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[Indie Horror Spotlight] In ‘DayZ’, It’s Every Man For Himself

I recently made the poor decision of trying to play DayZ. After the mod saw such massive success, I decided long ago that I’d stick my toe in the zombie infested waters when the standalone released. Now that it’s out — in public alpha — I made good on that silly idea that this is a game I might enjoy. “Everyone loves this game, I will too,” I told myself. With newfound confidence I loaded it up and spent the next hour running not from the undead hordes but the many vagabond dickfaces that play the game.

This is my story. It isn’t pretty.



  • EvilDead-Deuce

    Lost it at the white arms, too funny.

  • zigwardScissorHands

    Day Z seems to have less zombies than season 2 of The Walking Dead.

  • weresmurf

    It’s currently in Alpha, meaning it hasn’t even reached it’s beta release. It has zombies but they aren’t even a threat. Yet. When it gets up to Beta release and they’re up to having the amount of zombies they had in the mod, and then some (they said there will be even more), people will change their tune. I’ve had hordes of 40+ zombies chasing me through town before, it’s quite nerve rattling…

  • CTHL

    Haven’t played standalone yet, but with experience from the mod version… I’d say the zombies are only there to make a fresh start interesting, after you get a decent amount of supplies they are pretty much just environmental hazards to make you watch where you pvp from. The game is horribly boring if you just co-op against the zombies all day… it’s a variable lone/group deathmatch game in the end. As that, it’s amazingly fun (until the hackers come).

    That said, from the looks of your video, it certainly needs a boost in zombie count though 🙂 There was a pretty constant flow of them in high population areas in the mod… the amount in that video is retardedly low.

    • CTHL

      Or I should say non-existant, I just skimmed the video and didn’t see any.

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