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[Random Cool] The Painstaking Process Of Creating the Juliette ‘Thing’

Even though I absolutely hated the 2011 The Thing, it doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the effects work that goes into some of these creature features. Too bad the final version of the movie was littered with horrible CGI to compliment studioADI’s incredible practical process.

Here’s one for example: the effects house posted a YouTube video detailing the painstaking process of creating the Juliette “Thing”.

Transforming the female character Juliette was an exciting and unique challenge for THE THING prequel,” they explain. “The plan was to “thing out” Juliette from a human to a threatening, terrifying creature. Our approach was to design and build the final creature as an animatronic prosthetic that a performer would wear on set. See Juliette’s evolution from illustration to maquette to final sculpture.




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