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‘The Last Of Us’ Could Find Its Way To The PlayStation 4

It sounds like one of the PlayStation 3’s finest titles — and one of my picks for the greatest games of 2013 — may soon find its way to the PlayStation 4. When OPM asked Naughty Dog‘s community strategist Eric Monacelli if there are any plans to port the game to Sony’s new console, he didn’t reveal much, saying “We’ll see what the future brings!” What a tease.

Maybe they’ll give us a “definitive version,” like what Square Enix is doing with Tomb Raider, that fixes some of the technical issues that plagued The Last Of Us. Then they can release it with a tease of the movie adaptation Sony supposedly has in the works.



  • BlazinGun5024

    I really hope it doesn’t, I’m not a fan of PS3/Xbox 360 games on PS4/Xbox One. It seems like a waste of money and work when they could work on a new game for PS4/ Xbox One.

    • Adam Dodd

      Naughty Dog has multiple teams, so if this is real they’ll have both this and the next Uncharted (and maybe a potential follow-up to TLoU) in the works at the same time.

      As for this being a waste of money, TLoU sold faster than earplugs at a Clicker convention. I’m sure a port will make them all the monies.

    • Iceghoul

      Completely agree, the last of us looks fine already. If they wanna put money into updating a game at least do it with something that looks truly dated like a PS1, PS2 game or early PS3 game. I personally would rather have a new game though. One of the things I like about Sony is they tend to be willing to bet on games that are a little outside of the normal blockbuster mold but I haven’t seen much of that with the announced PS4 games (with the exception of paying for ports of already successful and proven indie games). I hope that changes soon.

  • Daku66

    Honestly, I don’t see a problem with The Last of Us having a PS4 port. Now, if it could find its way over to the PC, I would be very happy.

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