing] ‘Alan Wake’ Episode 1

Finding the right game to follow up our Outlast series was proving difficult until the generous folks at the custom PC company Mythlogic sent me an incredibly sexy piece of technology. This saucy new gaming laptop has freed me from the technological shackles of my previous computer, so I’ve decided to embrace this newfound freedom by playing one of the greatest horror games of the decade — Alan Wake. Watch us begin our adventure after the break!

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  • theodds22

    Why just now? That game is a gem. Just the right gift for us horror lovers.

  • Komitsu

    I loved Alan Wake, just sucks that the sequel was put on the back burner by the studio.

  • Rick-Taylor

    Adam, if you ever do take that trip, you can skip the Amityville house. It’s purposely been renovated beyond recognition and it has normal, everyday people living in it. Also, I know I’m being a buzzkill here but the haunting stories were all made up, obviously. Still, it hasn’t stopped every teenager on Long Island from trying to find the house and being disappointed when they do. For something better, head to Kings Park on LI for the abandoned psychiatric center/grounds.

  • sabrinag

    please continue!. the graphics and desing is fantastic.

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