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The Maker Of ‘Halloween’ Reveals ‘Splatter Camp’

The developer of the free indie horror game Babysitter Bloodbath (formerly known as Halloween) is expanding beyond the creepy confines of that game’s two-story house with the newly announced Splatter Camp. Whereas Babysitter Bloodbath took inspiration from the Halloween franchise, this pseudo-sequel will pay tribute to Friday the 13th and its infamous Camp Crystal Lake. All we have so far is an eerie, old-fashioned teaser — which you can watch after the jump — but it’s more than enough to get me excited for it.

If you’d like to watch me play Halloween, you can do that below.

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  • pyrepunk

    I’m all for this. I’m not sure why but these games are just interesting as hell to me right now…maybe they just remind me of days when not so good looking or not so good, in general, games were fun to play. Like when I was a kid and I thought the worst horror games and films were the best. They have a Troma type charm to them 🙂

    • Adam Dodd

      I’m sure it helps that games like Sleepaway Camp and Babysitter Bloodbath scratch an itch that developers haven’t been willing to reach. Until Dawn might give us the slasher game we deserve, but until then, this will more than do, I think.

  • divisionbell

    I’m curious about this after Halloween. What I wouldn’t give for a AAA slasher game.

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