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5 Horror Films To Watch During Christmas!!

There are a surprising amount of horror films that take place in and around the Christmas holiday. The best of them (like all great horror movies) manage to pack a bit of a subversive punch and examine the holiday from different angles. Others are content to utilize the holiday setting as window dressing, which is sometimes fine in its own right.

Christmas is actually my favorite holiday, so it’s a bummer that most of my family will never watch these films with me. That’s why I have you guys though, right?!

Head below for 5 Horror Films To Watch During Christmas!!


This is far and away the best film on this list, and perhaps the only one that could be considered a genuine classic. Gremlins is one of Joe Dante’s handful of masterpieces and one of the reasons it works so well is that it manages to both celebrate and excoriate Christmas. You want to be in Kingston Falls hanging with the Peltzers, yet the Gremlins themselves are examples of American arrogance and ignorance run amok. And any movie that includes a monologue like the one Phoebe Cates’ character delivers (I can’t believe a studio put that in a “family” film) deserves as many pats on the back as it can get.

Black Christmas

With a 1974 release this is one of the first examples of the slasher genre as we know it today. Sorority sisters being dispatched during the holiday, what’s not to like? Still, this film is actually pretty well made. I can’t say the same for the 2006 remake.

Silent Night, Deadly Night

I won’t lie, this one is pretty convoluted and it’s not my favorite slasher by any means. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen it but, from what I remember, Billy’s path towards evil is fairly shaky. Still, if you haven’t seen it you should probably check it off your list. The fact that people are still watching it 30 years later has to count for something.

Rare Exports

I’ve heard more people talking about this film in the past week than I have in the three years since it was released. Glad to see this is catching on. The scene where Santa is excavated from the ice is worth the price of the rental alone.

Jaws: The Revenge

Yeah I’m sort of f*cking around with this one, but I think this is a legitimately fun movie! Is it good? Hell no. But it’s endearingly bad. Plus, most of its Christmas scenes take place in the Bahamas (aside from the opening on Amity Island). Perfect for those of you who will sit through a bad movie just to get warm.

What about you? What kind of carnage do you watch to make it through the holidays?




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