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Next-Gen Console Showdown! Which Is Your Favorite?

It’s baaaaack.

The theme for this week’s Showdown is an obvious one: the next-gen — now current-gen, I suppose — consoles. Both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are out, I’m sure some of you are spooning with one right now. Apparently, they’re both pretty great. The launch woes weren’t too bad. The PS4 has a tiny chance of getting a “blue light of death,” and the Xbox One has an equally as tiny chance of seeing a disc drive failure. If that scares you, they’re not the only options, there’s always the Wii U and PC, too. Let us know which consoles you’re most interested in after the break!

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  • wildgator25

    I am fully satisfied with my PS4 purchase. Although I wish Battlefield 4 would play smoother, I am still having fun and am in awe of the new graphics. Knack is not a bad game, but not a great one either. NBA2K14 is amazing visually even if I don’t know what the hell I’m doing. And Killzone is….. Killzone. I think it looks pretty, but plays awkward when I compare it to shooters I’ve played in the past on the Xbox 360. I haven’t had much time with Warframe, Blacklight Retribution, or Resogun. I have played Contrast for a couple of hours and it is pretty decent (7 out of 10). I feel leery about purchasing Assassin’s Creed 4, especially how AC3 was dull as fuck.

    I will let you know after this weekend whether Call of Duty Ghosts is worth the $40 I paid for it. 🙂

  • horroraddiction

    WildGator, you need to get Assassin’s Creed 4. I have never really been a fan of the series but I’ve invested about 7 hours into number 4 and it is an amazing game! The controls still feel awkward to me but there is so much to do and see, the world is huge and naval fights are a blast!

    • Adam Dodd

      I’ve been playing the crap out of that game on PC. It really is incredible. It may have even topped Brotherhood as my favorite game in the series.

    • wildgator25

      I may have to try it when the price drops. Thanks for the suggestion !

  • WryMouth

    Love Xbox One!!!
    Killer Instinct, Dead Rising 3, Forza 5 and RYSE are all amazing games. Kinect 2 is sweet with voice activation’s and BAR code readers, and the network is smoooooth. FIFA 14 looks incredible. COD run smooth with no frame-drops that I noticed, no migrating hosts no crashes so far, overallis not the best CoD so far.

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