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Review: ‘Hoax Hunters’ #12

As the story takes an unexpected turn with unpredictable twists, “Hoax Hunters” #12 continues to impress while taking things in a new direction.If you haven’t jumped on “Hoax Hunters,” you’re definitely missing out on an awesome series.

WRITTEN BY: Michael Moreci and Steve Seeley
ART BY: T-Rex Jones
PUBLISHER: Image Comics
PRICE: $3.99
RELEASE: Nov. 27th, 2013

Disguised as a reality TV show, the Hoax Hunters was secretly created to investigate paranormal activities, in order to disprove the existence of the supernatural to the public. In the past 48 hours, there has been a surprisingly growing amount of weird sightings. With a demonic book letting loose thousands of werewolves, giant birds, and chupacabras, the Hoax Hunters have a lot to worry about. With the group separated on two different cases, the Hoax Hunters have to somehow stop this spread of demonic evil. But, will they end up as victims themselves as they try to save the world?

Writers Michael Moreci and Steve Seeley switch back and forth between Regan’s origin tale and the werewolf attack on the other Hoax Hunters. The writers are able to keep the two subplots flowing at a suspenseful pace. We get to see the Hoax Hunters in action as they cover up the paranormal sighting and create the official lie. As readers, you wonder what caused Jack and Ken to lose their souls. The two have become so used to telling lies, that they’re forgotten how to be honest with each other.

Moreci and Seeley continue to develop Regan, who started off as the plucky comic relief and is now more of a tragic hero. As the writers provide the flashbacks into her past, Regan is slowly losing the layers of her tough side and finally presents her vulnerability. A major death occurs in this issue, which will cause Regan to question her motives and corrupt the mission of the Hoax Hunters.

T-Rex Jones’ illustrations really start to shine during the bar scene with Ken and Jack. Jones keeps the readers engaged with his medium shots and close-ups as the dialogue takes a major twist. This scene is about two loyal partners who have just realized they cannot trust each other anymore. Ken and Jack are so caught up in their argument, the two don’t realize they are supposed to be paying attention to the werewolf transformation behind them.

Jones makes great use of his light sources throughout the narrative. When Ken appears in the panel, Jones always illustrates a glowing effect on Ken’s round glasses. When uses Regan her supernatural powers, Jones draws in long and twisted scratch marks around her face. In a wide shot, Jones uses just the silhouettes of the Hoax Hunters as the crew walks across the corn field during sunset.

With a rising death count and its main characters in trouble, “Hoax Hunters” 12 keeps readers guessing who will make it out alive. I can’t wait to see what happens in the next concluding issue.

4/5 Skulls

Reviewed by Jorge Solis



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