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There Be Ghosts In This New ‘DreadOut’ Trailer

Indie developer Digital Happiness has released a brand new trailer for their upcoming Fatal Frame inspired horror game DreadOut, and it looks pretty fantastic. I’m particularly fond of the narrator they employed to give it a Grindhouse edge to it. That’s something all trailers should have, I think.

Having played its demo earlier this year, I already know this game is creepy, now it just needs to hurry up and arrive.

In related news, what the f**k is chasing that poor girl at the 1:16 mark? It looks like a giant pig head. The game isn’t out and I’m already going to have nightmares.



  • Tanzim

    Looks to be very atmospheric. I liked the designs of the ghosts from few glimpses I got. The music used in the trailer, however, was very jarring and didn’t fit with the mood at all.

  • MaryMaria

    Wow, awesome trailer. I haven’t heard from this game for months! The new ghosts are crazy freaky. And I disagree, Tanzim- I think the music was a very good choice and pumped me up for the game. I think it helped that there was the voiceover, too. If it had only been text on screen instead of a narrator, something spookier would have probably fit better than the rock.

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