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Trailer For Eli Roth-Produced ‘Clown’ Is Scary As Hell!!


Dimension Films released today a spectacular trailer for Clown, a new horror film produced by Eli Roth (The Last Exorcism, Hostel, Cabin Fever, The Green Infenro).

Roth became attached to the project after seeing Jon Watts’ awesome faux trailer. It was then turned into the following feature starring Peter Stormare, Laura Allen, Christian DiStefano, Elizabeth Whitmere, Matthew Stefiuk, and Andy Powers.

In the spoof trailer and the upcoming feature, a loving father dons a clown outfit, wig, bulbous nose and pancake makeup to entertain at his son’s sixth birthday after the clown-for-hire is a no-show. Unable to take off the clown garb, dad’s personality changes in horrific fashion. He and his family race to break the curse of the evil outfit before he undergoes a complete transformation into a homicidal killer with over-sized shoes.

Watch the transformation below in this insanely scary trailer premiere.

TOO SLOW! Removed per request of The Weinstein Co.



  • tbaio

    Looks awesome. Seeing Eli Roth’s name to this was off putting at first, but its great that he’s not writing or directing. Looking forward to this.

    • AmyEKessler

      $85 an hour! Seriously I don’t know why more people haven’t tried this, I work two shifts, 2 hours in the day and 2 in the evening…And what’s awesome is I’m working from home so I get more time with my kids. Heres where I went…

      • ChildoftheKoRn

        WOW AmyEKessler, you don’t say? Whats best is you can use that $85 an hour in order to reserve yourself a special spot in hell for the horrible, horrible things you have done. Prepare to be ended.

  • WalkWithMeInDarkness

    I wondered if this was still happening. Now I know it’s done. The trailer is pretty cool and I’m excited to see it, but I’ve noticed with movies about evil clowns, the clowns are rarely ever scary or cool looking. One of the best ones ever was the costume in Amusement, even if it was wasted on what I thought was a lame movie.

  • flesheater24

    this looks scary as hell I hope it actually is when the movie comes out. I like that they made it into a movie and the faux trailer wasn’t even good at all. This is pretty awesome. I hate clownsss so much too/

  • dirtyghettok

    I like this. Looks like a good slow burn to some sick gore…

  • djblack1313

    this trailer is still up on several sites. i agree w/ everyone here. this movie looks pretty damn good! the make up fx work looks awesome and kinda scary too (and i say that as someone who doesn’t find clowns scary).

  • ThunderDragoon

    This looks so great. I’m glad they finally made it.

  • Skull-And-Crossbones

    i missed the trailer here but still has it if anyone is wondering. i don’t particularly care for the idea of “a clown suit has come to life and takes control of the person wearing it” but the trailer looked pretty creepy so i may watch it after all.

  • JoeR

    The film Scary or Die, which was made up of a bunch of short story type films like Tales from the Crypt, did this story and starred Corbin Bleu (Nurse 3D, High School Musical).

  • shelly84

    that looks pretty cool! Looking forward to that…

  • dabay

    yall got to be trolling…

  • Krug09

    …why do they remove the trailer from all these sites… was it leaked early? or are they just being retarded dicks… that said after seeing it i must say this looks really good. i said a while ago if Roth just tones down his gore and makes the violence have meaning he may have a good movie or at least a better one with no gross shit. this film looks really cool. I just hope its not smothered in pointless gore like his other films. just my opinion. great trailer…

    • djblack1313

      @Krug, i agree w/ you but Roth only produced this movie.

  • jack

    “scary as hell”… “spectacular”… *headdesk*

    FFS mr disgusting. you have higher standards than this drivel… no?

  • evilfairydust

    Did anyone else notice that they used music from the Sinister soundtrack in this trailer?

    • JonathanBarkan

      That can happen quite often when a movie doesn’t have finished original music. They’ll use music from other movies/tv shows/games/mediums as a placeholder.

      • evilfairydust

        Yeah, I know….I’ve heard the SAW soundtrack in like ten Lionsgate trailers! It’s always kind of distracting because I’m like, Hey that music belongs with another story!!

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