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‘Evolve’ Box Art Revealed With Nary A Gun-Toting White Man In Sight

There’s an unfortunate trend that’s swept the games industry. I’m not sure who made the decision that the box art for a shooter game must have a white male holding a gun, looking grim — explosion or some sort of destruction in the background is entirely optional. Developer Turtle Rock (the makers of Left 4 Dead) unveiled their next project, the 4-on-1 cooperative shooter, Evolve. I have no idea what it looks like or how it plays, but I’m already very much looking forward to it.

Today, they revealed the game’s box art, and unlike 99.9% of the other shooters we see on retail shelves, Evolve won’t feature a man with a gun. Instead, we see a monstrous footprint surrounded by much smaller, fainter boot prints that show off the colossal size of the game’s player-controller antagonist.




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