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A Horror Game Where You’re Trapped In A Subway And You’re Not Alone

If you have a fear of subway systems, 2014 won’t be very kind to you. What She Didn’t Say is a newly revealed indie horror game that sounds a bit like the similarly themed subway horror game, U55 – End of the Line. The premise is simple: you’re trapped in a dark and seemingly abandoned subway system with something… else. I’m not sure what that something is, but one look at this freaky debut trailer and I’m definitely looking forward to finding that out.

If you find yourself craving more of this promising game, you can follow What She Didn’t Say on IndieDB.

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  • DemonCannibal731

    As a New Yorker who has taken the subway many times and experienced it’s creepiness, this is pretty horrifying and interesting. I’d play it!

  • Slasher716

    This looks surprisingly interesting. I don’t expect much from a storyline but the gamaplay looks promising.

    The only problem I have with the new horror titles is that they seem to be revolving around the same formula (although slight changes here and there). While it’s not a bad thing yet, I just don’t want Horror Survival genre of games to become the next Call Of Duty in a couple years.

    I don’t want to own 10 – 15 games where there are blinking lights, a man or creature pops up and you run. While that seems okay for the time being, will it be fresh when all these games come out?

    I just hope these games offer enough to keep them unique and different from one another. Environment alone is not enough, different graphic engines are also not enough.

    Amnesia, Alien: Isolation, Slender, and What She Didn’t Say all seem to use the same formula for the game but they will still be my favorites in the end 😀

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