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‘Resident Evil’ Fans Are Old And In Danger Of Outgrowing Video Games, Says Capcom

According to a recent report detailing the rise of Resident Evil as well as its rockier recent years, Capcom has called us a bunch of old fogies in our late 30s to early 40s that are well on our way to outgrowing video games. We’ve become an unreliable source of money for them (who knows when we’ll start dropping dead) so our old age has forced Capcom to come up with creative ways to broaden their audience, including “the creation of opportunities for exposure in fashion magazines.” Yeah.

We may be an older group — this series has been around longer than most, so that makes perfect sense — and despite the nonsensical ways they’re trying to advertise the series, the real issue doesn’t lie with their marketing department. I’d venture to say it relies almost entirely on the now wildly inconsistent quality of the games.

In their attempt to catch the eye of newcomers, including the illusive Call of Duty fan, they’ve let the quality of the games slip. Resident Evil 4 may have bummed a few of you out with its more action oriented approach, but it’s also widely considered to be one of the defining games of the PS2 generation. Resident Evil 5 is a great co-op action game, but it felt like ‘Resident Evil by Michael Bay’. The ridiculously bloated RE6 is no RE5, and I’d rather not get into the abysmal Operation Raccoon City. Revelations is a fantastic step in the right direction, but even that isn’t without its flaws.

Capcom has grown increasingly inept at understanding their core audience. They think we want a shallow, bombastic experience with nary a lull in the action and a consistent trickle of gross things to shoot. They think we demand a traditional (competitive) multiplayer, so that needs to be tacked on in addition to the campaign, co-op, and survival modes.

Do we want all that? Should they strive to cram a myriad modes into each new game to please every kind of gamer so we’ll spend our hard-earned money on the latest Resident Evil, instead of this year’s Call of Duty? I’m sorry, Capcom, but in no reality is that happening.

All this is a long-winded way of saying maybe Capcom should consider replacing their aging, narrow-minded execs with younger talent, instead of striving to replace their aging fans with a younger generation of gamers. The solution to their problem doesn’t lie with fashion magazines and video game themed cafes, it’s with Capcom, and specifically those who are running this franchise into the ground.

Capcom’s higher ups clearly aren’t seeing this and as a fan of Resident Evil, I’m worried.



  • 905Justin

    I really hope capcom goes bankrupt they keep doing and saying stupid things. Resident evil would better in the hands of another developer.

    • Rick-Taylor

      I really want to agree with you but, actually, most of the games out of the main series are created by other developers.

  • jstalte

    I really agree with your reply to Capcom’s terrible statement. I do have to say that unfortunately, in this generation, that action oriented bullshit happens all too often and is a dime a dozen. Even though it’s not really a RE game, let’s hope that Evil Within brings back the genre in full force.

  • Voorhees83

    Once a gamer, always a gamer. Being old has nothing to do with not buying crap.

  • AfterTheAsylum

    Yep, we are old and outgrowing what we loved. Can you imagine how stupid of a move it would be to have radio stations which played classic music, reunion tours of bands like The Eagles, 1970’s muscle cars to be resold or remarketed, etc? They’re right, people are not creatures of habit. The only people who are too old to be involved in video games are the people at Capcom.

  • I’m 29 years old and have been a gamer since the daya of the original Mario and Track and Field (and I even had the horrible gimmicks, I.e. the power glove). I have a pc, x box one, and as soon as it is re stocked im buying a ps4. My interest in games hasn’t wained due to my age, in fact I have a better appreciation for them now, and due to that appreciation I enjoy a large variety of games for a variety of reasons. Now having said that: the Resident Evil series has fallen off of my game radar, and had been since after Resident Evil 4 (great game IMO, but 5 and 6 was seriously lacking story wise and emphasized too much on action). My problem with Capcom is their refusal to get out of their comfort zone and resort to their “well of ideas” and injecting it with a more “casual, action oriented” gameplay style. They can point the finger at gamers all they want, when the fact of the matter is this: if a game is not made with care and respect it shows, and I have not felt like Capcom really cares about their titles anymore (except for Street Fighter, but even then, I don’t purchase due to all the editions that end up getting released).

  • Wow, sorry for the rant Adam haha!

    • Adam Dodd

      Don’t apologize! I can appreciate a good rant.

  • Pav

    This is bullshit. I’m forty, loving video games since i was 10 (sweet times in arcade houses haha). I’m bored of RE only because of it’s developing dead end. Not because i’m getting old(yuk!)

  • Taboo

    Man fuck Capcopm…

  • thedragon803

    It’s not that Resident Evil fans have gotten old, it’s that our tastes have matured thanks to other games that are not only visually striking but tell great stories as well. Halo, Bioshock, Dead Space, these are games that had great graphics, lots of action, but also an engaging plot with stakes we actually care about. I can appreciate the groundwork laid by Resident Evil, but if they never make another, I say good riddance. Their day is done and we’ve got better choices now.

  • SaltSlasher

    For the record, guys like me were a “pre-teen” aka the pinnacle of age to target your market, when RE1 came out.

    Still, we didn’t outgrow RE1, they out grew us, or should I say, they didn’t grow with us. RE6 was crap, at least that is what many say. RE1 – RE5 were all amazing games for all of us. None of us have turned our back on them, whether you 20 right now, late 20’s, late 30’s or even lat 40’s.

    Parents dont’ want their kids playing this type of stuff anyway. I bet average devout christian wouldn’t even let their kid play RE1 on PSN.

  • Beneviolence

    Let’s face it, RE has sucked this whole generation of consoles. And that’s for the better. Recent games like Outlast have shown that some some people are still interested – and successful – at capturing the mood of horror. Capcom went for the action market with so-so results; this is just them admitting it while blaming fans of the original with valid complaints.

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