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The 5 Most Embarrassing Horror Sequels!!!

As horror fans, we often feel that our beloved genre is under attack from the mainstream. People who just don’t get it, people who wonder why we waste our time on such “crap.” We want to scream from the mountain tops, “hey! A lot of this stuff is great! You just don’t get it!”

It’s fine. Horror’s not for everyone. That doesn’t bother me. What does bother me are sequels so bad they disgrace the genre. Why? Because there’s a good chance that when you say, “I love ‘Scream'” someone else thinks back to the time they saw Scream 3 because a friend dragged them to it and they think *that* is your favorite movie. It kills me. With that in mind, I’ve actually stricken some horrible films from this list because they don’t quite qualify. Sure, Jaws 4 is horrible, but there’s no way on earth anyone’s going to confuse it with Jaws. The entire planet knows Jaws 4 is bad and no one is assuming you like it (unless they really hate you).

Head below for The 5 Most Embarrassing Horror Sequels!!!

5: Poltergeist 3

This movie has a high pedigree in terms of its cast and production value, but it’s flat out terrible. Still, I’ve kept it low on the list because it kind of falls into Jaws vs. Jaws 4 territory in the sense that everyone and their mother knows the original Poltergeist is great.

4: Halloween: Resurrection

This is a dangerous movie for you Halloween fans out there. Since the second, third and fourth movies are all varying degrees of decent, people associate you with the franchise because you rightfully defend most of its installments. Hell, you’ve probably even defended H20 – which I can totally understand. Unfortunately, a side effect of this might be that people actually think you like Halloween: Resurrection. Just imagine that there’s a family member out there watching one of the Busta Rhymes scenes right now thinking it’s your favorite movie.

3: Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines

While the Wrong Turn series is fairly low profile, a lot of us have gone to bat for the first two films. Joe Lynch’s Wrong Turn 2 in particular has inspired many conversations that involve the exchange, “you should give it a chance! It’s good!” While the chances are low anyone will confuse this soon to be forgotten installment with the first two, it’s so mean spirited and repugnant that it stains the entire franchise.

2: Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation

Remember how they basically tried to bring the illuminati into the mythology of the series as a way of explaining the cannibalistic family as some sort of borderline alien “experiment in terror?” That was the most interesting part of the movie! Yet, two of its actors (Renee Zellweger and Matthew McConaughey) went on to become major stars. Which means that a lot of uninitiated folks have seen this film over the past 19 years and none of the others. Makes you feel uneasy, right?

1:An American Werewolf In Paris

The film that inspired this entire list. An American Werewolf In London is one of my favorite movies. Ever. Hands down, regardless of genre. I openly share with many people that it’s one of my favorite films and an alarming percentage of them come back to me with a variation on, “oh the one with Julie Delpy and the guy from ‘That Thing You Do’?” And I’m sitting there wondering why the person thinks so lowly of me as to assume that it’s my favorite f*cking movie.



  • Seal_Clubber

    I only have one thing to say:

    Blair Witch 2: Book of Shadows

    • Taboo

      I actually really enjoyed that one.

    • viking1983

      blair witch 2 was awesome, much better than the first one, it had a story you had to work out which worked well

    • Brias411

      Wasn’t there a goth chick with a nice rack in that movie. It’s something.

      • Taboo

        Oh yah the goth and the wiccan chick, they were quite scandalous in that film lol

  • Jasonicus

    Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation isn’t a sequel. It is more of a remake.

  • blake3371

    Agree with Blair Witch 2. Also, I’m surprised that Silent Hill: Revelation isn’t on this list.

    • WalkWithMeInDarkness

      Totally agree! I love the first Silent Hill and I was so stoked for the second one. I fell asleep in the theater less than halfway through and woke up right near the end. My cousin was like “Dud, you’re lucky” and I didn’t believe it. Then I saw it all the way through and I couldn’t believe what a piece of shit it was.

    • Milk

      Omgawd yes. Revelation was absolutely terrible.

  • MovieGeek

    I like Poltergeist 3 and Wrong Turn 5.

    The rest I agree with.

  • Voorhees83

    I didn’t hate Blair Witch 2 or An American Werewolf in Paris. In fact, I didn’t hate any of the movies on this list. I guess I enjoy cheesy and bad horror movies.

  • SaturdayThe14th

    I enjoyed Poltergeist 3, TCMNG, and Blair Witch 2. Halloween Resurrection was terrible. Haven’t seen Wrong Turn 5. It’s been many years since I’ve seen American Werewolf in Paris, but I remember not hating it.

  • djblack1313

    even though i don’t hate WEREWOLF IN PARIS (it’s just barely ok) i agree 100% with this list.

    i’d have to add any FRIDAY THE 13TH after part 7 (not including the reboot which i enjoyed). i know i’ll get hell for saying this but i’d add F13 part 6 on this list as well. the way too 3 Stooges/slap stick way it was handled coupled with awful/lame “zombie” Jason was just blech.

    • SaturdayThe14th

      Part 6 is by far my least favorite of the series. I always catch shit for that. lol

      • callum_h123

        The first one is the best hands down! In fact the first 4 are not actually a bad quadrilogy. Then they get worse and stupid. Hate when they introduce the supernatural into a series like this (Halloween also)completely ruins the original movie. A nightmare on elm street kinda works with it because it is supernaturally anyway, but they still got worse. If anything Jason X should be commended for trying to shift the tone of the film into a different setting altogether but it was still shit!

    • EvilHead1981

      I commend you for having the gall to say this on a horror site. Though I’m here with you! I never saw what was so good about Ft13 part 6? Everybody(almost everybody I ever known who happen to be fans of the serie) hail it as the best. Urgh, it’s so bad.

      • djblack1313

        SaturdayThe14th & EvilHead1981, i’m so glad i’m not the only one who dislikes part 6!! and yeah, i get grief (in a friendly way thankfully!) from people for not liking that entry. LOL. 🙂

      • SaturdayThe14th

        I also know way too many people that love Part 6. I’m sure I couldn’t catch any shit on here that I haven’t already received. lol

    • zaglewiz

      Lawd have mercy! I love the shit out of part 6 😀 To each their own. I can get were you don’t like it however. I would honestly put it at my 5th favorite one of the series even though I hold it in just as high regard as the rest of em. I’m a F13th fanboy and don’t care to admit it. Their is no such thing as a bad jason film in this house lol

  • zbudgetdirector

    what I remember about AAWIP is that the director had made Mute Witness. Not a horror movie per se, but a nice little thriller. What killed it for me was the lousy CGI in it.

    Check out the trailer for Mute Witness:

  • Skull-And-Crossbones

    i gotta agree 100% with Halloween: Resurrection. that was an awful movie. i actually liked Wrong Turn 5 though. it was a typical Wrong Turn sequel. i’d like to suggest Saw 2. they completely screwed that one up IMO. not a single like-able character in that one. they were all absolutely annoying and unrealistic.

  • WalkWithMeInDarkness

    Jason Goes To Hell, Nightmare 2, 4, 5, and 6, The Last Exorcism 2, Jeepers Creepers 2, The Final Destination, Halloween: The Curse Of Michael Myers ( I used to enjoy this one until I found out that Michael is supposed to have gotten his niece pregnant), Zombie’s H2 (Not that the first one is good, either, no offense to Zombie fans). Evan mentioned Scream 3, but it didn’t make his list. It makes mine, though, because I love the first Scream, think the second one is underrated and found 4 to be an entertaining break from all the paranormal and torture type movies. Compared to those, I find 3 to definitely be an embarassing sequel. And those Lost Boys sequels.

  • WalkWithMeInDarkness

    Fucking type-o. I meant “embarrassing”.

  • dangerzone79

    Are we really all gonna sit here & let House II off the hook?

    • SaturdayThe14th

      I haven’t seen House 2 since I was a kid and I remember loving it back then. I’m sure It’s probably shit and I barely remember anything about it other than some undead cowboy and some friendly alien worm thing I think (I’m probably way off). If i rewatched it I’m sure it would still hold a place in my heart for being one of the earliest “scary” movies I’d seen.

      • EvilHead1981

        I love House 2, actually. I don’t consider it much of a scary movie more than it’s an adventure movie with horror and sci-fi themes(a lot of places they go are straight out of action/adventure comics from back in the day, like Aztec-esque temples, prehistoric lands and the Wild West). It’s actually a horror movie you can show to children because it’s so tame(and mainly unoffensive), kinda like Monster Squad. That mansion he inherits is pretty bitchin too!(I think I’ve just channeled my 80s self there)

      • EvanDickson

        Haha I used to LOVE HOUSE 2!

  • Rob Zombie’s Hallowen 2 (or H2) 2009.

    It was a clusterfuck mess, and for the first time in ANY Halloween film, I didn’t care if Laurie Strode made it to the end or not, because Scout Taylor-Compton’s Laurie in the sequel was so fucking annoying. It amazes me how she was this innocent kid in the 2007 film, but in the 2009 sequel, they turned her into this whiny, selfish, and unbearable brat. Oh, and those RANDOM scenes with Sherri and the white horse…..what the fuck? The only cool moment in H2 is when Michael runs into the unsuspecting little kid, who’s trick-or-treating (it’s “Are you a giant?” scene).

    Also, Paranormal Activity 4. Boring, stupid, and the blonde girl and her boyfriend had to be the two most annoying characters in the entire series. Honorable mentions for Saw 5 and yeah, Insidious 2.

    • doomas10

      I loved H2 and I guess simply because it has gained a cult audience it can escape lists like this – plus it does have redeeeming values aka Annie’s death scene, superb sound design and excellent cinematography. But I will give you PA4. Just awful

      • djblack1313

        doomas10, i also love H2!

        • doomas10

          I know! That is why we are bros!

        • mobstar67

          the opening sequence in H2 is nothing less than brilliant…the mood is off the charts with the Moody Blues “Knights In White Satin” playing in the backdrop..absolutely amazing! In my opinion i cant think of to many other opening sequences that match up.. My problem is the whole white horse thing, i thought it lowered the value of the film as a whole… But that opening …fuhgetaboutit!!!!

      • Oh, I won’t deny the redeemable qualities, Doomas. I dunno, man. H2 just doesn’t click with me, and I couldn’t stand the finale. On the flip side, if it makes you feel any better, I’m one of the few people, who actually liked the 2007 film! 🙂

        • djblack1313

          DAMN YOU ZOMBIE-KILLA!!! (joking!) 🙂

        • doomas10

          Hey, each one to their own :)I can see why someone (actually many) disliked it! And yes it does make me feel better. First Halloween by zombie still think that it kicks some serious amounts of ass – there are two jump scares that not only I didn’t even see them coming but actually scared the shit out of me!

          • LOL!!! Dj & Doomas! Finally, we can agree on something!

    • SaturdayThe14th

      I enjoyed both of the Rob Zombie Halloween’s. Still Haven’t seen Lords Of Salem though. I heard that was pretty terrible. I’m sure I’ll watch it eventually.

      • SaturdayThe14Th, I thought Lords Of Salem was OKAY, but it’s definitely one of Zombie’s more mediocre efforts. And the mashed up finale? Egads what a mess.

        • SaturdayThe14th

          I heard it was more of an “arthouse” kind of deal. I’ll definitely check it out though since I’m a big fan of his other films.

          • mobstar67

            even if you go in with a mediocre expectation your in for a hell of a letdown…
            overall mood of the film was creepy but its building up to something..something really really bad..
            sorry to say it cuz i’m usually a defendor of RZ’s film work…

  • EvilHead1981

    There are a lot of horrible sequels. I didn’t mind Poltergeist 3, though. It was alright for a horror movie. Name it something else and it might’ve been recieved better. But yeah, out of the three movies, it IS the weakest.

    An American Werewolf in Paris just sucked. I think the whole “let’s bungee jump from the Eiffel Tower” thing sums it up, it was trying too hard to appeal to that 90s EXTREME douchebag crowd. “Look at us, we’re rebels! We bungie off of landmarks! Fuck the law!! We’re so extreme and 90s!!!”. I just felt it was dated, even back then.

    • dr.lamb

      We drink Endergy Drinks !

    • bloodytullius

      I loved III

    • sadiesaidhorror

      I vote to bring the word “extreme” back from the 90s please.

  • dr.lamb

    The first part from 1999 was not a classic at all, but “House on Haunted Hill 2” is still a letdown. Btw, the background of that image of “Werewolf…” looks like directly lifted from a screenshot of the 1st Resident Evil game.

  • viking1983

    all the saw sequels should be here

  • mobstar67

    Exorcist II:The Heretic probably the biggest disappointment of all time.
    a few more but not to the extent of Exorcist II:The Heretic would be Candyman 3,Jaws The Revenge,I Still Know What You Did Last Summer,Pumkinhead 2 all horrible sequels..

    • dr.lamb

      Pumpkinhead 2, what a mess. I recently saw Part 4, I could have lived on without that.

    • SaturdayThe14th

      Exorcist II indeed is the worst of all time.

  • Rick-Taylor

    Everything after ALIENS.

  • bloodytullius

    I agree with all of the above for the exception of Poltergeist III and TCM Next Generation. I love those films and watch them more often than I probably should. IMO Poltergeist III was the best in the franchise and TCM NG is just so hilariously over the top I love it.

    • civictv

      Agreed on P3! Amazing camerawork and special effects. Love all of the double room shots mirror play.

  • doomas10

    Excuse me…but where the hell is Nightmare on elm street 6? It took Freddy’s legacy already distortioned from part 4 and 5 and pissed all over it. And how about the abomination of Alien Vs Predator requiem? An insult to all senses!

  • davidaja

    Maybe not a horror movie per se, but back in the day, the movie “House” was a pretty nice surprise and well received by many people, but the sequel, “House 2: The Second Story” was absolutely abysmal. It’s one of those movies you watch years later and can’t remember anything about it.

    • CTHL

      This was the main one that I was gonna say too! LOVE House 1, one of my favorite movies ever, but 2 went with a whole family movie vibe… and it was terrible at that.

      I actually didn’t mind most of the movies on this list, I don’t think you should’ve restricted it to “less obvious” examples. With these, none of them great, but none were terrible (though I never bothered to watch Wrong Turn 5…. or 4). Poltergeist 3 I kind of agree with, but I could’ve found much better examples of pure embarrassment (not necessarily “worsts”).

      Exorcist 2, Silent Hill Revelations, CHUD 2 (actually, I find this movie amazing for its badness, but it was a disappointment at the time), Scream 3 (I’d argue 2 too), Jaws 3 (4 was better!), Howling 2, Child’s Play 2/3/Seed (take your pick), Jason X, Leprechaun in Space/the Hood… and one that may get me a lot of flak, but I would have to put Army of Darkness on the list somewhere (I liked it for what it is, but it’s ridiculously out of place. When trying to get someone new into the series, I always lose them at Army… for a while at least.)

  • sadiesaidhorror

    The thing is, nobody has any business watching Wrong Turn 5 to begin with.

  • Kwonkicker

    Fuck you, Scream 3 was the best one. yeah that’s right I said it best one big whoop wanna fight about it????

    More seriously, why is Blair Witch 2 not on here? Jesus that movie had more gaping plot holes than a hill billy’s cunt. I can name some more:

    -Last Exorcism 2
    -Halloween Season of the Witch
    -Rob Zombie’s H2 (I fucking LOVED the first one but this one, Jesus….)
    -Jason Goes to Hell
    -Texas Chainsaw 2
    -Hostel II

    Oh and this is a biggie for me, ready for it?


  • devilmaycry26

    lets see. butterfly effect 2. cabin fever 2 and 3, texas chainsaw next gen, batman and robin, the crow 2 and 4, mimic 3, silent hill 2, bloodrayne 1 thru 3, from dusk till dawn 2 and 3. Halloween 3 season of the witch. ghost rider 2, house of wax 2, universal solider 4 wth on that one. return of the living dead 3thru 5, house 3, house party 4 n 5, underworld 4 that movie was a waste, resident evil 3 and 5 what were they thinking. the dark knight rises. hellraiser salvation. the only good hellraiser films were 1 , 2 and hellworld with lance h. pumpkin head 3 and 4. those were just wrong. those sequel should have never been made

  • SaltSlasher

    I am not embarrassed with any of these. I really think you got it all wrong on Werewolf in Paris, Halloween and Poltergeist, they were all movies I liked in the franchises.

    Wrong Turn, I don’t remember #5, meaning it was probably medioacre. I watched Next Generation, and later read all this crap about it being a piece of crap…I actually thought it was a classic campy movie, watching them two actor’s secret shame.

  • ThunderDragoon

    So you put Halloween: Resurrection on the list but not Freddy’s Dead or Jason Goes to Hell? Those two movies are way worse than Resurrection. Not cool.

    • DeadInHell

      Can’t agree with you there. For one, Halloween is a film I hold in higher regard than ANOES or F13 (though I enjoy them both). But more to the point, those shitty sequels – and don’t get me wrong, they certainly were shitty – just don’t quite reach the level of offensive wrongness that characterizes Resurrection. Everything about that sequel was pure dogshit.

      The effect of Freddy’s Dead and Jason Goes to Hell is, I think, dulled by the fact that ANOES and Friday had both gone to shit before those installments anyway. Not all fans agree, of course, but I and many others enjoyed H20 and saw it as a return to form in some respects (it’s got nothing on the original two films, obviously). Compared to the last few sequels and the shit that was happening at the time, I still think very highly of it. Resurrection spoiled everything that made H20 a satisfying conclusion to the franchise, and also just completely sucked in its own right.

  • RubenVeritas

    Texas Chainsaw 3D has to be on this list!!! I was so embarrassed when I saw this because I convinced 5 of my friends to go see it! My god was I cringing and feeling so bad that I made my friends not only waste their time but their money to watch the biggest piece of shit of 2013.

    • SaturdayThe14th

      Couldn’t agree more. That one ranks up there with the Exorcist 2 in my opinion. Just absolutely horrible. I was so excited when I found out Bill Moseley was gonna be in it. Biggest let down in quite awhile for me.

  • Krug09

    Wrong Turn was just a so so film nothing special. been dont better…. there are 5 wrong turns!!!!! 0.0 Holy crap! I didn’t even see part 2. I loved Werewolf in Paris when i watched in in the 90s (i was a kid, watched the VHS tape many times) but who knows i may dislike it if i saw it now. I only watched AWWIL fairly recently. it was good. I definitely dont believe “Paris” is a bad sequel or would be on my list but as someone said. Exorcist 2 was horrible. Its horror for a diff reason. Linda blair was so beautiful but man was that movie a stinker! Don’t even compare it to anything. on its own it sucks balls. some parts made me laugh though.

    • mobstar67

      actually Wrong Turn 2 was probably better than the original…after that the drop off in quality is them direct to video or syfy channel garbage ..they are really really bad movies..

  • DeadInHell

    An American Werewolf in London is one of the all-time classics. A favorite of mine. The sequel is, of course, nowhere near that level. But it’s still a hell of a lot more enjoyable than the other films on the list. Halloween: Resurrection is one of the worst and most offensive shits ever taken on a horror series. Wrong Turn 5 is so pointless, cheap, and idiotic it makes me want to inbreed several generations of murderous hillbillies and then send them back in time Terminator style to exact revenge on Declan O’brien. And Jesus Christ, TCM:TNG. I’m astonished that there are people out there who admit to liking that film. It’s just so inexplicable and terrible. It’s the sort of movie that causes you to actually be embarrassed for the filmmakers. Kind of like The Room.

  • EnzFab

    Although I agree the films here are inferior, there are some I cannot agree are the most embarrassing or the worst. Considering the tremendous number of horrible sequels plaguing the genre, POLTERGEIST III almost looks like GONE WITH THE WIND in comparison to many. Yes it is inferior to the original but I think it has a lot going for it, the mechanical and practical effects and mirror and camera trickery are pretty effective and where the film drops the ball is in the script and the horrible ending. However, I think many would have been more forgiving of it if it wasn’t a sequel to the now classic original.

    However I am surprised EXORCIST II isn’t on the list as that one is notorious (as is the prequel THE BEGINNING) as well as some of the horrible sequels in the FRIDAY THE 13th and HELLRAISER series.

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