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BREAKING: Chucky Will Return In Seventh ‘Child’s Play’!

This past September Universal released Curse of Chucky (review), the sixth film in the glorious Child’s Play franchise.

For fans of the film, Curse was a wonderful return to the franchise roots, while also delivering a ton of twists and turns that connected it to the previous five films. But in the end, a lot of you guys appeared to be confused. “What happened to Alice,” everyone keeps asking me, as well as writer-director Don Mancini on Twitter.

Mancini, who created the Child’s Play franchise, while also writing and directing the previous two installments, took to Twitter to reveal some breaking news: “To the fans who’ve asked questions about Alice and the end of #CurseofChucky: All will be answered in part 7!

By no means does this confirm that a seventh Child’s Play is already greenlit by Universal, but it does suggest that Mancini has begun work on the next film’s screenplay, and that it will revolve around Alice (played by Summer H. Howell).

The Child’s Play series is the only “name” horror brand left that’s still connecting to the roots; it has the same iconic killer and the same people involved. It’s incredibly exciting to watch as it embarks on a seventh film that I hope brings Tiffany (Jennifer Tilly) – as a human or doll, I don’t care – back into the fold as a regular.

What do you want to see in Child’s Play 7?



  • JohnnyVoorhees

    Loved Curse of Chucky. Hopefully this happens.

  • ill_mindedd

    curse of chucky was pretty good. there were some dull scenes but, the last 20 minutes made up for it. the ending was so well done & i loved how they tied it to the original childs play.

  • Skratchy

    Bring it, Mancini!

  • ChasingTheGhost

    I hope they bring back Jennifer for a bigger role in this one. But I’m excited! Loved Curse.

  • Link1983

    So we have had the Andy trilogy now we are having the Alice Trilogy??? Who knows either way he has a lot to answer. I can’t wait.

  • djblack1313

    i’m not really even a Chucky fan but even i thought CURSE was decent! i’ll watch the next one for sure.

  • I would have personally preferred the pitch-perfect end-note that is “Curse,” but I guess this is the inexorable fate of horror franchises. This isn’t a terrible news, hear me, it’s only a worrying one. See, Chucky already took vengeance–and with much success. His subsequent murders would be mere exercise of pointlessness.

    Just my two cents.

  • OhhIDied

    Um, Don, I don’t care about Alice. I wanna know about Andy..

    • VampireJack

      I agree – I’d love to see Chucky go after Andy again. And get the little fucker this time!!!!
      I really thought that the cop who turned up at the house in Curse was going to be Andy.

      • Rick-Taylor

        Did you not watch after the credits?

  • jaxx367

    Bring it on!!!! Love that loud mouth little Fu#@er!!!

  • MovieGeek

    What happened with Andy was pretty crystal clear, Alice on the other it wasn’t.

    Looking forward to this one.

  • ThunderDragoon

    YEEEEES!!! So excited!!!! Loved Curse of Chucky so much. I, too, would love to see Tiffany in a bigger role this time around. I love Jennifer Tilly. I wonder if Don has any plans down the line to bring Catherine Hicks back. That phone call at the very end of the movie piqued my interest with what they could do with that. Anyway, so freakin’ excited. That didn’t take long at all to announce. I guess it made enough money. So awesome.

  • lupe

    I was confused by the multiple endings, but then I just thought Don Mancini was parodying those “reunion scenes” that happen in the “reboot” horror films.

  • WalkWithMeInDarkness

    I’m down. Curse was a fun return to the Chucky I like, so bring on another one.

  • weresmurf

    Hey @MrDisgusting check out how CHUD were being outright cunts to you guys for no reason:


    What I would like to see, am craving to see in the seventh installment, is the characters of Nica and Alice somehow become tied to/ involved with old school characters of the first two original installments. These of course being Andy Barclay, Katherine, Mike, and Kyle! After all, Chucky clearly has plenty of unfinished business. Oh, and of course…we can’t forget about Tiffany! Vengeance of Chucky!!

  • danielprinn

    I just want it to be good, and I hope it comes soon, because I don’t want to have to wait another nine years for this one.

  • Alex

    I wanna see andy escaping out of prison, building a team who was one of chucky’s victims that survive chuckys bad actions at least 8 people and luckily found chucky, chucky kills all 8 of them including Andy for last chucky dies after when andy kills him somehow and they both die. ps i also want glenda as a doll and jennifer as a doll. pps i also want chucky to throw knives too like in bride of chucky

    • Elizabeth Chisum

      I want to see all that to.

  • curiousone

    i hope andy is back!!!

    • Elizabeth Chisum

      Me 2.

  • Alice

    They shouldn’t have changed Chucky’s appearance in Curse of Chucky; he was better in Bride of Chucky and Seed of Chucky. They should have Tiffany and the kids be dolls though.

    • Elizabeth Chisum

      I agree Ms. Alice.

  • Elizabeth Chisum

    Glenn (from seed of chucky) and Alice (from curse of chucky) look good together as a love couple

  • Ray Felch

    god i love the chucky movies i really cant what for child’s play 7

  • Erica Says’Merp

    what happened to glenda and the other child from the seed of chucky? hopefully there could be two endings like the curse of chucky because alice is chucky now? or is he still a doll and dies? or does andy die ? im so confused i want to see part 7 already !!! 🙁

    • Ray Felch

      i think chucky killed hes kids be for curse

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