'Deadly Premonition' Director Outs In-Development Sequel - Bloody Disgusting!

‘Deadly Premonition’ Director Outs In-Development Sequel

In a recent interview, Hidetaka “SWERY” Suehiro casually dropped a mention on an in-development sequel to the extremely polarizing cult hit, Deadly Premonition.

“After producing Deadly Premonition, I started work on production of the Lord of Arcana series right away, and during that time I was already working on the planning and pre-production of D4.” Suehiro told Gaming Bolt. “At the same time I was also working on the sequel to Deadly Premonition and the framework for the Director’s Cut.”

I can only hope that if a sequel does see the light of day that it’s in greater condition than The Director’s Cut, which according to Kevin’s review, is “Awful, just awful.”

  • chris99x

    The Director’s Cut PC port was just awful, but DP is awesome. This gives me hope for humanity.

    I think of Alan Wake and Deadly Premonition as sisters, really. Maybe we’ll get both games in the same year again :3

  • Omar Pinto


  • Omar Pinto

    By the way… what happened with the DP Caption Contest???


    AWESOME! AMAZING! INCREDIBLE! This is the best news I’ve heard all day! I can only hope this game will be as odd and terribl good as the first! I wonder if it will run off of the extra scenes we saw in The Director’s Cut… Hmmm… Oh, the wait is going to kill me! *Cries in the corner*