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Pig Farmer’s Free ‘Halloween’ Inspired Indie Horror Slasher Is Back!

This is excellent news. Indie developer Pig Farmer Games has re-released their free slasher game inspired by John Carpenter’s classic horror film Halloween.

It’s been tweaked a bit and retitled Babysitter Bloodbath so as not to infringe on any copyrights — apparently, that led to its initial forced removal not long after our playthrough went live — but like a stab-happy psychopath it’s risen again and it’s out for revenge. See it in action after the jump.

Here’s our playthrough of the original version, in case you missed it.

If you’d rather play this lovely game yourself, you can check out its debut trailer below and grab it here.



  • spontaneousSHIT

    HAHAHA!!! Not bad but it seems like a early 2000 games….

    • Adam Dodd

      Seeing as it’s a free game made by one guy, I don’t think I could do any better.

  • Beneviolence

    One guy programming this is impressive and the walk-through of the Halloween version did good by the setting and era.

    I have to admit that watching you play had me screaming – just like a good horror movie – at the video, “Dude! You’re hiding in closet with your flashlight on!”

    Pig Farmer Games got the attention of the copyright demons and it’s too a shame they made them change it. This has been the first un-sucko, Halloween-related media in a long time. You’d think a property in as dire straits as the Halloween franchise would be looking for any opportunity to generate interest.

    Oh well, looks like they re-purposed to Babysitter Bloodbath without losing the feel they captured in the earlier version. Who knows, could be a new franchise of it’s own in a couple of years.

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