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John Carpenter Lists His Favorite Video Games Of 2013

It’s no secret that director John Carpenter is a fan of video games. He worked on F.E.A.R. 3 — alongside writer Steve Niles (30 Days of Night) — lending a hand to make it more cinematic (if not very scary). He’s even recently expressed interest in making a horror game himself.

Looking back, as we do this time of year, 2013 was a pretty great time to be a gamer. It may have been a wee bit underwhelming compared to previous years, but we still got great games like The Last of Us, BioShock Infinite and Tomb Raider, among others. If I had to predict what Carpenter’s favorite games of 2013 were, I would’ve only gotten one correct (#4). Some of his picks may surprise you. They certainly did me.

1. ASSASSIN’S CREED IV: BLACK FLAG – Classic ASSASSIN’S CREED gameplay, awesome world, fabulous game.

2. FAR CRY 3 – Magnificent open world adventure

3. THE LAST OF US – Great characters make this a classic

4. DEAD SPACE 3 – Scary snow world and twitching monsters – Please dismember

5. REMEMBER ME – Unique female leading character in futuristic action game

6. BORDERLANDS 2 – I know, I know, it’s from 2012, but the last add-on is this year and this is a brilliant, funny, action-blasted game! My favorite!



  • z1lt0id

    Assassin’s Creed a horror game. :/ The Last of Us, Dead Space 3 are the most horror here. The others are more hard sci-fi than anything else.

    • Adam Dodd

      That was a mistake on my part, these are just Carpenter’s favorite video games of 2013.

  • Ga5ton

    I personally love when someone who’s not related with an specific field wants to make something in that field. Like when David Lynch started to make music or with Carpenter himself who now wants to make a videogame. It’s an idea that gets me really excited because i can’t stop asking myself how would it be if they do those stuff

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