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[Question Of The Week] How Do You Feel About So Many Comics Being Adapted To Film & TV?

It’s that time of the week! We’ve got a pretty topical question this week given some controversy on BD regarding shows like “The Walking Dead”, and the upcoming “Preacher” series that was announced this week. But the reality is that ever since Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man adaptation back in 2002, comic book properties have taken over screens, big and small. So, how do you feel about so many comics being adapted to film and TV?

Lonmonster: I don’t mind the superhero flicks, but I don’t adore them either. As with any other genre or category of film, quality is bound to vary. So long as the studios keep attaching passionate writers and directors, I see no problems with Marvel or DC adaptations. I’m more excited about the fact that a lot of creator-owned books are getting picked up from publishers like Image and Dark Horse. Not only is the content more original, but comic publishers are now more likely to pump out solid creator-owned material. What I despise is the concept that seems to be spreading among the public that comics are just a stepping stone to film. That is far from the truth and anyone hoping to break into the film industry this way is in for an unpleasant surprise. As for TV, I don’t watch much of it so I choose not to comment out of rick of sounding ignorant.

Jorge Solis: I’m not a big fan of the Thor comics but I did like what they did with Thor: The Dark World. As an X-Men fan, I love what Bryan Singer has done with the films and look forward to X-Men: Days of Future Past. I’m interested in what James Gunn will do with Guardians of the Galaxy, a comic book series that isn’t so well-known and somehow has an A-list cast. If the adaptation is done right, I hope it brings fans to the source material. My favorite of these comic book adaptations has to be Robert Rodriguez’s Sin City. As a comic book fan, I want the writing and artwork to somehow translate onto the big screen.

BigJ: It depends on how each property gets translated onto the screen and if they stay true to the source material. The World War Z movie is a prime example of how Hollywood can butcher a great idea. Then other properties, like Kick Ass or the Walking Dead, can be translated into TV or movies properly with the correct creative teams who are passionate about working the project and fans of the source material.

Your Friendly Neighbourhood Brady: I feel it’s been a great thing! Since 1998’s Blade, the world’s eyes have been opened to this wonderful world we’ve all known and loved forever. Not everyone is a gem, but the progression of comics into pop culture is inescapable globally now. This can only help the medium / source material get more deserving attention, which is just swell all around!

GreenBasterd: I love the fact that more comic properties are being adapted to films these days, it allows for a greater audience to experience characters and stories they are unfamiliar with. Even though some franchises are complete busts many succeed and create popularity for sometimes virtually unknown characters. Keep the movies and tv shows coming.

Bree Ogden Honestly: No opinion. It’s going to happen regardless of how I let myself feel, so I choose not to feel.

Jimbus_Christ: It’s exciting to me that the film medium is starting to mirror the comic book medium. We’re getting reboots of properties with new creative teams and new takes on the material. What is less exciting is rehashing the origin story time and time again to beat into our heads who these characters are. I say bring on more. Although the most interesting adaptations are those that stray away from capes and tights. I dream of a future where I can be first in line for the “East of West” film.

ShadowJayd: I encourage it. I don’t even mind the fact that there only seems to be a few film gems floating in a raging sea of comic book movie excrement. In the rare chance that it’s done right, it can be an incredibly beautiful thing and make for an awesome experience for fans of the genre. So, I’m okay with it.

  • undertaker78

    The more people that can be exposed to the comics the better I say. Thanks to comics/tv shows like The Walking Dead, I believe we are in a golden time from horror. There are a record number of shows being made (Under The Dome, Sleepy Hollow, American Horror Story, Bates Motel…) and we, the horror community, should be grateful for finally getting more attention.

  • theodds22

    It is actually very refreshing to see shows adapted from comic, but i hope networks don’t overuse this trend. I still want some new shows with fresh ideas.

    Now, bring on CHEW.

    • Lonmonster

      Yes, Chew!