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[Random Cool] The Painstaking Process Of Creating the Juliette ‘Thing’

Even though I absolutely hated the 2011 The Thing, it doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the effects work that goes into some of these creature features. Too bad the final version of the movie was littered with horrible CGI to compliment studioADI’s incredible practical process.

Here’s one for example: the effects house posted a YouTube video detailing the painstaking process of creating the Juliette “Thing”.

Transforming the female character Juliette was an exciting and unique challenge for THE THING prequel,” they explain. “The plan was to “thing out” Juliette from a human to a threatening, terrifying creature. Our approach was to design and build the final creature as an animatronic prosthetic that a performer would wear on set. See Juliette’s evolution from illustration to maquette to final sculpture.



  • undertaker78

    Mad respect.


    i really wish they could recut the film and remove the ridiculous cgi… otherwise it wasn’t a horrible flick

    • djblack1313

      DBZEROGRAVITY, i agree 100%.

  • TrackRecord162

    This was NOT a bad movie. It was the bad CGI, or CGI in general that brought I down.

    • undertaker78

      Completely agreed. Just because a movie has bad CGI doesn’t make it a bad movie. If the remake had all practical effects people would be gushing their butts off. This is a perfect example of a movie that is unfairly criticized.

      • CTHL

        Agreed upon agreeing. Loved the movie other than a couple mildly bad CGI moments.

        The only thing I sometimes harp on is that it’s technically a prequel, but unabashedly a remake… I have mixed feelings there. As a remake, it works. As a prequel, it feels rather uninspired. But I think that is more a minor fanboy thing… if the original (remake) didn’t exist, it’d be a good movie on its own.

    • CaptainHowdee

      Agreed 100%. While the effects were badly executed, the creature designs were still top notch, in my opinion.

    • Beneviolence

      When they were previewing some of the design work and promising 80-90% practical effects, some of my reservations to a prequel to one of my all time favs were put on hold. Then, CGI that looked like something from Deep Rising or…anything. Another case of being a so-so remake with the best intentions.

      The designs they put in is still fantastic, and I’m appreciative that they’ve put these videos out to demonstrate how much work they put into the project.

  • sweetooth

    The movie definitely has some issues, but mostly I hate it because they spent all this time promising us tons of practical effects in honor of the Carpenter original, and then every single one of them was replaced with CG.

    I probably would’ve forgiven most of the flubs in this if the effects were the originally planned makeup and animatronics…sadly it will never be.

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