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5 Horror Films To Watch During Christmas!!

There are a surprising amount of horror films that take place in and around the Christmas holiday. The best of them (like all great horror movies) manage to pack a bit of a subversive punch and examine the holiday from different angles. Others are content to utilize the holiday setting as window dressing, which is sometimes fine in its own right.

Christmas is actually my favorite holiday, so it’s a bummer that most of my family will never watch these films with me. That’s why I have you guys though, right?!

Head below for 5 Horror Films To Watch During Christmas!!


This is far and away the best film on this list, and perhaps the only one that could be considered a genuine classic. Gremlins is one of Joe Dante’s handful of masterpieces and one of the reasons it works so well is that it manages to both celebrate and excoriate Christmas. You want to be in Kingston Falls hanging with the Peltzers, yet the Gremlins themselves are examples of American arrogance and ignorance run amok. And any movie that includes a monologue like the one Phoebe Cates’ character delivers (I can’t believe a studio put that in a “family” film) deserves as many pats on the back as it can get.

Black Christmas

With a 1974 release this is one of the first examples of the slasher genre as we know it today. Sorority sisters being dispatched during the holiday, what’s not to like? Still, this film is actually pretty well made. I can’t say the same for the 2006 remake.

Silent Night, Deadly Night

I won’t lie, this one is pretty convoluted and it’s not my favorite slasher by any means. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen it but, from what I remember, Billy’s path towards evil is fairly shaky. Still, if you haven’t seen it you should probably check it off your list. The fact that people are still watching it 30 years later has to count for something.

Rare Exports

I’ve heard more people talking about this film in the past week than I have in the three years since it was released. Glad to see this is catching on. The scene where Santa is excavated from the ice is worth the price of the rental alone.

Jaws: The Revenge

Yeah I’m sort of f*cking around with this one, but I think this is a legitimately fun movie! Is it good? Hell no. But it’s endearingly bad. Plus, most of its Christmas scenes take place in the Bahamas (aside from the opening on Amity Island). Perfect for those of you who will sit through a bad movie just to get warm.

What about you? What kind of carnage do you watch to make it through the holidays?



  • weresmurf

    1. Silent Night (2012) FAR superior to the original Silent Night Deadly Night, which was by all means, a terrible movie.

    2. Gremlins for sure. Legendary movie.

    3. Rare Exports. Magnificent movie. Truly a transcendent experience.

    4. Sint (Saint) (2011) A pretty damn good movie.

    5. The Nightmare Before Christmas. Because it’s NOT Jaws 4 and it’s FAR better and jesus christ how could you even…

    • WalkWithMeInDarkness

      I’m with you. Silent Night is definitely superior. I didn’t love the movie (it has the same cheat as Friday the 13th and I Know What You Did Last Summer, which is irritating bullshit) but definitely an improvement over the original.

  • WalkWithMeInDarkness

    Gremlins and Black Christmas, for sure! I think the Black Christmas remake is fun in a goofy, cheesy nasty slasher kind of way, but for real suspense, you’ve gotta go with the original. I wish they’d make a Christmas movie like Trick R Treat, an anthology Christmas horror movie.

  • tbaio

    Awesome list. I loved Gremlins, SNDN & especially the original Black Christmas. I never knew a remake of Silent came out. I gotta hunt that one down.

    • WalkWithMeInDarkness

      It’s a decent slasher. Very different from the original, though.

  • DarrelDreadful

    (2006) Is one of my favorite guilty pleasures. I really need to check out Rare Exports. And yeah, the Silent Night remake is better than the original.

  • Rick-Taylor

    Every year, I watch Santa’s Slay and have a ball. So many people seem to despise this movie, but I think it’s all just cheesy fun. I kind of wish there were more movies where there’s a sole Santa and he’s actually an evil, murderous, being.

  • WalkWithMeInDarkness

    Well, Evan, if I lived anywhere near you, I’d invite you to watch some of these with my family. They aren’t outright horror fans, but I never have a problem getting them to watch horror films. Shit, my grandmother is such a fan of suspense thrillers that she regularly asks me for my Scream films to watch. I actually showed her the original Black Christmas last year and she liked it, referred to it as “hair-raising”.

  • David

    i watch the above mentioned along with:
    Don’t Open Till Christmas
    Christmas Evil
    To All A Goodnight (VHS only)
    Tales from the Crypt Season 1: “And All Through the House”
    Tales from the Crypt (’72 film with original ‘All Through The House’ with Joan Collins was way cooler and creepier)

    • WalkWithMeInDarkness

      “And All Through The House” is one of my favorite fucking episodes of Tales From The Crypt! Great call.

    • tbaio

      To All a Goodnight: wow, I haven’t heard that title in quite a while. I remember it being very good as a kid. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

    • Chrissie-Watkins

      “And All Through the House” YES!

  • divisionbell

    Solid list. The remakes of SNDN and BC just don’t compare to the originals. SNDN was especially a big missed opportunity of a remake. I enjoyed rare exports but felt like it was missing something. The first half was a solid build up too and it was much better than Sint. Another Christmas fav for me is Inside.

    • weresmurf

      Silent Night Deadly Night was a massive missed opportunity as an original, it was a turd then, it’s aged severely poorly, so it’s even worse now. At least the new one had some great kills in it. *shrug*

  • horrorking95

    My favourite Christmas movies are:


    They’re all set at Christmas and full of Christmas cheer! If you’re ever stuck on something to watch as a family, give these a go 🙂

  • mcgillj

    Silent Night better than the original? HELL NO! Such a great cast felt so wasted. Especially Logue who is airways fantastic. The gore felt tame compared to the original. And convoluted? Err.. Pretty straight forward. Santa murders daddy, rapes mommy then kills her. Poor kid is conditioned by nuns and punishes people when he suffers PTSD after being forced into a Santa suit. Simple. I admit the acting isn’t great but I felt for that poor kid. He was screwed from the very first scene. That was completely missing in the remake for some ham fisted, red herring filled who dunit. And this from someone who excitedly bought the blu ray day one.

    • WalkWithMeInDarkness

      I’ll admit, if they had remade SNDN with the exact same story as the original, but with better acting, that would’ve made more of an impression on me than the very standard slasher fare of Silent Night.

  • Silent Night (2012) shocked the hell out of me, because I was sure it was going to suck. But it’s one the better horror remakes I’ve ever seen, loved every second of it. Although, I still believe the ’84 original has the better ending/cliffhanger with Ricky threatening Mother Superior by saying “Naughty.” Good stuff.

    I’d throw Silent Night, Deadly Night 4: Initiation into the mix also. Kim is a stupid main character, but I like the approach to do something different, and the nasty, gross stuff in Initiation is unreal! Plus, it was an upgrade over Better Watch Out! Terrible, terrible movie.

    Black Christmas (2006) is another pick for me. A great guilty pleasure with some of the best death scenes I’ve ever seen in any type of horror film. And technically P2 is a horror movie, right? It takes place on Christmas Eve, so I’m throwing that into the mix. And Don’t Open Till Christmas ’84. That’s another good one, if you’re looking for cheesy 80’s fun.

    • RubenVeritas

      YESS!! P2 definitely one of my top holidays movies! Along with Inside & the remake of Back Christmas. Honestly I might get some back lash for this,but I enjoyed the remake of Black Christmas more than the original. The original bored me a bit. Black Christmas is the only remake I chose over a original.

      • You won’t get any backlash from me about Black Christmas ’06! I guess we’re the only two people, who enjoy it more than original? lol. The ’06 remake is good mindless fun, and I watch it every Christmas!

        I bought P2 for like $5 as a double pack, and I couldn’t get enough of it afterwards. Wes Bentley is awesome as the creepy stalker/psycho.

        • RubenVeritas

          Haha right on!!! I agree with everything you just said! I was lucky to see P2 in theaters on new years eve i believe it was. I loved every second of it and that nail scene gets me everytime!

    • c-s-a78

      make that 3!i luv P2.its done very well.and the remake of black Christmas as the trailers are done good as well!

  • LuckyDragon5

    I’ll add The Children (2008) to the list. It takes place at Christmas as well.

    • LuckyDragon5

      … and while not a Horror film, I also watch Scrooged (1988) every year with my Christmas horrors. It’s a ghost story after all, so that’s good enough for me.

    • mobstar67

      I thought that The Children (2008) is an extremely underrated horror flick..It does verge into sci-fi body snatchers/puppet masters territory but it is extremely well done…
      im gonna second this ..yep “the Children”

  • Trioxin83

    ermahgerd! how is Santa’s Slay NOT on this list?

  • anthonyd1

    Favorite Christmas Themed Horror Movies:

    Black Christmas (1974)
    Black Christmas (2006)

    Every Christmas Eve I watch P2 then Black Christmas original followed by the remake and I think that they both are awesome in different ways. The original is a creepy slow burn stalker chiller and the remake is a fun gory darkly comical slasher film. I love them both. And every Christmas Day I watch Gremlins!

    • Chrissie-Watkins

      Yes, P2 was A LOT better than I thought it would be.

  • Canucklehead

    I saw the original Black Christmas as a kid and it scared the crap out of me. Still hold up really well today. And it’s Canadian–what’s that all aboot?

  • Mattallica

    Many of these are on my Xmas watchlist.. I also throw in Die Hard and Lethal Weapon 1 for good measure.

  • pyrepunk

    I enjoy both the original Black Christmas and the Black Christmas remake. Just two personal preferences for Christmas-Themed horror films, if I had to pick a runner up I’d watch Gremlins.

  • lucscs100

    What? What about Sint???

  • JAOgc161

    “WIND CHILL” is a great Christmas horror movie that I put on my list every year. A creepy ghost that shows up every time the song “Rockin Around The Christmas Tree” plays on the radio. And Emily Blunt. Need I say more????

    • WalkWithMeInDarkness

      Yes! Wind Chill is great and very underrated.

  • Kr1z

  • Cthulicia

    Santa’s Slay with Goldberg. That’s probably what I’ll be watching, along with Black Christmas. I’ll have to check out Rare Exports.

  • SaltSlasher

    This is a great list. I saw one that was disturbing. I want to watch Horror movies that I can still be in a “festive” mood. With this list, if I watched them every day up to Christmas, I could still be “Merry”.

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