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[Now Playing] ‘Alan Wake’ Episode 2

Okay, yes, I’m a little late with this. Better late than never, right? In this (fairly) new episode of our epic Alan Wake playthrough, David and I come across people who have been consumed by darkness, causing them to hunt me — or rather, Mr. Wake — through a forest that’s simply brimming with trees. We talk a lot, even over the cinematics, because we share much in common with the rude kids at the theater who use their outdoor voices during a movie. I hate those people and I’m sure you do too. You should consider being vocal about your hate in the comments.

In related news, I just found out you can revive a drowned fly by pouring salt on it! Today’s full of miracles!

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  • chris99x

    Every night I think about the lack of Alan Wake 2 in the world and I cry myself to sleep.